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Therefore I stick to my method. Now, if I have an idea that doesn't work out, and I take a look at that concept, and I state, "Okay, was there an issue in my process?" Mm-hmm (affirmative). Right? Therefore if there is an issue in my procedure, or if I was subject to FOMO which has certainly happened, then I state, "Okay, you got absorbed by FOMO, that's a novice mistake, learn from it." So I would state, if I take a look at where I have, a couple of losers that I've had, I would state I was probably a victim of FOMO, instead of it being a bad job.

Right? A good task purchased the incorrect cost, is still a bad trade. Yeah. So it just comes back to, once again, managing emotion. And in anything to do with cash, emotion is normally the greatest culprit. Yeah, we call it riding the fear curve, right? Okay. So you wish to purchase when there's a lot of fear, and you wish to sell, or take some revenue, a minimum of, when there's a lot of greed.

So what we've really done, and this is through my own hard-learned lessons, is we have actually produced a series of tools that will tip us off when worry is really high. Okay. Which's when we'll benefit from trades. So three, four weeks ago, China was banning ICOs, and there was massive fear in the market.

We purchased it, and after that when the world didn't concern an end, and after that we began climbing the greed curve, it was $32 a week later. Yes. So that's putting the fear/greed curve to work. Now, once again, I will inform you it's difficult to do. You're bucking a million years of evolution, of breaking the herd, going versus the pattern.

Right? However so I have actually trained myself to, if the concept of putting on the trade absolutely terrifies me if my withins feel like they're going into liquid, and I feel like I'm going to throw up by purchasing it, you've got to buy it! Mm-hmm (affirmative). You've got to purchase it.

Due to the fact that it usually indicates I'm quite high up on the green curve. Yeah. And let's speak about purchasing for a 2nd because there are various handles this. So there are folks that think that normally you need Bitcoin to buy a few of these other altcoins. You can often use on some places, buy some of them without Bitcoin, with dollars or something.

However how does someone prepare themselves to benefit from these fear-based chances? Due to the fact that obviously with this pullback, if I would have had, state I had $10,000 sitting there prepared to enter into the marketplace, but I had it saved in Bitcoin, I would have experienced it being pulled back also, still opportunity, however I'm losing a few of my value.

Do you suggest individuals do something versus the other? See, this once again, this is difficult right now, since there's a lag in between where you buy your Bitcoin and in fact get it available. Yes. Teeka: You've sort of got to have just Bitcoin sitting there, prepared to opportunistically trade. Now Coinbase has stated that they're going to provide instant purchases.

So you can buy your Bitcoin instantly and have it offered right away. I do not know when that's presenting, or what limitations they're going to put on that. But I think that's an excellent step in the ideal instructions because that's a situation where I can see something opportunistically, I can convert my fiat into Bitcoin and then buy it.

I resemble, well okay, so my Bitcoin's down, I want to purchase this other thing, but I really do not wish to get rid of my Bitcoin, 'cause my Bitcoin's cheap. Right. However then if I purchase Bitcoin, I have actually got to wait a week for it to clear. So then the mathematics I need to do is I need to state, "Okay, over the next 2 to 4 weeks, which one do I think is going to move up more?" Right.

And here's what I've been doing, just to kind of share with folks. This is another method, and it depends upon your availability of funds, and just how much you're dealing with position sizing. But what I have actually been doing is I do place sizing as you mentioned, so state I desired to purchase $1,000 of some coin.

If I've got to trade the Bitcoin to do that, what I'll do is I will buy another $1,000 of Bitcoin and have that entered my account. It will not appear for another 7 days or so, however at least I'm getting it at the same cost, and I'm kind of switching the 2 out.

Yeah, I do the exact same thing. You know, I have a core Bitcoin holding, and after that I'll have extra Bitcoin for trading. And if I've consumed all my additional Bitcoin that I have for trading, and I have actually got to enter into the core Bitcoin, I always replace the core Bitcoin.

Yeah. So to keep my core position constantly at this specific level that I want it to be at. Wonderful, fantastic. Well once again, I appreciate the time. Before we start to conclude here, I desired to ask you, exists any final advice, thoughts, over the last several years of what you've discovered that you would encourage, just type of your regular, typical folks who might not be early adopters yet, to understand about Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, in basic? Yeah, I would say, begin.

Last year, I purchased my child for her birthday, $400 worth of Bitcoin. And it deserves $6,000 today. Yeah. Right? I imply, simply get going, just get your feet damp. Go to Google, read some short articles, go on Bitcoin. com. Simply understand this, and I would say if you're sitting there and you're listening to this, and you're stating, "Oh, I'll do it later on." Or, "Ah, this sounds intriguing, but I believe it's sort of BS." You've got to ask yourself, what if you're incorrect? Right.

Right? What if this is Apple computer at $5? What if this is Microsoft at $10, pre all the divides? And someone took a seat with you and said, "Listen, this business's going to change the world, it's going to be among the most rewarding business on the planet." And you're like, "Eh, Nah, we'll see what takes place." Right.

And if you use what you're speaking about with position sizing, doing it consistent, you have really little disadvantage. Correct. So at the end of the day, I imply if it is Apple at $5, or Microsoft or whatever, and you're putting in a total of $5,000, of a couple of thousand dollars, I indicate that could be actually life-altering cash.

And it doesn't even take ten years. I indicate, think about where we could be in 10 years, and I look at it, you sort of stated, "What if this is another Web?" And it reminded me of my ideas on this. And I think that this type of movement is actually bigger than the Internet, due to the fact that we're more progressively advanced, and I think it's going to be a larger disruptor.

I mean, extremely simple things like you pointed out with making files no longer tamper-proof, and all the way to changing currencies. So do you feel that method? I indicate, do you sort of get that sense that the interruption is that big? I do. I need to be careful, Ryan, about being branded a zealot, and I need to be You understand, I have to work out a measure of restraint.

I have actually seen things take place that I never thought would happen. And as I pull the video camera back, and I see the progression of this technology, I'm with you. It will touch each and every single element of our life. The cryptocurrency market will become one of the world's biggest property classes; it will measure up to the equity market, which is over $60 trillion huge right now, versus the present $200 billion.

Yeah. And however it will unfold gradually, and there will be panics, and there will be scams, and there will be federal government crackdowns, and there will be all this worry, uncertainty, and doubt throughout this process. Much like we saw with the Internet, similar to we saw with the rollout even of electrical energy, of autos, of the railroads.

However the bottom line is, if you got in early on any of those major patterns, and were just clever sufficient to do absolutely nothing however just hold, you made a goddamn killing. And I think that's a crucial thing, simply realizing the power of standing your ground. Imitate Warren Buffet, you understand? Don't sell.

And it's remarkable what could begin to happen. And like you stated, in there, there's going to be so much of this interruption. And to me that leads me to think that there might be a brand-new front-runner, there might be a various Bitcoin, or there might be some other cryptocurrency that hasn't even been considered yet- Hasn't even been produced yet, yeah.

Which leads me to, very first I simply wish to be so grateful for your time, ideally, everybody's enjoyed all this info and insight, but your journey's simply getting going. And I'm no specialist, I've put in the time to educate myself and check out a lot about it, enjoy a lot of it.

However the next step is you can just click on the link listed below to find out more about what Teeka is doing, and how you can find out from him, follow a few of his tips, get his insights into what's happening within the cryptocurrency space. And I highly recommend you do it, simply because I've followed several of his recommendations, and I know the outcomes that I have actually experienced for myself, and I see what other individuals are getting too.

And I fully believe that you can trust Teeka and his team. Not merely since I know him exceptionally well, because I don't, but due to the fact that I see how he prepares research study, and I see that he's doing the best things. Like, he's flying somewhere, fulfilling the company, talking with them.

He's not just like a scratching the surface area type person. Which's what you want. That is what you want, and most significantly I see my history, my roots of all the way considering that 2003 when I initially learned to trade stock options, I always looked at it from, how can I secure myself? If someone states, trading choices are incredibly dangerous; they might say the very same thing for cryptocurrency.

We talked about a few of them today. You understand, diversity, uniform position sizing, protecting by just investing a specific quantity. All of these things are again the pointer of the iceberg of what you could be learning from Teeka and his team. So again, have a look at the link listed below, examine out his information, I extremely suggest you buy his items, they're incredibly affordable for what value you're getting, and we'll see you on the other side.

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