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52 small garden ideas � tiny, fabulous designs to copy in your outdoor space | Real Homes
Oct 7, - Explore breba dronksy's board "landscape garden designs for small gardens" on Pinterest. See more ideas about garden design, landscape design, backyard landscaping. Gorgeous garden and front yard landscaping ideas that help highlight the beauty and architectural features your house. See the best designs for ! Landscape Design Ideas - Garden Design for Small Gardens? For copyright matters please contact us: msgreenloveusa@picture perfect landscaping � My video is in accordance with.

By Anna Cottrell TZ. If you thought that your tiny outdoor space lacked potential, then let our small garden ideas prove you wrong.

This gallery is full of big ideas, for small spaces, whether you're dealing with a small decked garden, a little piece of a courtyard, or even just a balcony � we have the inspiration that you need to make it work even harder at looking great.

From planting and landscaping tips, to innovative layouts that will suit a small garden design perfectly, we've rounded up 51 clever ideas to help you create your perfect outdoor space. Do you find that you only really use one particular section of your garden?

If so, dividing your space up into specific zones is a great way to maximise every inch. In this lovely modern garden by ohmymaison there are three distinct areas for sunbathing, playing on the grass, and dining, ensuring that even the very bottom of the garden is used. Flooring is a really effective way to zone a garden space � see how the paving, grass and decking are used here. But if you can't change your flooring, look to screens, outdoor rugs or living walls, to create distinct 'rooms' within your garden.

Small garden ideas can be quite subtle. Take this one, using zoning, a trick usually reserved for breaking up large indoor rooms into different areas � say, one for relaxing, and one for dining. The key to garden zoning is using different textures, colours or materials to differentiate between the areas. Flooring, for example, is perfect for doing this, and will create a larger-feeling, more interesting outdoor living space.

This clever small garden design by Anna Carin Design combines decking and patio paving to achieve the zoned effect. We use our gardens for many things, from dining, to exercise, to sunbathing, to socialising.

If you haven't got room to adhere to all of these needs at once, choose portable furniture that you can easily bring out, put away and roll around as and when you need.

This wheeled coffee table is great for social gatherings, and when it's time for your alfresco Pilates session, simply roll it aside so you can stretch out to the max. This table was painted in Dazzling Yellow by Cuprinol. You can't beat a good optical illusion for making your space look bigger. Just like inside our homes, large mirrors reflect light and space to instantly create the effect of a larger area.

Ensure to position your mirror so that it reflects something beautiful, such as greenery, to visually enhance your space too. Keep your tiny garden set up cute, cosy and pest-free too with a canopy-esque mosi net. Practical, cool and a great way to zone a small seating area in your outdoor space. A small garden space doesn't mean you can't include a mini bar. Keep yours on wheels and with a shelf or two for storage to enjoy it in all seasons. Every detail counts in a small garden so when you're adding those final touches, make sure they work hard at both looking stylish and being practical too.

Enhance a small decked area further more by continuing the hard landscaping up the surrounding walls also. And, we've plenty more small garden decking ideas where that came from. Swap out a cramped feeling space for a luxurious one by carefully selecting the best garden furniture and seating.

An egg chair now features in most of our homes and it elevates this small space perfectly. Find one in rattan for extra points. Container gardening is one of the best small garden ideas, especially if your garden has a patio or decking. The trick is to go for as many different types and heights of garden as possible: this will help add dimension and texture to the space.

For instance, mix and match large terracotta pots with tall and slender glazed pots. And if you have a really small space, stack them up like this or wall-hang them to pack more in. Growing veg isn't limited to greenhouses, allotments and extensive gardens � almost everyone can have a go at creating a kitchen garden. Whether you have space on your window sill to grow a few herbs, or a spot on your balcony for a tomato plant or two, there are always options for growing a bit of your own.

And you don't have to invest in expensive planters either. But, you could just as easily upcycle something you already have at home. You would never guess that this modular sofa was hiding gardening gloves, extra blankets and the like.

With no compromise on style, it's a clever small garden space solution worth including in every outdoor setup. Cute, fragrant and tasty, squeeze in a herb garden station on a covered patio or balcony space and you'll be so distracted by the loveliness of it that you'll forget how mini it is.

Growing fruit, veg and herbs near the kitchen door means that when tomatoes, courgettes, herbs and more are ripe and ready for eating, you can access them easily, without sacrificing any of the loveliness from your garden design. Frame a small garden with raised beds � DIY or not � and you will enhance the outdoor space you do have. Because if you have a small outdoor space and are not sure where to get your plants in, raised or built in beds are a great way to do it, especially if you blend them in with your walls or fences.

Plant small trees for privacy and shade even in a petite garden, combining greenery with more robust garden screening ideas for the best success. Then fill out the rest with whatever plants suit your space and colour scheme. Keep the middle space clear of plants so it doesn't get too crowded and add some furniture to complete the look. If your outdoor space is really very small, an outbuilding, no matter how slimline, is likely to overwhelm it.

So, think about garden storage a bit more creatively: ideally, you want items that will be useful and attractive, and provide extra room for container plants. What small balconies and terraces lack in floor space, they can make up for with a sense of airiness and height.

Emphasise these positives with an attractive pendant light or a hanging canopy. Outdoor fireplaces are actually even better suited to smaller gardens than larger ones, for the simple reason you will really feel the cosiness in a smaller space. If your house won't permit the addition of a fireplace structurally, consider getting a chimenea or look at fire pit ideas instead. Choosing wooden furniture, soft colours in accessories and natural decor like plants when putting your smaller outside space together will reflect more of the great outdoors, naturally enhancing the size of your surroundings.

The easiest way to create shade and protect your tiny dining area from rain? A large garden umbrella. Simply remove when you want to enjoy the sun if it's out, that is. This lovely compact garden of course isn't acres and acres but defining the decking with a pergola proves how it can enhance even just a corner of a small space. String up the fairy lights, add an outdoor sofa and there's your little but lovely setup sorted.

For even more character and to custom make yours to size, you could learn how to build a pergola yourself. Gravel is a great material for creating fluid, easy-going paths that are flattering in gardens big and small.

To create an illusion of space as part of your small garden landscaping, build a central path surrounded by luscious borders. Ingenious, stylish and a great job to do over a weekend. Take a leaf out of Wicke's DIY book and customise your own seating space to fit your mini outdoor setup perfectly. Think trees are only for large gardens? Not necessarily. Plenty of species will do fine in a small garden, or even in a garden container.

The benefit of having a tree in your small garden is you are visually expanding your garden upwards, rather than keeping all the attention on the limited floor space. This garden benefits from a stunning plum tree but there are many more top small garden trees to choose from. Pop up your own outside cinema club on a free bit of rooftop to elevate the little space you do have. This idyllic setting proves just how far a white sheet, the Rigga Ikea rack, cushioning and the best garden lighting ideas can take you.

Balcony flooring seen better days? Or maybe you just want to go for a different look? Ikea sell decking that just clicks together and covers your patio or balcony floor, it's literally so easy. We like the patterned tile effect that the Mallsten tiles give above but there are loads of floor decking options at Ikea so check those out too to instantly update your balcony. Layering is actually very simple, and has been used in small garden design for centuries.

Just think taller plants in the background, herbaceous perennials and grasses in the middle, and annual flowers at the foreground of your garden borders.

Try layering colour, too � you may wish to have gradations of just one colour, or classic colour combinations such as red and purple. Even the tiniest garden can become a luxurious, relaxing sanctuary. You will have to decide what's most important to you � a fully planted up outdoor space, a nook for reading, perhaps even a tiny swimming pool However small your garden, once you've decided what you want your space to be like, there's no reason you can't achieve it, with the help of a skilful garden designer or landscape architect.

Clever lighting is the perfect small garden idea for visually enhancing your space, especially if you choose upward-facing spotlighting or accenting a tree with fairy lights. Another trick that emphasises the height rather than width of small gardens is planting a green wall or vertical garden.

Choose fast-growing climber species such as jasmine, honeysuckle, and ivy. If you aren't green fingered or just want some guaranteed all year round greenery this is a fab Ikea gardening hack � build a green wall just with fake flowers. This one has been made using Ikea's very handy faux plant wall panels. There's no hard and fast rule on where to position your garden furniture in small gardens, but generally speaking, it makes sense not to place any heavy, non-portable pieces centrally, because everyone will inevitably keep bumping into them.

Instead, opt for a corner sofa and a compact coffee table. Use continuous flooring to relax the boundaries between home and garden which is a really nifty small garden idea. You can maximise this with accessible glazing, and replicating the same decorating scheme inside and out. Even the smallest courtyard can be made to look chic and inviting with clever use of materials, levels, and lighting.

This Chelsea courtyard has been given a sleek makeover with multiple layers of light limestone paving. By Charlotte Rowe Design. Just as you'd paint walls in a light colour in a small room to make it feel bigger, doing so in a small garden will make it feel larger.

Another small garden idea? Think 'up' and 'out' by mounting your container plants onto a garden wall or fence. The effect will be especially stunning if you choose trailing plants trailing pelargoniums are especially appealing. Talking of small garden ideas that make your outdoor space feel bigger and brighter, get that charming cottage garden look � and make your small garden appear larger and lighter in the process � by liming your exterior and your garden furniture.


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