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And so I stay with my method. Now, if I have an idea that does not work out, and I take a look at that idea, and I say, "Okay, was there an issue in my procedure?" Mm-hmm (affirmative). Right? Therefore if there is an issue in my procedure, or if I went through FOMO which has actually definitely happened, then I state, "Okay, you got sucked in by FOMO, that's a novice error, gain from it." So I would state, if I take a look at where I have, a couple of losers that I have actually had, I would state I was probably a victim of FOMO, rather than it being a bad project.

Right? An excellent project purchased the incorrect cost, is still a bad trade. Yeah. So it just returns to, again, controlling emotion. And in anything to do with money, feeling is typically the most significant offender. Yeah, we call it riding the fear curve, right? Okay. So you wish to buy when there's a lot of fear, and you wish to offer, or take some revenue, at least, when there's a great deal of greed.

So what we've in fact done, and this is through my own hard-learned lessons, is we have actually created a series of tools that will tip us off when fear is truly high. Okay. And that's when we'll make the most of trades. So three, 4 weeks back, China was banning ICOs, and there was huge worry in the market.

We bought it, and then when the world didn't pertain to an end, and then we began climbing the greed curve, it was $32 a week later on. Yes. So that's putting the fear/greed curve to work. Now, once again, I will tell you it's tough to do. You're bucking a million years of development, of breaking the herd, breaking the pattern.

Right? However so I've trained myself to, if the concept of placing on the trade definitely terrifies me if my withins seem like they're entering into liquid, and I seem like I'm going to vomit by buying it, you've got to purchase it! Mm-hmm (affirmative). You have actually got to purchase it.

Since it typically implies I'm pretty high up on the green curve. Yeah. And let's speak about purchasing for a 2nd because there are different takes on this. So there are folks that believe that typically you need Bitcoin to purchase some of these other altcoins. You can often utilize on some locations, buy some of them without Bitcoin, with dollars or something.

But how does somebody prepare themselves to make the most of these fear-based opportunities? Due to the fact that certainly with this pullback, if I would have had, state I had $10,000 sitting there all set to go into the market, but I had it saved in Bitcoin, I would have experienced it being pulled back too, still opportunity, but I'm losing a few of my value.

Do you recommend people do one thing versus the other? See, this again, this is difficult today, since there's a lag in between where you buy your Bitcoin and really get it readily available. Yes. Teeka: You've sort of got to have just Bitcoin sitting there, prepared to opportunistically trade. Now Coinbase has stated that they're going to offer instantaneous purchases.

So you can purchase your Bitcoin immediately and have it offered instantly. I do not understand when that's rolling out, or what limitations they're going to place on that. However I think that's a terrific action in the right instructions since that's a circumstance where I can see something opportunistically, I can convert my fiat into Bitcoin and then buy it.

I'm like, well fine, so my Bitcoin's down, I wish to buy this other thing, however I actually do not wish to get rid of my Bitcoin, 'cause my Bitcoin's cheap. Right. But then if I purchase Bitcoin, I've got to wait a week for it to clear. So then the mathematics I need to do is I need to say, "Okay, over the next two to 4 weeks, which one do I believe is going to move up more?" Right.

And here's what I have actually been doing, simply to kind of show folks. This is another method, and it depends on your accessibility of funds, and how much you're dealing with position sizing. But what I have actually been doing is I do position sizing as you discussed, so state I desired to buy $1,000 of some coin.

If I have actually got to trade the Bitcoin to do that, what I'll do is I will acquire another $1,000 of Bitcoin and have actually that entered my account. It will not appear for another seven days or so, but at least I'm getting it at the same price, and I'm sort of switching the two out.

Yeah, I do the exact same thing. You know, I have a core Bitcoin holding, and then I'll have extra Bitcoin for trading. And if I have actually consumed all my extra Bitcoin that I have for trading, and I've got to enter into the core Bitcoin, I constantly replace the core Bitcoin.

Yeah. So to keep my core position constantly at this certain level that I want it to be at. Fantastic, terrific. Well again, I appreciate the time. Before we begin to finish up here, I wished to ask you, exists any final advice, ideas, over the last a number of years of what you've learned that you would motivate, simply kind of your regular, average folks who might not be early adopters yet, to understand about Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, in basic? Yeah, I would say, get started.

Last year, I purchased my daughter for her birthday, $400 worth of Bitcoin. And it's worth $6,000 today. Yeah. Right? I mean, just get going, simply get your feet wet. Go to Google, checked out some short articles, go on Bitcoin. com. Simply understand this, and I would state if you're sitting there and you're listening to this, and you're stating, "Oh, I'll do it later on." Or, "Ah, this sounds fascinating, however I think it's sort of BS." You've got to ask yourself, what if you're wrong? Right.

Right? What if this is Apple computer system at $5? What if this is Microsoft at $10, pre all the divides? And someone sat down with you and stated, "Listen, this company's going to change the world, it's going to be among the most profitable companies on the planet." And you're like, "Eh, Nah, we'll see what happens." Right.

And if you use what you're speaking about with position sizing, doing it consistent, you have very little downside. Correct. So at the end of the day, I indicate if it is Apple at $5, or Microsoft or whatever, and you're putting in a total of $5,000, of a couple of thousand dollars, I suggest that could be literally life-changing money.

And it doesn't even take ten years. I suggest, consider where we could be in 10 years, and I take a look at it, you sort of said, "What if this is another Web?" And it advised me of my ideas on this. And I believe that this kind of movement is in fact larger than the Web, because we're more progressively advanced, and I believe it's going to be a larger disruptor.

I indicate, very basic things like you discussed with making files no longer tamper-proof, and all the method to changing currencies. So do you feel that way? I indicate, do you kind of get that sense that the interruption is that huge? I do. I need to beware, Ryan, about being branded a zealot, and I need to be You know, I need to exercise a measure of restraint.

I have actually seen things occur that I never thought would occur. And as I pull the camera back, and I see the development of this innovation, I'm with you. It will touch every facet of our life. The cryptocurrency market will turn into one of the world's largest possession classes; it will match the equity market, which is over $60 trillion big today, versus the current $200 billion.

Yeah. And however it will unfold with time, and there will be panics, and there will be fraud, and there will be government crackdowns, and there will be all this worry, uncertainty, and doubt throughout this procedure. Simply like we saw with the Internet, similar to we saw with the rollout even of electricity, of automobiles, of the railroads.

But the bottom line is, if you got in at an early stage any of those major trends, and were simply smart sufficient to do absolutely nothing but just hold, you made a goddamn killing. And I think that's a crucial thing, simply recognizing the power of standing your ground. Act like Warren Buffet, you know? Don't sell.

And it's fantastic what might start to occur. And like you stated, in there, there's going to be so much of this interruption. And to me that leads me to think that there could be a brand-new front-runner, there could be a various Bitcoin, or there could be some other cryptocurrency that hasn't even been thought about yet- Hasn't even been created yet, yeah.

Which leads me to, very first I just desire to be so grateful for your time, hopefully, everybody's enjoyed all this info and insight, however your journey's just beginning. And I'm no professional, I've taken the time to inform myself and check out a lot about it, enjoy a great deal of it.

But the next action is you can simply click on the link below to get more information about what Teeka is doing, and how you can find out from him, follow a few of his ideas, get his insights into what's taking place within the cryptocurrency area. And I extremely suggest you do it, just due to the fact that I've followed several of his ideas, and I know the outcomes that I've experienced for myself, and I see what other people are getting also.

And I totally believe that you can trust Teeka and his team. Not simply due to the fact that I understand him exceptionally well, due to the fact that I don't, but since I see how he prepares research study, and I see that he's doing the best things. Like, he's flying somewhere, meeting the company, talking to them.

He's not just like a scratching the surface area type guy. And that's what you want. That is what you desire, and most notably I see my history, my roots of all the method since 2003 when I initially found out to trade stock options, I constantly looked at it from, how can I protect myself? If somebody says, trading alternatives are extremely dangerous; they might state the very same thing for cryptocurrency.

We talked about some of them today. You know, diversity, consistent position sizing, protecting by only investing a particular quantity. All of these things are once again the idea of the iceberg of what you might be gaining from Teeka and his group. So again, take a look at the link below, check out his details, I extremely suggest you purchase his products, they're incredibly inexpensive for what value you're getting, and we'll see you on the other side.

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