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Uluru/Ayers Rock | Location, Map, & Facts | Britannica

Uluru's environment has been Landscape Fabric 100m Keyboard challenged over time by people climbing it and trampling the shrubs and greenery. They also break the rocks and if people keep walking upon it's surfaces it will eventually turn to rubble. There was a problem submitting your report. Please contact Adobe Support. If you feel that this video content violates the Adobe Terms of Use , you may report this content by filling out this quick form.

Uluru Ayers rock. The location and significance of Uluru. Uluru is in the heart of the Northern Territory. The nearest large town is Alice Springs. Uluru was placed in the Aboriginals hands in They fiercely protect Uluru as they believe that it is sacred.

Uluru is more than just a rock, it is a living cultural landscape. The spirits of the ancestral beings continue to reside in these sacred places making the land a deeply important part of Aboriginal cultural identity. It was first settled about 10, years ago. It marks the site of significant events such as The Dreaming. Aboriginals have been fighting for Uluru climbing to be banned since Location, maps, and dreaming Desert Valley Landscape Keyboard story's. Uluru from above. As you can see it is in the shape of a irregular square with a pointed tip at the right.

Contour map of Uluru. This contour map shows us that the rock starts at about m then rises to m, then around the top it is m. On the top it is quite flat. There are quite a few dreamtime stories about Uluru. According to Uluru Dreamtime, the world was a featureless place until the ancestors of the Anangu emerged and travelled across the land creating the features like Uluru that we see today.

Though a desert environment, Uluru is still home to a surprising number of Birds, Animals, and Plants.

Trees - Wanari are Australia's most common tree. It covers huge arid areas. What looks like leaves are actually flattened leaf stems. These trees usually die from fires, so they have adapted and now need heat for the seeds to grow. Each part of the tree has a traditional use. The heavy, hard wood is the firewood. On Uluru there are also many shrubs, flowers, fruits, and grasses. Animals - Uluru is home to a variety of animals. If you visit the area, your most likely to see birds and reptiles, but at sunrise you might be lucky to spot one of the unusual mammals.

One animal you would spot would be a wallaby. Mala This small wallaby live in mainly patches of spinifex. You might also spot a small marsupial mole. You would see these in sand dunes. Red kangaroos also are quite common. Landscape - Uluru is made of a type of rock called arkose.

If you walk upon Uluru you would notice that it is red and flaky with grey patches. Climate - Uluru is situated near the centre of a semi arid desert , temperatures can range from 3. Uluru approximately only receives 12 inches of rain a year, the climate is very, very extreme. The effect of the tourism industry on Uluru. The tourism industry effects Uluru quite terribly. An Anangu elder, Barbara Tijkadu has a message for people who climb: " That's a really sacred thing that your climbing You shouldn't climb.

It's not the real thing about the place. Park officials say that the climbing path has been worn down by the constant thread of tourists. To secure Uluru for further generations, the climbing needs to be stopped!!!!!

It is ruining the paths and eventually, once the path is worn down to much it will break. Then, if the climbing continues they will most likely make another path that will break down aswell.

This area is sacred and if it is changed to much it won't be sacred anymore. One major sustainability issue is Uluru being used as a toilet. Either there needs to be a toliet built up there or the climbing needs to stop. A major action that needs to be taken. A major action that needs to be taken is simply for the climbing to stop.

In the future, Uluru might look worn out and ruined, it won't look like how it did or how it did now unless the climbing of Uluru is shut down, this is quite unlikely as it is so popular. Your report has been submitted. Report Abuse Close. Your Email Your Name Why are you reporting this content?


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