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List of Gardening Services (A to Z) - Gardening Channel Oct 06, �� Oct 6, The national average cost of landscaping is $2,, and prices range from $ and $20,

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For example, some shrubs need regular trimming, while others do not require any. Grass needs to be mowed and often fertilized, but most hardscaping can go without regular maintenance for years.

Most companies offer a basic maintenance package and provide landscape services on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis as needed. Some provide one-time maintenance deals for specific projects as well. Basic care is the bare minimum your yard or landscaping needs to look good and stay healthy. This can be routine cleanup, trimming, and mowing. If you need some extra work, such as fertilizing, you may pay an extra one-time fee. Most people with average yards and landscaping find that basic care is all that is necessary to keep them looking good long term.

Premium care includes all the same services as basic care, with additional services like regular fertilization, taking care of water features and fountains, and more involved levels of shrub trimming and other work. This care is needed for homes and properties with things like walking paths, exotic plants and trees, fruit-bearing trees, and other unusual additions.

Like with basic care, you can add one-time options to get the total level of care your property needs. A holistic approach and careful planning and design are key elements of beautiful landscaping, which is why most homeowners choose to work with a landscape designer or landscape architect to create the landscape of their dreams within their budget. Even homeowners who ultimately decide to do the actual planting themselves need a designer during the planning and design phase to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes, such as planting plants that require a lot of sun in a shady spot and planting a tree too close to the foundation.

Depending on your needs, a designer also helps you choose plants that are low-maintenance or complement each other and create beautiful designs.

During the design phase, the designer evaluates the need for grading or resloping the land. One of the most popular landscaping styles throughout the world, Mediterranean gardens are characterized by tiered fountains, terracotta pots, statuary, and plants that provide color, texture, and structure. Japanese garden designs are heavily influenced by Buddhist, Taoist, and Shinto philosophies and use natural elements like plants, ornaments, rocks, and water to create a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

The Tuscan garden style combines trademark plantings like rosemary, lavender, and Italian cypress with terracotta urns, natural stone, and bright colors like red, yellow, and orange. English cottage gardens are lush and free-flowering and give the impression of an unplanned landscape. White picket fences , charming birdhouses, wheelbarrows, arbors , and layered arrangements of classic, old-fashioned plants, such as peonies, foxgloves, pansies, cosmos, and roses, are trademark elements of this design.

Formal landscapes are characterized by simple geometric designs, symmetry, straight edges, long sightlines, classic urns, and traditional building materials. The southwest landscape design incorporates Spanish and Native American details and is characterized by native plants and bold and colorful building materials that reflect the natural landscapes of the region. Not all landscape designers offer installation services. If that is the case, you may need to hire a landscaping contractor or groundskeeper to bring the design to life.

Many people look at the cost of landscaping and wonder if they would be better off doing it themselves to save money. While landscaping is not inexpensive, many benefits come from hiring a professional service to care for your property. Landscapers have a great deal of knowledge about the soil, climate, and what grows in your area.

They know how and when to maintain it and what problems you might encounter. They can also help you frame and design your landscaping to best suit your yard and property for the best results. When you pay for professional landscaping services, you also get their knowledge, which is arguably the most important part. Compare quotes from landscaping services near me Compare Quotes.

If you have problems with drainage in your yard, a French drain can help. French drains 6 move the water from one end of your yard to another area where it can drain without causing soggy ground or foundation issues. A pond can be a beautiful addition to any backyard.

Installation costs for a pond depend on factors like shape, labor, and accessories. Some ponds are filtered and lined like pools, while others are left natural. Outdoor lighting brightens your landscaping into the evening hours, making it usable longer. You can add lights to the area near your deck or patio or illuminate your entire yard, depending on how often you use it at night. Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular additions to most landscaping, allowing you to cook and entertain outside.

Outdoor kitchens come in many shapes and sizes and can include a range of cooking, storage, and seating options. Pools can add enjoyment to your yard while also enhancing your landscaping. This is determined mostly by where you live because different grasses perform better in some climates. Generally, spring is the best time to landscape before it gets too hot Valley Nurseries Landscape & Garden Centre On for new plants. Start slowly and do things in phases as you can afford them.

Purchase plants and spend the money on professional design and labor. Costs vary depending on the shrub type, size, and placement. Costs vary depending on the tree type and size, with mature trees costing more than saplings. To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours. FIXR provides cost guides, comparisons, and term cheatsheets for hundreds of remodeling, installation and repair projects.

Location Settings. Loading, please wait Log In. Password Recovery. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. National average. Alternative Cost. Artificial Grass Installation. Flower Bed Installation. Land Survey. Lawn Aeration. Lawn Maintenance and Mowing. Lawn Fertilization. Lawn Seeding. Sprinkler System Installation. Winterize Sprinkler System Installation. Leaf Clean-up. Mosquito Misting System Installation. Mulch Delivery. Tree Pruning. Poison Ivy Removal. Reslope for Landscaping.

Sod Installation. Soil Test. Perc Test. Tree Removal. Stump Grinding. Stump Removal. Trellis Installation. Weed Control. Yard Clean-up Service. Updated: Mar 11, What's new? Mar 11, Updated the introduction with new costs and project scope. May 15, Updated the introduction with a new cost range and average cost.

Nov 22, We have added an image of a fire pit in the common landscaping installation projects section to show the user how a fire pit looks like. Jun 9, The cost guide has been remade adding more information and updating the costs. Landscaping Cost by Project Range Low. Average Cost. Landscaping Cost Per Square Foot Landscaping encompasses a range of projects, so it has a wide range of costs per square foot.

Landscaping Prices Per Hour Some landscapers charge by the hour, which ranges depending on their expertise and provided services. Compare prices from landscapers near me. Compare Quotes. Get free estimates Landscape Garden Design Stoke On Trent Uk from trusted landscaping companies near me.

Get Free Estimates. Find the best landscaping contractors near me. Find Pros. Compare quotes from landscaping services near me. Additional Considerations and Costs If you have a limited budget, phase out your landscaping over a couple of years and only select the projects that provide the maximum value. Conserve water by installing synthetic grass or turf that looks real but does not require frequent mowing or watering.

Set up a water conservation system by collecting the water from downspouts in rain barrels and use that to water your garden. Rainwater collection systems come in many forms and can store water.

Always choose plants that can withstand regional temperatures and weather conditions. The U. Do not take on more than you can handle.

Some landscaping projects or plants require a great deal of maintenance and care. If you are new to landscaping or are not at home most of the time, choose low-maintenance and drought and disease-resistant plants. If you have a pet, consider designing a pet-friendly yard, also called dogscaping.

This provides a permanent solution for torn-up flower beds, crushed plants, and urine stains. Most cities follow landscape regulations to promote a sense of community and encourage water and energy conservation. Cut down costs by being creative.

To repurpose old things, use a rusty railing as a trellis, an old wheelbarrow, or a tire as a planter. Some people focus on landscaping in the frontyard to improve curb appeal and neglect the backyard. But when planning to sell, note potential buyers may be put off at the sight of a wild and unkempt backyard.

FAQs How much does monthly landscaping maintenance cost? Which grass type should I plant? When should I start my landscaping project? How do I landscape my frontyard on a budget? How much do landscapers charge to plant shrubs? How much do landscapers charge to plant a tree? Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.

See full cheat sheet. Water runs through a trench filled with gravel into a perforated pipe underneath, which leads the water downhill to a safe area. How much does it cost to landscape on a new construction in my city?

Related Cost. Arbor Installation. Backyard Pond Installation. Chicken Coop. Deck Installation. Deck Repair.

Pressure Wash a Deck. Stain Deck. Fire Pit Installation. Fountain Installation. Build a Gazebo. Outdoor Kitchen Installation. Outdoor Lighting Installation. Holiday Lights Installation. Christmas Light Installation. Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Installation.

Outdoor Spigot Installation. Build a Patio. Lay Stamped Concrete Patio. Build a Pergola. Build a Playground. Build a Porch. Rainwater Collection System Installation.

Build a Retaining Wall. Land Clearing and Building Site Preparation. Landscaping Stones. Mulching feeds the soil and surrounding plants and keeps your landscape at an ideal temperature. Also, it helps retain moisture and prevents weeds from taking over. Mulch delivery can be expensive, so unless you're landscaper is already doing other projects for you it's recommended you install this yourself.

And keep in mind that those prices cover one-time service for just one tree. Expect the following:. Height Average Cost Up to 25 feet The root system is small, and the trunk is thin. Here are some popular landscaping materials and their average national cost. Keep in mind these prices do not include installation. The 3 main types of landscaping are hardscaping, softscaping, and xeriscaping. Here are their average prices for landscaping installation:.

This is the industry terminology used to describe the design, planning, and implementation of non-living items in the decoration of land. This includes paths, gazebos, patios, decks, retaining walls, pergolas, etc. Depending on what needs to be constructed, the work usually involves working with materials like wood, brick, concrete, stone, and metal.

To save money on hardscaping, consider buying prefabricated items like a readymade firepit rather than a custom-built stone one. The softscaping category encompasses all the vital components like plants, trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds. Within softscaping, the items fall into classifications of annuals, biennials, and perennials. Each of these classifications produces flowers which will form seeds. Where they differ is in the typical lifespan of each category member. To save money, buy younger plants and trees.

Your yard will end up looking the same; it will just take a little longer to grow into the plan. This landscaping is tailored for arid climates and allows for minimal water use. It focuses on working with plants that occur naturally in that climate type, like purple fountain grass, yellow pampas grass, Mexican feather grass, blue oat grass, autumn joy sedum, and aloe vera�all plants that have the same minimal need for water.

Consider, though, the savings in water bills no matter who you choose to design it all. A professional will visit your property and work up a plan that matches the creative vision you have for the land. Within this planning phase, there are two distinct disciplines and associated costs. In general, a landscape architect will work on areas to do with the land and hardscaping, while designers are more involved with visuals and the softscaping arena, covering plants, etc.

Landscape architects have a university degree from a school accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects ASLA in landscape architecture, and they have secured a license at the state level. The scope of their work covers architectural elements of a more structural nature, including the design of and solving issues with the following:.

Architects focus more on larger commercial projects, while designers are engaged in smaller-scale projects like residential development. While many landscape designers have taken college courses, others are self-taught or have grown up in the family business.

Some designers may have an education similar to that of a landscape architect, but without the state license, they are restricted to operating as a designer. The Association of Professional Landscape Designers APLD encourages members to engage in continued education and offers a program to certify members based on their completed projects. Ultimately, creating an outdoor space to relax in and enjoy is a worthwhile investment.

In reference to how their design work showcases their stylistic range and high quality, they say:. As with any landscaping company, their portfolio can tell you a lot about the quality of their work. A landscape designer can help you narrow down your list of features to a consistent theme. It is very possible that they will be able to walk you through a range of examples to illustrate the most popular styles in landscaping, including:.

Planting new grass or laying sod is always a major part of landscaping. It is essential to know what the differences are and how they will direct your choice in the matter. Of all the different types of grass that are suitable for a lawn, they generally fall into one of two categories: creeping and bunch.

The state you live in will determine if you have a single grass type lawn or a blend of multiple grass types to ensure coverage throughout the year. Northern areas�from Northern California across to New York�will generally have a single grass planted.

Other Info. Cancel Search. How much will your outdoor landscaping and design cost? Get a free estimate. Average landscaping costs:. Get a free estimate from a great landscaper near you. See pros. Landscaping cost per hour How much does landscape design cost? Landscaping prices list Mulching French drain installation Sod installation Trim trees or shrubs Lay artificial turf Plant flower beds Remove shrubs or trees Install or repair outdoor lighting Remove tree stumps Install or repair sprinkler systems Plant trees or shrubs Install or repair drainage Concrete patio installation Small projects vs.

Other factors that impact the cost of landscaping How to save money on your landscaping project How to find the right landscaping company Benefits of hiring a professional landscaping company Find a landscaper near you. Landscaping cost per hour. How much does landscape design cost? Landscaping prices list:. Find a top-rated landscaper near you. Small projects vs. National average cost of landscaping projects, by size: Small Landscape Projects e. Different styles and types of landscaping.

Xeriscaping Created for areas affected by drought, xeriscaping has become a popular way to make yards beautiful and easy to manage.

Softscaping Softscaping is the design and care of plant life in your yard, such as lawn mowing and tree trimming. See which landscapers are top-rated in your area. How do landscaping companies charge for their services? Other factors that impact landscaping costs. These factors include: Time of year: While landscape prices are typically consistent throughout the year, you might be able to save money by hiring a company in the colder Landscape Garden Design Cost Uk Number months.

A good landscaping company can advise you on the right time of year to start your project in your region. Materials you plan to use : When choosing the materials to use for certain features, ask your landscaper how much they charge for things like granite, gravel, rocks, pebbles, slate chips and more. When communicating with potential landscaping businesses, provide them with as many details about the terrain as possible so you can get an accurate estimate. Labor costs: Some landscaping companies consider labor rates in their prices.

If your project requires more manpower and more hours of work , your expenses will likely go up. Landscape maintenance: Some projects might require additional help to keep your new landscape well-maintained. If you decide to add elements that require regular, long-term maintenance done by a professional, make a plan to fit this into your budget.

For example, if you install grass in your front yard, research how much it will be to hire a gardener or lawn care service to mow your lawn if you're unable to do this yourself. Or, if you intend on planting various flowers, trees and other greenery, figure out what type of irrigation system you need and the cost to keep your plants healthy. Find a great landscaper in your area.

Search pros. How to save money on your landscaping project. If you think your landscaping project is outside of your budget, use these tips to make it more affordable: Compare landscaping companies in your area. Take the time to contact the top landscaping companies near you, and ask for estimates on the scope of your work. Buy in bulk. Buy local. Check with local farmers. See if you can get manure for free. Shop online. One way to save money on plants and other materials is to compare prices online.

Don't forget to factor in the shipping fees. Ask your landscaping company for suggestions. A good landscaping company should be able to help you adjust your vision to fit your budget. For example, they can suggest budget-friendly materials that will help you achieve the look and style you want while saving you money.

Compare prices from landscapers near you. Get estimates. How to find the right landscaping company. What does a landscape designer do? What does a landscape architect do? What does a landscape contractor do? Get free estimates from top-rated landscapers.

Questions to ask landscaping companies before hiring. Here are some to start with: Where do you get your plants? How long will this project take? Where are you licensed? If you Landscape Garden Design Software Free Review work with a landscape architect or contractor, make sure they have the proper state license. Can you work with my budget? However, they should be able to give you a general idea of whether your ideas are financially feasible.

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