Bird Control Options for Perching and Nesting

Few people will stand by these days and witness the wholesale slaughter of pesky birds. Science and technology, therefore, have merged to fire the culprits free rather than kill them. Different species of birds appear determined to live near together with their human counterparts. Pigeons, crows, blackbirds, sparrows, scoundrels, and so on love to do that. They may be fun to watch, but they leave unsightly messes, sadly. Birds also inflict damage to structures created by man. For other reasons as well, birds appear intrusive. If you have difficulties getting rid of birds around your house or business, you should call Phoenix pest control. They are professionals who will take care of the problem with only humane methods.

bird pest control

They make noise that is overly loud or often behaves territorially. The reality is that birds bear 60 different known fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases, including bird flu and West Nile viruses. Nests, and bird droppings, contain parasites. Timber, concrete, metal, and paint are corrosive to bird feces. There may be stained awnings and shelter tops, then burned. There is no discrimination against birds; commercial and private properties are subject to bird damage.

There are many methods of bird control currently available to help restrict bird perching. Modern technology has been applied to the crisis, from non-lethal spray devices to mild electrical shocks. Bird spikes are one system that has been tested and accepted by many bird advocacy groups across the globe. These 3-12' high rows of plastic or stainless steel spikes have been rated high to prevent birds from landing on or walking to prime perching stations. Ledges, rooftops, street lights, and business signs may all be effectively protected from bird infestation. Many variations in the design of bird spikes allow easy installation in a wide range of problem areas.

Compared to other forms of bird control devices, bird spikes have many benefits. The bird control product is almost invisible from a distance once mounted. The bird spikes are made of durable corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless steel or UV-protected plastics such as polycarbonate. For municipalities where sharp tips may be prohibited, blunt tip alternatives are available. Having said all the above, make sure you call bird control Phoenix and talk to the guys about the best options.


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