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Sep 07, �� 76 Free DIY Raised Garden Beds Plans. 1. Two Tier Garden Bed. This raised garden bed has a very unique style. It is actually two-tier. Meaning it has a stair-step appearance. The really 2. The No-Frills Garden Bed. 3. Simple Cedar Garden Boxes. 4. Landscaping Timbers Garden Beds. 5. Raised Bed. Apr 13, �� 15 Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed Ideas That You Can DIY in No Time. If you've long been passionate about gardening, you likely have a strong opinion about raised beds. 15 Raised Bed Garden Design Ideas Built-In Raised Beds. When making a raised bed instead of going in-ground, you can place it where the sun or shade is Sheet Metal Raised Beds. Another great advantage of raised bed gardens is that they sit well above the underground frost Square Foot Raised.
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