How To Recognize Authentic Oriental Rugs

By definition, a real Oriental rug is a hand-knotted wool or silk floor covering that is considered a work of art. Some oriental rugs and carpets have unstable dyes that can run if you put water on them; that's why plastic runners should be put on their rugs by the owner. If you are going to invest in an oriental rug, make sure that someone who knows about them goes with you while you are looking. You must be sure that the rug they are choosing is made up of 100 percent wool when selecting a wool oriental rug; these rugs can be costly, and you want to get the value of your money. If you are looking for wholesale oriental rugs, then look no further than Rug Source. A leading supplier of all kinds of rugs and kilims.

If there is one consensus in carpeting about beauty and elegance, it will have to be an oriental rug. These rugs may be used as wall decorations or as a standard rug to walk on; the Oriental rug also adds character to space regardless of how it is used, whatever the decision is. For years to come, the beauty and consistency that a new area rug can bring to your room are sure to be enjoyed. These oriental rugs originate from Japan; it would be possible for a person who knows rugs to tell where the various styles originated.

Wholesale Kilim Rugs

Traditionally, the term oriental rugs have been used to describe eastern hand-knotted rugs; they come in various types, shapes, and sizes. Oriental rugs with high yarn content may be either thick and creamy or of the flat-woven kind, but all are fun to look at. The elegance and simplicity of the Oriental rug make it difficult for most people to see it as a flooring piece; that's why these rugs are seen hanging on both the wall and the floor equally. Many individuals who are used to old rugs get used to seeing eroded fringes, but they need to stay in the best condition for an oriental rug.

Also, on top of a carpeted floor, an authentic oriental rug goes well; it can help spice up your flooring with more color and design. Some oriental rugs have a thick weave; to keep it from looking old and soiled, you may consider washing your prize rug more than once. The value and elegance a beautiful oriental rug can add to a room are now known to many people. There are many books and web places to get more data on them if you have any interest in Turkish rugs cheap.

You want to make sure that some warning comes with your oriental rug; these rugs can be very costly and difficult to handle if spills damage them. These rugs can soften the look of wood or stone floors; 100 percent wool gives comfort to the feet when laid on these flooring styles. Most hand woven or machine woven rugs are referred to by the term Oriental rug; this type of rug originated from eastern culture and was embraced by today's mainstream society. Many individuals are reluctant to put an oriental rug in a bedroom where there is not much space for the placing of a bed. It will typically be rolled up and carefully placed in some plastic when an Oriental rug is first purchased; this prevents the rug from being damaged.