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75 Beautiful Small Front Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas - April, | Houzz
Is your front yard feeling a little bland or boring?� Boost your curb appeal with these 33 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Front House. Take a look at what we have collated for you.

Peta North Inspiration for a small contemporary front yard garden path in Perth with decking. A combination of vertical and horizontal slats might be interesting wood or metal - karynpjohnson.

Inspiration for a small modern drought-tolerant and full sun front yard landscaping in San Francisco. Peta North Inspiration for a small contemporary front yard water fountain landscape in Perth with decking. Rock arrangement in the dry creek bed - nefricke. This cottage garden features raised vegetable beds inside of a white picket fence.

This is an example of a small traditional full sun front yard brick landscaping in Boston for summer. Put a fence up with raised beds? Design ideas for a small modern full sun front yard concrete paver garden path in San Francisco for fall. Concrete path with channels cut, gravel in place and succulents planted. This is an example of a small modern front yard landscaping in San Francisco.

Maybe do a special design on driveway? In Oakland we designed a small front yard that packs a lot of color. This new perennial garden is low-water and provides a lush setting in contrast to the wide open walkway to the front porch. The clean symmetry of the poured concrete path is offset by the wild display of flowering plants. Dimondia between pavers, Santa Barbara daisy, CA poppies The wood slat path through the jungle.

Closeup of Autumn Flame flagstone path with small cobbles between. Photo by Jan Nelson Design ideas for a small rustic full sun front yard stone garden path in San Francisco. Add more of this type to our back yard by the back of the house. This is an example of a small eclectic shade front yard stone garden path in Seattle for spring. Area between street and sidewalk - dheiremans. Jana Bishop Photo of a small rustic front yard landscaping in Los Angeles for fall. Nice color contrast. Interesting tree treatment.

Photo of a small farmhouse front yard landscaping in Omaha. Decorate Outdoor Containers Add distinctive seasonal flair to your containers by adding whole, uncarved pumpkins. Their vibrant skin will enliven outdoor spaces with color, whether used by themselves or nestled within flowering annuals and perennials. Jo Fenton Photo of a small traditional full sun front yard stone landscaping in London for summer.

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture designed this textural, drought tolerant, warm modern garden to complement the mid-century design of the home. The use of various materials including gravel, reclaimed and ipe wood, and concrete mixed with a lush drought resistant planting palette offer a homeowners and visitors a multi sensory environment. Photos by Art Gray Something different on the inside might be a decorative impact feature and be very unique - bgm A low water-use drought tolerant succulent and ornamental grasses planting project in Pasadena, California.

We used contrasting colors and textures of plant material to create a curb appeal for this spec home. The aloe and Agave american's are the focal points and add a great architectural element to the project. This garden house was designed by owner and architect, Shirat Mavligit. The wooden section of outer wall is actually the outer section of a central volume that creates an enlarged open space bisecting the home interior.

The windows create a view corridor within the home that allows visitors to see all the way through to the back yard. Occupants of the home looking out through these windows feel as if they are sitting in the middle of a garden.

This architectural theme of volume and line of site is so powerful that it became the inspiration for the modern landscape design we developed in the front, back, and side yards of the property. We began by addressing the issue of too much open space in the front yard. This land art form adds Simple Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House Site a sense of dimension and psychological boundary to the scene.

It is built of core 10 steel and stands 16 inches tall. This is just high enough for guests to sit on, and it provides an ideal sunbathing area for summer days. The sweeping contour of the berm offsets the rigid linearity of the home with a softer architectural detail. Its linear progression gives the modern landscape design a dynamic sense of movement. Near the corner of the house, we created a series of gravel stepping pads that lead guests from the gravel run, through the grass, and into a vegetable garden.

The heavy use of gravel does several things. It communicates a sense of control by containing the vitality of the lawn within an inorganic, mathematically precise space. This feeling of contained life force is common in modern landscape design. This also adds the functional advantage of a low-maintenance space where only minimal lawn care is needed. Gravel also has its own unique aesthetic appeal.

Its dark color compliments both the grass and the house, providing an ideal lead-in to the space of the vegetable garden. This same rectilinear geometry was applied to the side yard, but the materials were reversed to add dramatic effect.

Here, the field is gravel, and the stepping pads are made from grass. Heavy gauge steel planters were set into the gravel to house separate plantings of Zoysia. The pads run from the library to the kitchen, allowing visitors to travel between the two as if they are walking on a floor decorated with grass.

The lawn in all three yards is planted with Zoysia grass. This species of grass is frequently used in modern landscape design because it requires only moderate amounts of water to retain its exceptionally fine texture.

When mowed, it presents a clean, well-manicured lawn that compliments the conservatism of the home. Kate Eyre Garden Design Design ideas for a small contemporary front yard gravel landscaping in London. Check pricing and availability. No assembly! Succulents, grasses and low-water shrubs with vivid foliage give this coastal garden a rich, textured look with minimal maintenance. Exterior colors and furniture selection by Julie McMahon.

The redesign of the front yard focused on creating a welcoming entry filled with colorful and textural plants that require little water. The plants shown here include: Grevillea - lzfitz.

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