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Rob Edmondson�s art is a representation of the Lancashire landscape where he lives, places he is familiar with and visits often. The focus of his art is deeply introspective, as for each piece he considerately questions the choice of subject matter. Composition and colour are very important to Rob, with light and movement influencing the finished artwork in both clear and more subtle ways. Rob Edmondson art � TV DEBUT. September , I was approached to be a �Featured Artist� on a TV program. I saw this as an opportunity to showcase my artwork, meet fellow artists and experience TV. The house visit or �snoop� was to be on the 24 th of September in St. Albans. This was the opportunity to see the clients house and to try. Landscape Art.. Saved from modern backyard ideas rob edmondson art: Photo. Evolving artwork. Saved by Tweet Mouse. 2.

There are a variety of depictions of water within my work, my aim is to develop my ability to capture its movement. By Rob Autumnal Canal. Post TV Show commissions! Read .

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