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Find trusted Garden Design for free in Romsey � read genuine reviews from 4 million customers. local checked and vetted Romsey Garden Design to choose from. A Romsey, Hampshire garden designer can do design-only work for their clients and work with a garden contractor to finish the job or complete the whole thing themselves. A garden designer has a different career path to a landscape architect so it is not essential to have a degree. LandShape Design is a landscape architecture and urban design company in Romsey, Hampshire. The company is led by Helen Palmer CMLI, a chartered landscape architect with 25 years of experience in landscape planning, design, LVIA, heritage projects and community works, plus .
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Choosing the focal indicate in your backyard landscaping can additionally be an necessary apparatus to creation a backyard of your dreams.

Design Process. Initial visit and consultation. The initial visit allows us the opportunity to understand the space and to discuss your ideas and aspirations for the garden. This will be followed up with a written brief and quote. An outline design will be produced along with mood boards, sketches and images to illustrate the ideas discussed, followed by a presentation plan once all changes have been agreed.

Project build. Once a contractor has been appointed and the work begins I can offer a project monitoring service to ensure the build is done to the highest quality and to assist with any alterations.

Site analysis and survey. At this stage I will return for a full survey of the garden, or we can arrange for an external surveyor to produce a full topographical survey for larger projects. Please contact me for a free estimate and advice on individual features or entire garden schemes. A well constructed garden not only looks good but will stand the test of time and offer safe enjoyment to all who use it.

For a free estimate and advice on individual features or entire garden schemes, please get in touch. Home Welcome to David Scott Gardens. It involved a lot of structural work with new London stock bricks and paving. The work was carried out without a hitch and completed on schedule and her ideas and input transformed the space. Her horticultural knowledge is impressive and her plant selection was perfect. I would recommend her company to anyone. Oak Tree Landscapes Ltd. He has designed and maintained our garden to the highest standards.

He put in an acre of wildflower meadow Landscape Garden Designers Yorkshire Company with small trees and shrubs. Our boarders and lawn are always beautifully maintained. I can't rate him highly enough, from the initial meeting where he listened to what I was after through to the designs, ideas and tendering process, he was professional throughout and a joy to work with. Having used a different company before on another project, I would always go back to Garden Designers Glasgow Store Simon now.

The final result looks amazing and my wife and I are very very happy with it. Neil Jones Design. We had a basic idea of what we wanted but Neil brought flair and creativity to the design of our small, tired space.

A year on and the garden is blossoming. We are so happy we chose Neil Jones Design, the neighbours have asked for his details. After quite a long discussion on what we wanted to achieve, she then sat outside for almost two hours trying to understand what she could do to make our garden work within the harbour surroundings. She produced some initial drawings and made several suggestions that we had not considered and inevitably expanded the scope of what we were trying to do.

Helen then arranged for other Companies to come in and build the garden and do the planting out. She made frequent visits along the way to make sure that everything was right for us. It was more than alright it was absolutely superb and she managed to interpret everything that we wanted and created an absolute triumph. We are truly delighted with what she and her Company have created, a legacy for the future.

The team worked really well within the time needed to get the garden ready and now it looks wonderful. It has now won an award in the Wimborne in Bloom competition.

She has produced everything we asked for and more. List your business here for free - Learn More. Whatever your Romsey, Hampshire garden looks like, and whatever its size, you can probably benefit from the services of a Romsey, Hampshire garden designer or landscape architect. Not only can a landscape architect design a garden that a Chelsea award winner might be proud of, they can also completely change the value of your Romsey, Hampshire home by looking at your landscape architecture as a whole.

The work of a landscape architect serves much more than your garden; it makes the most of your outdoor space in a way that showcases your entire home. Do I need a garden designer or landscape architect? Although there are similarities between both professions, there are some key differences which you will need to consider when choosing the right landscape architect or garden designer or firm for your job in Romsey, Hampshire.

Depending on the scope of your project, you may need to hire a fully qualified Romsey, Hampshire landscape architect and not a garden designer. Typically, a landscape architect would be needed for larger jobs that may involve structural changes or reconstructing the garden.

What is a landscape architect? Much like architecture, surveying or accountancy, landscape architecture is a chartered profession. Additionally you will need to be a member of a qualifying and regulation authority of the profession such as the Landscape Institute. A landscape architect will handle all design, supply, construction and administrative elements of your garden or landscaping project.

They will take into account your needs, the climate and unique advantages and constraints of the landscape architecture. Typically, work will be based on ecological and environmental considerations, and a garden will be planned not only to look its best but also to facilitate future maintenance and growth so that it continues to flourish.

A landscape architect can also design any outdoor buildings that are to be featured in your garden. Everything from design blueprints through to the plants themselves should be provided by your landscape architect.

If there is other architectural development taking place on your site, bring the landscape architect in as early as possible. The expertise a landscape architect can apply to understanding your space and the natural environment could be vital to planning your project.

Let your Romsey, Hampshire landscape architect work closely with your architect, surveyor and any other contractors in order to develop landscape architecture that works with any other construction. This is important from a design perspective as well as on a practical level � changes to the grading of a landscape and modifications such as drainage can have serious implications on the viability of your land for extensive building and structural works.

In order to resolve any planning permission issues, submit all applications for building and landscape architecture together, well ahead of the project. What is a garden designer? Garden designers will provide a complete service, including planting plans, hard landscape elements paths, walls, paving, decking and special features such as water features, lighting and garden furniture.

A Romsey, Hampshire garden designer can do design-only work for their clients and work with a garden contractor to finish the job or complete the whole thing themselves.

A garden designer has a different career path to a landscape architect so it is not essential to have a degree. Many garden designers will complete several courses to learn about their profession and to hone their skills - some will also eventually go on to become landscape architects. The scope of garden designers, or landscape gardeners, is often more limited to green space projects which will optimise your existing outdoor space rather than altering the landscape architecture as a whole.

Whereas landscape architects specialise in the structural aspect of garden planning and building, garden designers will carry out projects that are of aesthetic and horticultural value.

Landscape gardeners will make your garden the best version of itself with features such as walkways, patios, water features, fences and lighting, as well as choosing the right plants, trees and flowers. The practical role of a garden designer may vary by firm � some offer just the plans, requiring a separate contractor, while others fulfil the project in its entirety, from conceptualisation of the landscape gardening to construction.

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