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The Best Used Cars to Buy If You're a Gardener or Landscape Architect | YourMechanic Advice
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Gardeners and landscape architects need to haul around quite a bit of gear. As a Landscaping Quotation Form Questions gardener, chances are you will need to transport a variety of mowing equipment, along with smaller Best Evergreen Plants For Landscaping Effect implements. You may also need to move shrubs, fertilizer, and earth. For those who are, hands-on, like the gardener, a used truck is more appropriate than a car.

Chevrolet Silverado : You need to feel confident that your vehicle will get you to the job site, and that it can handle whatever you need to haul. The Silverado is available in V6 or V8, so it definitely has the power you need, and it also has a towing capacity of around 10, pounds if you need to add a trailer. If you spend a lot of the time driving from one job site to another, though, you will probably prefer the F, since over the years it has consistently had a somewhat more comfortable interior.

Dodge Ram : If you serve many clients in a given day, or if you typically handle fairly large jobs, you will appreciate the extra power offered by the Ram It has a towing capacity of 5 tons, backed by a powerful V8 engine.

It also has a very nice interior, with ergonomic seats. Toyota Tacoma : Gardeners who specialize in small properties will likely find this truck more than adequate for their needs. Although compact, it can handle light towing, and handles very nicely. Nissan Frontier : You will typically find used Frontiers at a slightly lower price than the Tacoma. You will, however, sacrifice little or nothing in comfort and performance. The best used car for a gardener is actually a used truck.

Landscape architects who like to get a little more involved in the physical aspects of a project will also appreciate a good used truck.

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