What Are the Best Options for Siding?

If you are building a new home or carrying out extensive renovations on your existing property, you will be worried about the type of siding to be used. There are a few different options out there, but the central theme is that you'll need long-lasting siding that can stand time test. The last thing you want is to spend time and resources in siding that will start giving away after a couple of years. Siding will last at least a decade, if not longer. But what are the best options for your home between siding? Crépi Québec has the answers for you.

Lap Siding

Lap siding may usually have a textured face that is very smooth or saw and often has a very rustic look. Also called channel siding, it's perfect for homes where you're heading for a more rustic or old - fashioned look. Lap/channel siding may be installed in three ways-horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The way you install the siding is entirely dependent on how you want your home to look from the outside. The installation method doesn't care too much for durability.

Cimentiers Excellence

One advantage of channel siding is each board has a slight overlapping profile of the next board. These small overlaps ensure you get a shadow line effect, which is perfect for adding weather protection for the sides of your home. There are several grades for lap/channel siding, with better grades being more costly. The grade you choose for your project will depend mostly on your budget and the type of look you hope to achieve. The highest rating is the pure head, while the next two grades are simple and pick knotty. If you live in Québec area, Cimentiers Excellence is your goto company.

Board and Batten Siding 

Another siding profile you will enjoy is board siding and batten siding. The main feature of this type of siding is a vertical design created with the use of large clear, or knotty cedar boards. Those boards are separated by using narrower boards to cover the area of the join. The combination creates a gorgeous and rustic look but also ensures that the sides of your home will be fully protected in the years ahead. Look for Crépi Laval near you.

Most of the boards you get for board and batten siding are sawn roughly and unseasoned. The top two grades, like lap siding, are the bright heart and A clear. The great thing about board and batten siding is that you get a unique and exciting look even if you go with the lower grades, like proprietary and "standard and better" like that. We think you would love what board and batten siding must give for those who have a lower budget but still want siding, which can produce a unique and beautiful look.

Eventually, there are so many choices you have as regards siding. The main objective is to select the best materials and designs for your home, and then get a great company such as Crépi to finish the installation. The installation is critical with siding, so make sure you hire top pros for the job.

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