Should You Join SEO Reseller Program?

Should You Join SEO Reseller Program?

Every serious business person is looking for ways to increase revenue. This is a fact. There are many opportunities out there for you to make more money online. That's another fact. However, is joining an SEO reseller program one of them? Let's have a deeper look into this.

What Is It?

Every reseller program allows you to sell the products or services offered by another company (often an established industry leader) as if it were yours. Such arrangements allow you to brand their service like yours.

Although the reseller serves as a middleman, this is very different from the kind of role filled by an affiliate. The critical difference between the two is that while it is obvious with an affiliate program that the affiliate and merchant are different entities (from the customer's point of view), it isn't so in the case of the reseller. As far as the customer can tell, the reseller is the merchant.

So when it has to do with SEO (search engine optimization), it's just playing the middleman for a bigger company while retaining your brand. The parent firm handles every detail of each transaction and service delivery while you are only concerned with funneling prospects to them. You don't really have to know the first thing about ranking a page. They'll handle everything for your clients while you take the difference between what you charge and the provider's fees.

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So How Can This Help A Business?

It allows for expansion without losing clients. One thing many businesses are concerned about is losing their customers to competitors. This wouldn't be a worry for you if you use a good reseller program for clients who may require SEO services.

You choose the services you offer your clients and they are all branded with your company name. So you shouldn't even bother if the backing firm has services that overlap with yours. You just pick a package that excludes such services.

It helps you improve the value you add to your current customers. If your clients are already comfortable with your web design skills, for example, they will be rather comfortable to have you handle their search engine optimization for them. A white label SEO  program makes it easy for you to achieve.

You make more money without the usual hassles of expanding your business. You often have to make huge outlays of cash and do serious internal restructuring to position your business for another income stream. This removes the hassles from it and just gives you the benefits.

You don't have to find out what works. You already have the benefit of a company that has a proven track record as the backbone of your new offers. If there is a list of entities that know what is working in the search engines today, a company that lives and breathes SEO is definitely going to be on top of that list.

So should you join one of these programs? It all depends on your business and your ability to drive prospects to such an offer. If you are a web developer, internet marketer or Webhosting reseller; for example, you can (and should) join as it will improve the value you deliver to your clients and increase the profit you make.

However, it is NOT compulsory that you have a "related" business to start. If you know you are a good salesperson and know where/how to get new prospects who want to improve their search engine rankings, then you are in business too. If you are looking for quality white label SEO, you must visit