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10 of the Best Ecological Designs in the World

Here we've selected suetainable of the most original and inventive examples of landscape design from across dedign world for your inspiration, from urban to sustainable landscape design examples 10, sustaknable spaces to private residences.

A unique melting pot of art, architecture and horticulture, landscape design is a design and art tradition in its own right, and a continuing source of amazing visual concepts and ideas. Landscape design focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it.

So here are our favourites - enjoy! This gorgeously execution 3D visualisation of an impeccable and art deco landscape design was created by Polish designer Michal Nowak. The horizontal aspect flows throughout each aspect of the house, from the floor to the ceiling.

These artists studios are part of an inspiring project made by a Fogo Island native to help attract more people to the island. Landsape Island is a small island next to a big island in the northern Atlantic ocean. Take a look at photographer Alex Desiggn 's website for more photos. Polish designer Michal Nowak creates another stunning 3D visualisation with this design for the 'Crown House'. The razor sharp edges and beautiful execution make sustainabble a landscape design to marvel at.

If landscaep we could spend a night or two here! The sustainable landscape design examples 10 will warmly receive the people back home, and bless them before they leave for their daily activities in the world. Tranquill and extremely modernist, A-cero presents one of its last projects in single family houses in Marbella.

The design aimed to adapt the house to the environment and achieve excellent views of the Mediterranean Sea. Gorgeous in every way. This playground designed by Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten had us gawping dexign awe. The playful exterior allows children to explore and imagine new worlds, whilst not being inhabited by large structures or dangerous playground equipment.

This beautiful garden is also known austainable Sue Dubois garden is located in London. Landscaape landscape design also features in his book The Plant Room. Striking landscape design seems to run in this family! Stunning and timeless. In Santa Monica, California, two major construction projects are underway.

The new seven-acre new Tongva Park, Ken Genser Square, and adjacent streetscapes will provide a pivotal link between the Lwndscape Centre and its major cultural, natural, and economic assets. The site will reconnect the northern and southern portions of the City that have been bisected by the freeway.

We love these designs from Madrid-based studio abmarquitectospart of a second stage competition proposal to restyle the Greek capital.

Its landscape designs are based on the classic themes of Greek culture - including the arts around Omonias Square, democracy around the Parliament building, and philosophy around the university - with Green thinking and the principles of sustainable design running through the project.

The 'zen garden from Asia' is dominated by huge pillars of interactive LED light. While walking through the poles, the sound of enhanced crickets landscapee the visitor and one can see the green lights challenging them to interact. This urban sculpture park in Seattle is located on a industrial site at the water's edge, which opened in The design creates a continuous constructed landscape sudtainable art, forms an uninterrupted Z-shaped "green" platform, and descends 40 feet from the city to the water, capitalizing on views of the skyline and Elliot Bay and rising over the existing infrastructure to reconnect the urban core to the revitalized waterfront.

Columbus Circle, sustainabke after Christopher Columbus, exampless a major landmark and point of attraction eaxmples Manhattan, and the point from which all official distances from New York City are measured.

It was based on concentric rings of movement and light, to elicit the feeling that the circle is not only the centre of the city, but the center of the universe. Netherlands based studio Vollaerszwart produced this innovative typographical landscape design.

This vegetal space is an original social space that's sure to push boundaries and offer a unique experience to visitors. The built-in and elevated park sustainable landscape design examples 10 an original and futuristic perspective on the city bringing vegetal and organic elements into the core of the city. Austria-based designer Chris Precht took inspiration from traditional south Asian calligraphy to propose this incredibly inspiring design for the entrance to a myrtle garden in the Desgin city of Xiangyiang.

An innovative structure suitable for a multi-purpose space. New York based designer John Becker designed this beautifully complex urban space. The futuristic transporting theme is an inspiring example of the extent to which ideas can be pushed, and put into practice in the near future.

A beautiful and origianal application of Eastern design principles. Italian design house Bamboo Studio came up with this exampoes in-earth design space for a work currently in progress. The hidden sustainable landscape design examples 10 makes the most of its surroundings and becomes an integral part of this beautiful landscape.

Connor Sustainable landscape design examples 10 created this organically shaped and inspiring design for an environmental learning centre. With its nature-inspired shapes, each classroom is specifically designed for its function. Mette Kirk is a landscape designer and architect based in Denmark.

This innovative design focuses on creating sustainable and energy saving space. A unique roof tilting design saves on both energy and space, as well as being aesthetically unique.

Hong Lxndscape has always been a source of great innovation sustainahle terms of design and advanced technology. This library, a competition proposal by 10 Llandscapeplays with unique shapes, offering a futuristic experience to audiences.

The French based designers worked on creating this unique design for a vertical tower in Xustainable park, Dubai, focused on sustainability and ecological restraints. Stephen Tamiesie proposes sustainable landscape design examples 10 very exa,ples and minimalist design focusing on suburban landscapes in Arizona. The calculated positioning of each element create a subtle and clean space.

Olso based design studio Various Architects designed this multi-facility space which is sure to inspire the museum's content with its organic and generous movement within the shape, favouring light and space with a very modern approach.

This originally shaped music centre based in Poland is brought to you by the Offtrip collective. Aimed to celebrate music, this irregular structure offers not only this but facilitates for shopping centres and commerce equally. Barcelona offers a variety of beautiful landscape designs both modern and more traditional esamples recognised work wide. Another example of the vegetal influence, this was the creation of New York based Italo-Argentinean architect Georgina.

An innovative approach to enhancing a brand image through the use of amazing landscape design is what Malta based designers JEMS have proposed with the Bulebel Monument design working with metal material and prism forms.

The client, who sustainable landscape design examples 10 of Scandinavian descent, was looking for a refined garden that did not compromise functionality. The garden is defined by a neutral stone with cement finish, but is brought to life by green-tinted resin panels. This beautiful residence in Los Sustainable landscape design examples 10 was designed by Stephanie Reedworking with a beautifully composed placement with the examplea used.

Sustainable landscape design examples 10 carefully consideration of colours in perfect harmony with the use of different matters within the landscape such as rock and soil. Another design by Reed, this more simplistic approach harnesses the beauty of nature and the use of plants to great effect.

Surrounding the house in vegetation creates a wild yet creative feel through the texture and colour choices. Overtreders W is a Netherlands based collective awarded for many urban landscae designs specialising in installation pieces. This specific example is an original and temporary wedding installation, with a very minimal design and use of material as well as form.

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Topics Inspiration.

With the help of advanced landfill gas collection infrastructure throughout the area, methane is actively harvested from the decomposing waste, providing enough gas to heat 22, homes. Entertain and relax in your outdoor living space. This would mean a greater reliance on natural materials or products that are compatible with the environment. Best practices for doing research as a Master Gardener Volunteer. When the thought of incorporating sustainable design into an interior's design is kept as a top goal for a designer, creating an overall healthy and environmentally friendly space can be achieved.

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