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Spring is the time to get your lawn in optimal shape and ready for the summer season. Early spring lawn care ensures a fresh-looking, healthy lawn for the lawn maintenance for spring service months and a lush and green lawn you can enjoy during the nice weather. As the growing season begins, your grass will be in prime condition to thrive come spring � if taken care of properly with correct spring lawn maintenance.

When it comes to early spring lawn careyou can either take care of your lawn yourself or hire a professional to do it. Lawn Doctor can identify and perform any spring lawn treatment your grass needs lawn maintenance for spring service help it be beautiful and weed-free for the summer season.

If you decide to take the do-it-yourself route, Lawn Doctor has several spring lawn care tips to help you achieve the best results for your grass. Follow these spring lawn care tips to ensure your yard is lush and green this summer. A prepared lawn mower will help keep your lawn healthy by preventing extremely low cuts or a malfunction that could delay a regular mowing schedule. The needs of your mower may vary depending on what lawn mower maintenance you performed when you were finished mowing in the fall.

However, the basic steps include changing the oil, replacing the spark plug and air lawn maintenance for spring service, and sharpening and balancing the blades. This tune-up will help you be ready to start working on your lawn whenever spring arrives.

Always read and carefully understand any and all safety information associated with your lawn mower. No matter how carefully you raked and cleaned your yard in the fall as you were preparing your lawn for winter, chances are new leaves, sticks, weeds, and other debris have made their Lawn Maintenance For Beginners Quote way onto your grass. Wind, rain, and snow can leave debris on your lawn. In lawn maintenance for spring service, the snow can hide some of the debris until spring.

Taking some time to clean off your lawn before beginning other spring lawn care will make it easier to treat and maintain your grass.

If you have any bare patches on your grass, you may need to start overseeding your lawn as part of your spring lawn care. Apply grass seed to help grow new patches where the lawn died during the winter. Working with grass seeds completely on your own can be difficult. Check with your local Lawn Doctor professional to determine how much seed your lawn may need, how to water and care for the seed, and when during the season you should plant the seed in your lawn.

We can help guide you on the best ways to overseed your lawn and help get your grass growing strong and healthy. Spring is the best time of year to treat your lawn with pre-emergent weed control.

Pre-emergent is designed for application before the targeted weed germinates in your lawn, and it is an effective Lawn Maintenance Early Spring 10 preventative method for controlling annual lawn maintenance for spring service weeds. While you can do some weed control on your own, professional lawn care services can help prevent crabgrass and other grassy weeds.

Bed weed maintenance is another weed prevention method that can help get your lawn in shape. Your local Lawn Doctor expert will know which weeds are a problem in your area. Did your lawn develop Lawn Maintenance Hiring Near Me For dead patches during the winter?

That could be a sign of lawn disease. Proper lawn disease prevention can rejuvenate your yard. Our Lawn Maintainer Care program will help prevent lawn lawn maintenance for spring service and lawn pests throughout the year.

Once your spring grass begins to grow, start mowing your lawn regularly. Check out our lawn mowing tips to review proper techniques and safety considerations for mowing. Grass-cycling is the process of leaving grass clippings on the lawn. Instead of bagging the lawn maintenance for spring service, let them spread out on your lawn to recycle grass elements back into the soil and to help your lawn retain more water.

This process can help give your yard a boost at the beginning of the spring season. Even if you lawn maintenance for spring service in the fall, you can also fertilize your lawn during the spring to help it stay thick and lush. Spring fertilization helps your lawn replenish and build a robust root. The right time to apply fertilizer and the right type of fertilizer to use both depend on where you live and what the growing conditions lawn maintenance for spring service like, so be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Having the correct pH level for your lawn can help alleviate many lawn lawn maintenance for spring service issues in the long run.

Lawn Doctor can professionally test your soil to help you determine which treatment is right for your lawn. The process also improves root penetration and soil water retention, making regular watering more effective. Soil enrichment can also reduce damaging salts from the root zone and improve soil aeration. Your lawn can also accumulate thatch. Thatch is a combination of living and dead plant matter.

Grass clippings do not generally contribute to thatch buildup as they can be easily broken. A small amount of thatch may be beneficial; however, excessive thatch can cause root problems. Between compacted soil and thatch, your lawn could need some relief as part of your spring lawn care.

Lawn aeration helps alleviate thatch, improve water absorption, and facilitate better grass growth. The spring season brings plenty of lawn maintenance for spring service for your lawn.

Although if the new grass seed that you planted needs watering, we recommend no more than one inch per week. Overwatering in the spring can cause your lawn to have shallow roots and encourage weed germination. You should only water your lawn when it begins to show signs of drought stress. Spring is the best time for roots to search for water and nutrients. This also encourages deeper roots that are ready for the summer stress. If you live in areas with regular rainfall, you should avoid turning your sprinkler system back on until the weather warms up.

Following these spring lawn care tips should help you achieve beautiful grass that your friends and family can enjoy all season long. For more information on early spring lawn care steps and additional lawn care support tips for spring, contact your local Lawn Doctor.

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When it comes to spring lawn care, starting too soon can damage your lawn! You need to mow, fertilize, and water at exactly the right time. Spring, TX From Business: Customer service oriented residential and commercial lawn maintenance company located in Spring, TX. We are a full service team dedicated to .

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