Digital Catalog | Fall 2020 42 eLearning Streaming Video Preparing Together for the Sacraments This series of three videos, available in English and Spanish, enhances preparation for the sacraments, offering effective ways to foster children in thoughtful reflection and response as they prepare. Whether you are part of a parish program or want to enrich your child’s understanding of the sacraments, these videos can be used in numerous ways in various settings. Ritual Matters shows the connection between rituals at home and rituals surrounding the sacraments. We learn that our life in the sacraments can be seen through ritual actions. These rituals help us enter more deeply into our faith and lead us to prepare ourselves to receive God’s graces. A Tour of the Church helps viewers learn about the important people and sacred objects inside the church. “Reconciliation Room” gives children a glimpse of what their own Penance and Reconciliation experience might be like. Click here to order!