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10 Low-Maintenance Backyard Ideas Sep 30, - Explore Catherine Banks's board "Low maintenance backyard" on Pinterest. See more ideas about backyard, low maintenance backyard, outdoor gardens pins. A synthetic lawn gives the look of a lush English backyard without the maintenance, as seen in this design by Tom Howard Garden Design and Landscaping. Square pavers are embedded in the faux lawn near a narrow planting bed that features Spanish olive trees and leads to a corner built-in seating area. Instead, think less is more: A few big-deal trees and a drift of the same high-performance, perennial can pay off to make a low-maintenance backyard. "You get to decrease maintenance dramatically," he says. Tend to problems when they happen: Let plants get stressed by disease, lack of water, or over-fertilizing, and they'll require more care. Instead, create a low-maintenance landscaping schedule -- .
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That reminds me of the saying.. Where there is a will there is a way. If you have the will, then the rest is easy. If you get a professional landscaper to do the job for you, be sure to inform him that your goal is to have a front yard landscape which is agreeable and will not take exorbitant amount of work to maintain it. I feel that if you have that interest for having a good landscape, then you should be engaged in the making and maintaining of it without any problem.

It should not be taken as doing a work but as a hobby which entertains you. If you like a lot of grass, then be aware that it takes extra work and time mowing the lawn. This is also an important information which should be given to your landscaper before he starts planning it. If you are tight on money and time, clover will be an alternative to the grass. You can choose your colors and types to make your landscaping beautiful. A clover lawn is good for landscaping even in areas which are prone to droughts.

Since bugs hate clover, such lawns are good for those who like to go out and enjoy the front yard landscaping. Watering the yard is an important issue for the plants. If you enjoy doing it, it is fine, else incorporating an automatic irrigation system into the front yard landscaping design should do a great job. This will save you time and money and the yard will look much healthier.

This should do a wonderful job especially during the hotter months of the year. You can without difficulty find a professional to install one of these systems for design quickly and easily.

Irrigating correctly is a key issue to the good look of the front yard as less or more water can do damage to the plants and yard. Finding the proper plants that will suite your climatic and soil condition is very important.

Landscape Design. Latest From Houzz. See also. Patios Patios Top Ideabooks. Laura Gaskill July 18, Houzz Contributor.

My favorite pieces to write center around the emotional aspects of home and savoring life's simple pleasures. Save Comment 73 Like They get it right with a party-ready bocce ball court, alfresco dining areas and more. Bocce Ball Court With a bocce ball court, fire pit and minimal plantings, this water-wise Austin, Texas, backyard by is primed for parties. String lights around the perimeter illuminate the court at night and add to the ambiance. Small on Lawn, Big on Play A central rectangle of lawn offers comfy play space for little ones without giving over the entire backyard to grass.

Surrounding the center green in this design are cement and gravel paths leading to a fire pit, covered seating area and deck. Find a landscape designer on Houzz.

Cool Urban Hangout This small San Francisco backyard was transformed from a jumbled mishmash of potted plants and wonky brickwork into a flowing space ideal for relaxing with friends. An outdoor living room positioned at the highest point in the yard provides a lookout over neighboring Bernal Hill, while the Cor-Ten steel fire pit creates a welcoming spot to gather in the evening.

No Mowing Needed Artificial turf forms the centerpiece of this small city garden in London, where a real lawn would be challenging to care for. Surrounding the artificial turf with real plants and trees, as seen here, is a good way to help the fake stuff blend in. Private Putting Green For a golfer, having a private putting green may just be the ultimate backyard accessory.

A seating area next to the artificial turf green allows spectators to lounge in comfort. Sweet and Petite This Alabama backyard may be small but it still manages to pack in tons of features, from the raised deck dining area to the office shed. A hanging chair , gas fire table and mini-lawn area provide nooks to explore. Tour the rest of this sweet Alabama backyard.

Room for Entertaining This luxurious yard was designed with entertaining in mind, with a series of outdoor rooms spanning the length of the yard. Shown in the foreground is a comfy outdoor living room zone with ample seating for a crowd.

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