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31 Best Shrubs For Shade - Shade Loving Garden Plants
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Almost all of us have an area of full shade in the garden. Far from being a problem, deep shade provides the opportunity to grow a huge and diverse range of plants that relish it. Read more about the different types of garden shade. Found under evergreen trees and hedges, and at the base of north-facing walls, fences and buildings, deep shade can be brightened by plants with different foliage colours, shapes and textures.

The shade you have could be dry or damp, depending on where it is. Luckily, there are plenty of plants suited to dry shade and damp shade , too.

Euphorbia amygdaloides var. It is the perfect plant for dark areas of dry shade. Flowers April to June. Ferns are quite at home in shade and tall Dryopteris wallichiana is evergreen in all but the hardest winter weather. The subtle bronze of new fronds in spring turn dark green in summer.

Flowers June to July. Beesia calthifolia is evergreen, with prominently veined glossy leaves that are bronze when they emerge and stiff upright stems with white, starry flowers. A beautiful foliage plant for deep shade. Try combining with other shade-lovers to create a milium, hosta and astilbe container display.

Foliage spring to autumn. Hostas are indispensable in deep shade. It produces spikes of pale lilac, bell-like flowers in summer. There are a huge range of other hosta cultivars to grow, too.

Flowers June. Epimediums are robust shade-lovers that spread quickly, covering the ground with their low, leathery foliage. Above the leaves rise airy clouds of tiny flowers. Flowers April to May. Read our five tips for planting in shade. Think a shady garden is a major problem? Join expert David Hurrion in our latest online Masterclass where he'll share his advice and tips to make sure every part of your garden thrives.

Join host, David Hurrion for our latest online Masterclass on successfully gardening in shade on Friday 21 May, Home Plants Six plants for full shade. Euphorbia foliage. Graceful bronze and green dryopteris fronds. Starry white beesia flowers. Pale, curling milium foliage. White-edged, deep-green hosta leaves. Pink flowers and oval leaves of epimedium. White bell flowers and lush foliage of lily of the valley. Subscribe today. Exclusive offer Garden Shade Ideas For Plants 40 from gardenersworld.

Get offer. Related content. Unlock now. The best shade-loving plants. Five perennials to plant in February. Gardening in Shade. Book your place now. Offer Ends: Friday, 21 May, Fri 21 May, at Garden Shade Ideas For Plants Temperature 12 noon.

Find out more and book now. Travel and events. Masterclass Online: Gardening in Shade.


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