Digital Catalog | Fall 2020 30 eLearning Digital Textbooks C H A P T E R zero We can make things and contribute to the world God made. How many paintbrushes are in the jar? What do you see people making in the studio? 39 38 Number 19 I Can Make Things 4 four Circle the things that are orange. Then color the pictures. Name \pre-k GodMadeMe Age3 • Chapter2b © All rights reserved. P re -KA ge 3 •g od M Ade M e •B lAcKline M Asters 2b 4553_PreK_3_BLMs.indb ~ pg 2 ~ LoyolaPress. 8/28/18 11:59AM Colors, Shapes, and Numbers God Made Me c_4552_PreK_BB_Age3_CC2017.indd ~ pg 2 ~ LoyolaPress. 8/2/18 11:28AM PDFSignoff: Production _______ Design _______ Editorial _______ God Made Me Colors, Shapes, and Numbers Big Book | 978-0-8294-5356-0 | $59.99 Downloadable Activity Sheets for FREE! Colors, Shapes, and Numbers The God Made Me: Colors, Shapes, and Numbers Big Book (age 3) introduces the essential preschool concepts of colors, shapes, and numbers within the context of Catholic life. This Big Book comes with 50 digital reproducible activity blackline masters. Big Books These books— Colors, Shapes, and Numbers and The Alphabet —help children explore essential faith concepts together with age-appropriate academic content, reinforcing that faith is not a separate part of life but rather strengthens and informs every part of our being.