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Jan 03, �� A vegetable garden on a steep slope is a great place to add vines. By carving out a stairway on the sides of your slope and then adding trellis, you will be able to grow vines such as tomatoes, beans, peas and squashes. If you have a warm climate, you can grow passion fruit, melon and kiwis on your trellis. Aug 20, �� If you have a sloping front garden, or a driveway with a slope to the side, you can conceal or soften the slope by planting trees and grasses along the slope edge. Choose high-impact trees such as acacia or fig to distract the eye from the slope. Learn more about how to make an impact with mature plants in our guide. Read more. Mar 13, - Welcome to the Dream Yard Ideas Pinterest boards for Landscaping A Slope. Hillside landscaping is a natural �Opportunity�. Sloped yard landscaping K pins.
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