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Maturing in the foster care system in the UK, Teeka pertained to the United States at age 16 with just $150 in his pocket and the clothing on his back. By 18, he had ended up being the youngest staff member at Lehman Brothers. Two years later, he shattered conventions by becoming the youngest vice president in the history of Shearson Lehman.

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All right. Hey, everyone. This is Ryan Coisson. I have actually got a special guest with us today. His name is Teeka Tiwari. And Teeka has been doing some fantastic things in the cryptocurrency market. But before we do that, I just want to say welcome, Teeka. Thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes of your time to do this little interview-type situation we've got here with us.

Thank you for the invite. You're really, extremely welcome. I desire to talk a little bit about your history since it's extremely interesting to me, as somebody who's been in the finance area for quite a while now. I understand you dealt with Lehman Brothers. You were a vice president of Shearson Lehman.

That's right. You've been an editor for a few different types of companies, like Dive Point Trader, I believe, Mega Patterns Investing. And now, you're working as I think it's a co-editor at Palm Beach Research Group. Mm-hmm (affirmative). You've type of been in a great deal of different locations. So can you inform me a little bit, why cryptocurrency? When did that even set off for you that this whole new industry is unfolding? "I wish to make a shift and begin setting my roots and structure in it"? Teeka: So what happened was I am a colored in the wool, old-fashioned stock man, right? I matured on Wall Street at the age of 18, in the 1980s, which was an amazing time to be on Wall Street.

From the age of 12, I knew I would deal with Wall Street. I grew up in London. And I made that occur. When Bitcoin happened, and cryptocurrencies happened, I came from it from an extremely conventional perspective. Well like Jamie Diamond, right? Yeah. This is a scams, this is a Ponzi plan, how can this have worth? Therefore I completely disregarded Bitcoin, and I viewed it go from cents to $1,200, and then it crashed.

But scams and little scams. And there's one thing that a scams always does: it constantly goes to absolutely no. However Bitcoin didn't. Bitcoin still had a multi-billion dollar net worth, even after crashing, even after all the bad news came out. The huge hack. Which woke something up for me.

And so I can't disregard that. I've got to go dig much deeper." Therefore I began traveling all around the world. I began going to Bitcoin events; I started to speaking with individuals that were smarter than me in this area. And what I realized is that Blockchain innovation and the implementation of Blockchain technology by the Bitcoin network was transformational. Even if you have ten concepts with $500 each in, $5,000, for the majority of people, they lose $5,000, if whatever went to no, yeah, it's gon na draw. It's not pleasant. But it's not going to put you in the poorhouse, right? You're not going to be sitting outside of Grand Central Station with your hat in your hand asking for burger money.

Because of the appeal here Ryan, you know I get passionate about this, you have actually got to forgive me, but the charm here is we're so early. Mm-hmm (affirmative). We're so early, that we don't have to be that brilliant, ideal? We need to be bright enough to have a core portfolio of fantastic names, to have logical position sizing, and after that be brilliant sufficient to do absolutely nothing but wait.

Are we, Jordan, simply struck that very first dunk, or are we partway through the halftime? Where do you think we remain in the video game for I would say that we remain in the very first half of the first quarter. So very, very early. We are really, really, really early.

There's a lot more in front of us. And so, I need to agree with you when you spoke about the consistent position sizing, since I believe that's a game changer. Since frequently, you see individuals, they wagered big on one concept, and after that they put a little bit of cash in something else, and the bit of money takes off, and the big idea goes down, and then they're like, "Ah." It develops, much more, emotion because they didn't put the same amount into the same thing.

Now, undoubtedly, when I'm buying agreements for things, I have to kind of do it as close as possible, but I'm purchasing $20,000 at a time, and one increases 100%, the other one drops 15, I'm golden. But if I'm moving it around, that's when you begin to get in difficulty.

And you mentioned, you know you had one you suggested at about 13 cents, and it climbed a fair bit. And I've really, I own this specific coin myself. How do individuals, you know, and to provide a small bit of backstory, when you buy a coin, you're purchasing it on an exchange, maybe you're using Coinbase or Bittrex or whatever.

And a coin goes up from state, 13 cents to a buck. Well, I don't know precisely if you advise individuals, hello, take a few of that money off the table, so now you're playing with House money. However if you do, part of the challenge I feel like with cryptocurrencies is I'm not logging into e-trade, clicking a couple of buttons and stating, "Sell." I've got to return online, perhaps utilize a VPN for security, or go offline for my paper wallet, do all these various things to get back on to then sell.

Which might cause them then to be more dedicated to a position. Do you find that's an issue just to say, "Hey, I have actually got $200 here, I'm going to let this bad young boy run." Or do you really motivate people, "All right, you're now up 200%, 400%. Pull 100% back." That's a terrific question.

For instance, I just advised something a number of weeks earlier, up 200% and we're out. On my longer term, more financial investments, what we'll do, I call it scooping the crane. So every now and again, we'll possibly take 10% off. Okay. So we have actually done that, there's a privacy coin which we made a lot of money on, I believe 12, 1,500%.

10% here, 10% there. We just recently took off another 40%. So that's normally the manner in which I handle that. Because I simulate to, I do think you should take a little taste along the method, due to the fact that it makes you feel good, best? Yeah. And you have actually recovered your initial investment, and after that we still have a piece ready for the extension of the relocation.

And I'll go back to once again trading stock alternatives, because I have routines, and I'm sure you do as well, to type of analyze what's going on, take a look at my returns. I do a weekly debrief on positions I took a look at going into, but maybe I didn't. And simply kind of reviewing, constantly trying to learn and progress my system and strategies.

Do you take a look at what you're carrying out in a comparable light? And have you sort of discovered early on, or even now, you have actually believed, man, I made a big error, I believed, I satisfied this creator, or I went to this event, and I saw this opportunity, and something didn't sit right.

And do you look at this kind of things as huge errors, or have you skilled anything like that? If I fulfilled somebody and there was something either in the process or on the person that didn't fulfill my criteria, and I didn't buy it, and it went up, I never ever feel bad about that.