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In section B, commonly tested areas include quality management, information reporting e. Keep checking the ACCA website for articles in the lead up to the exam, any articles written by the examining team are often tested and are very important to read. The first question will be marks in length and the second will be for marks. One of these questions will focus on personal tax issues and the other will focus on corporate tax issues.

In question one there will be four professional skills marks, and in section A there will be five marks on ethics. Section B will comprise of two compulsory mark questions. These will be in a more succinct, note form style. The whole syllabus is examinable throughout the exam. Remember that these exam papers would have been written prior to the Covid outbreak and, as such, you should not be addressing any aspect of the virus in answering this paper.

Any tax breaks available due to the outbreak are not examinable. There will also likely be a couple of marks for stamp duty points if you remember to think about it in your planning!

AAA has the following syllabus areas: A. Regulatory environment. Professional and ethical considerations. Quality control and practice management. Planning and conducting an audit of historical financial information.

Completion, review and reporting. Other assignments. Current issues and developments. Section A will comprise a Case Study, worth 50 marks, set at the planning stage of the audit, for a single company, a group of companies or potentially several audit clients. Candidates will be provided with detailed information, which will vary between examinations, but is likely to include extracts of financial information, strategic, operational and other relevant information for a client, as well as extracts from audit working papers, which could include the results of analytical procedures.

The date will be set as 1 July 20X5. Candidates will be required to address a range of requirements, from syllabus sections A, B, C and D thereby tackling a real-world situation where candidates may have to address a range of issues simultaneously in relation to planning, risk assessment, evidence gathering and ethical and professional considerations.

Section B will contain two compulsory 25 mark questions, with each being predominately based around a short scenario. There are no optional questions in AAA.

One question will always test syllabus section E, and candidates should therefore always. Syllabus section G on current issues is unlikely to form the basis of a question on its own, but instead will be incorporated into the Case Study or either of the section B questions depending on question content and the topical issues affecting the profession at the time of sitting the exam for topical issues, see technical articles below. There are also five exam technique articles that you must read covering ethics, risk, accounting issues, audit procedures and reporting.

Advanced Financial Management AFM All AFM exams will have questions which have a focus on section B of the syllabus advanced investment appraisal and section E treasury and advanced risk management techniques. These syllabus areas are therefore high priority areas for your revision. Q1 section A: You can expect section A questions to cover a number of different syllabus areas, emphasising the need to have a good broad knowledge of the syllabus so you are strongly advised NOT to target your revision on a small number of syllabus areas.

Risk management may also feature in a number of different ways e. General advice: The examining team have emphasised that exams are designed to make question spotting extremely difficult for this paper, so it is important to have a broad understanding of the key aspects of each syllabus area. Keep checking the ACCA website for articles written by the examining team in the lead up to the exam, these are often tested and are important to review.

However, after three years she decided on a career change and left to become a maths teacher. After having her first child, Elizabeth cut down her hours to part time, and then two more children followed as they do. Having three young children with the eldest starting school made Elizabeth re-evaluate those lifestyle choices.

It was at a sling library that a fellow volunteer suggested she become a self-. The more she thought about it, the more it appealed, so she took the jump and left teaching and started training.

She initially bought an e-course from Groupon, but it was dreadful! In February her first set of books arrived in the post, and Elizabeth got stuck in, initially on nursery days and in the evenings. She even admits she started to really enjoy it, with her study days becoming her favourite days. Then lockdown hit, and she lost her nursery days, so instead worked during nap times and after bedtime. By the time she had got to M8 the end of Level 3 even that was available online.

Studying really saved her during the. Parenting three children aged five, three and one was not easy without going out. It was easy to feel despondent, but she had her bookkeeping and she was trying to get a chapter done every day. Elizabeth decided to keep studying to complete all her qualifications before actively trading as a self-employed bookkeeper.

Elizabeth has also completed the Diploma in Payroll Management course. She is now excited about her career as a bookkeeper, and feels that it will fit into her life perfectly. After studying, my next challenge is finding it!

The mere mention of the concept of economic value added can send some PQs into panic mode. It is clearly a favourite topic of the examining team. And I am not surprised, because it is brilliant. The holy grail of performance managers has always been to properly align the needs of the shareholders for cash dividend and an increased market value of the business with the performance management system PMS used to appraise the performance of the directors.

So often the PMS falls short here. For decades companies have chosen to assess performance using profit, ROCE or even RI and the question is, is this right?

The examiner wants you to be able to make the case for the suitability of the PMS, when compared to the needs of the shareholder. Because he wants you to be able to make the case even after you qualify. To improve the PMSs everywhere you go. To improve the reputation, even, of the accountant. While there are some standard arguments outlined in many textbooks and course materials the examiner wants you to be able to apply yourself to a particular situation.

Is EVA a good approach for this business? What is wrong with a profit based appraisal here? And this is more difficult. This is why reading skills and writing skills are so important in APM. It is also why application skills are vital to a pass in. You have to be able to spot the clues in the questions by effective reading, be able to communicate your ideas, by concise and precise writing, and you must be able to apply yourself to the scenario.

In JLW, one of the divisions had created a large provision for doubtful debts. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but provisions are so easily manipulated.

So once created, the divisional manager can use it to reduce or increase reported profits as desired. In EVA, provisions are not allowed, partly because they are not a cash flow of course, but also because it removes the ability of the directors to manipulate results and mislead shareholders. A double benefit, therefore: EVA 2, profits 0! A profit motivated manager might easily take a short-term route. EVA scores again to lead The examiner is cunning though.

He desperately does not want students to rote-learn all the arguments in favour of EVA and then write them down. This is a high-level exam so you must understand and apply.

So, in JLW the two divisions were very different. One traded only domestically and the other exported everything. EVA does not reflect risk differences automatically. EVA scores an own goal! The moral of this is that the examiner rarely sets up a question where there is no counter view. Be prepared to argue both ways and the markers will love you for it. Can you put general arguments in your answer? For example, you may have read that EVA is complicated.

To be fair, it is likely you think it is pretty complicated yourself! And it is. So, can you get this valid point into the answer of JLW?

I think you can, I certainly put the point in my answer in my material, but you must make sure it is relevant and properly applied. In JLW, the manager in charge of one of the divisions was described.

She was arguing about controllable profits and that non-controllable costs should be excluded from her bonus calculation. It follows then, that this manager could understand EVA if it were introduced because it is likely she has the intellect and knowledge. So, you need to be careful. The standard argument is that EVA is complex, and some might not understand it.

Introducing performance measures that managers do not understand is a very bad idea. How can they react? How can they improve a measure that they do not understand? In JLW though that standard point is not quite valid. The manager would probably understand EVA, given her good knowledge of other performance management principles. In house buying we are told that three things are important. Location, location, location. See Geoffcordwell.

Controlled foreign companies made simple Once again, top lecturer Neil Da Costa has a simple solution for a complex issue n this series, I explain topics students struggle with using simple examples. Companies that are resident overseas are not subject to any UK corporation tax. In addition, overseas dividends are not subject to UK corporation tax. Double Tax Relief DTR can be claimed based on the lower of UK and overseas tax and can always be claimed even in the absence of a double tax treaty.

There is no double tax treaty between Paradise and UK. Exempt Period: The first 12 months of the overseas company coming under control of the UK companies. It is not available to newly incorporated companies. Excluded Territories: The overseas country is in a country that is not a tax haven and is included in a list of excluded territories. Explain which CFC exemptions apply. Claim the exempt period exemption for the first 12 months from the date that Big Ltd buys.

B Ltd is resident in Happyland. Happyland is on the list of excluded territories. Claim the tax exemption as the rate of tax in Beachland is more than By taking advantage of the CFC exemptions, UK companies can still get a tax benefit through setting up companies in tax havens. He believes in keeping things simple and making tax fun PQ Magazine March The beginning of has brought new challenges, with the implementation of additional national lockdowns and the economy continuing to suffer.

Both students and employers face extra uncertainty about what the future holds � which makes career routes that complement the traditional university path, such as apprenticeships, more important now than ever before. Apprenticeships are a great tool for both students and employers to learn crucial on-thejob skills.

These will become ever more relevant as the world continues to change. For employers, apprenticeships present an invaluable opportunity to tailor training to the exact skills needed for existing jobs and to develop their teams to be adaptive and responsive.

For students, apprenticeships are a fantastic additional option for entering the workforce. In the public sector, and in finance in particular, there.

CIPFA offers multiple apprenticeships for individuals at all stages of their career journeys � from those just starting out in the workforce to those who have been working in the sector, perhaps for years, but who are ready to develop their role. Each level can be tailored to best fit employers and apprentices, and our in-house team will help guide you through the process from joining all the way to qualification.

This year, we will be introducing a new apprenticeship that is particularly relevant for a post-Covid world. During the month programme, apprentices gain all of the valuable skills necessary for counter fraud professionals working in the field. The classroom sessions are delivered online, fully supported by a set of online learning resources and professional coaching by mentors with industry experience.

Upon completion, apprentices will be prepared to enter directly into the Government Counter Fraud profession. The apprenticeship is aimed at all organisations that have a counter fraud function � both central and local government.

As we move forward, apprenticeships are a vital resource for both students and employers. They provide the opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to begin valuable careers while earning income and developing crucial workplace skills in a specific field. Through all of the current uncertainty and beyond, there will always be people who need the help and support of our public services.

Entering a career in the public sector enables individuals to gain knowledge and skills that will contribute to decisions that underpin the delivery of services that will help those in our communities who need support the most. Undertaking an apprenticeship is one of the best ways to gain the experience needed to make a difference in the world. For more information on our apprenticeship offerings, please contact apprenticeships cipfa.

In addition to the development of relevant technical skills, finance professionals must develop awareness of their local public sector context, as well as how to increase public value through effective communication and leadership. These competencies are crucial both in the UK and abroad. Bangladesh has historically suffered from corruption and a lack of transparency in management of public funds � which has impacted the quality of public services delivered to those in need.

Bolstering public financial management systems in Bangladesh will help strengthen oversight and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery. In addition to supporting our students in the UK, it has also enabled hard-working professionals to continue working to strengthen financial management systems around the globe, despite the impact of Covid Delivery is entirely virtual, a new approach for our associates, and we are operating in close coordination with an established working group to organise workshops and conduct interviews.

The overall goal of the project, which began in September and is scheduled to run until April , is to support a future-ready public financial management workforce in Bangladesh through three specific objectives.

The development of a public financial management. No two competency frameworks will be exactly the same. The project seeks to identify the specific needs of public finance professionals in Bangladesh to develop a framework that best suits the local context.

Through job analysis of relevant public finance functions in the Bangladesh government, we can implement a plan to embed the competency framework and update job profiles accordingly.

The training needs assessment also involves reviewing relevant policies, processes and systems to assess the nature and extent of required public financial management competency development in different tiers of the government.

The establishment of a code of conduct is another crucial part of improving public financial management. Through reviewing relevant policies and guidelines related to behaviour and ethics of government and financial personnel, we can develop and implement a code of conduct for Bangladesh public finance professionals that improves transparency and fights fraud and corruption.

In an increasingly interconnected world, achieving best practice in public financial management will always be incredibly important.

Fouli explains how making regular small tweaks in your life can lead to big and positive changes he new year has come and gone. New year resolutions have been set and most people have already given up on them and are drifting towards Spring with no hope in sight. The main message here is to not be too hard on yourself for not being able to attain this balance, but be aware of where you are expending your daily energy to make the necessary course corrections if necessary.

Kristin Sherry is a big believer that answering the six questions below will help you to see where you have been, where you are at and where you should be heading to: 1.

What did I accomplish in that was important, or I valued? What could be different or better? How might I get what I need to make 5 happen? I used to be a big believer in putting up the pictures of the ultimate GOAL I wanted to achieve, but then it dawned on me: if I wanted to lose weight, what good would it do to see a picture of a trim, masculine model day in and day out? Would our mind not believe that we are already there and work against us?

The anxiety would be daunting. If I had to walk 1, steps why would I look at all 1, on a daily basis? Celebrate the small win. And repeat tomorrow. The work, the grit, the blood sweat and tears. Focus on the path, the journey and NOT on the end goal. I hope these very small tweaks assist you in some small way to break free from the stereotypical way of thinking.

Till next time. Please mention in the personal message that you are a PQ reader. Email your dilemma to graham pqmagazine. So here are some golden rules for developing new habits that will hopefully get you off on the right foot. Be clear about what you want to achieve. Be realistic. A habit is a practice or tendency that you repeat over and over again. Be prepared for setbacks. Things change and life inevitably gets in the way.

Get some support. While ultimately you are in control of your habits, having some support along the way will help you on your way to success. This is where your career mentor, manager or colleagues come in. Reward and celebrate. Who said developing good habits has to be boring? Put some rewards in place at key milestones and allow yourself to reflect and celebrate the benefits that your habit eventually brings you.

She is passionate about helping people to find the right job, and companies to find the right person. Ryan has a degree in Economics What time does your alarm go off? I commuted from Stourbridge to Birmingham which was ok. Now my desk at the end of my bed, so the commute is not too bad. Do you have a favourite lunch? I have become addicted to sausage rolls.

It is going to take a monumental effort to get into my work suits now. What can you see when you sit at your desk? I have a spectacular view of a car park. Not exactly the Grand Canyon, but it will do. Which websites are your. The Economist and FT, and I love a good political podcast. However, I do watch a lot of sport, so it is good to have a balance. How many hours a week are spent in online meeting rooms?

I should think at least a couple of hours a day � 10 hours a week. Are you spending more time working now than normal? Working from home means start and finish times become blurred. How do you relax? Going for walks with my partner is really relaxing. What is your favourite tipple? Peep Show. What is the best film you have watched recently? The documentary about Lance Armstrong, it really blew my mind.

Summer or winter? Pubs or clubs? Pubs now for me. Do you have a hero? My Grandad. After that Jimmy Anderson and Jack Grealish! What is the first thing you are going to do when lockdown is over? I cannot wait to get down Villa Park or Edgbaston for a test match. After that seeing family and friends in my local pub.

It was the companies that thought they should be doing better than they were, the ones with strong growth imperatives � those were.

Pap Who commits most fraud? Multinationals with strong growth profiles are more. He admits he was lucky. But then he knew the benefits of getting qualified, and soon after joined Deutsche Bank. Next up was Goldman Sachs, where he. Ying points out that communication is the key to the success of any relationship. As a boss you also expect loyalty from your team, so you have to be loyal to begin with. Expect to see lots of references and pictures of Liverpool FC! Going for positivity Lockdown seems to be affecting the music we listen to.

Analysis by Spotify suggests happier songs are becoming more popular; it uses an algorithm to score the positively of a song on a rising scale from 0 to 1.

We have left out the Christmas songs! New wearable technology has been developed to help your boss track your emotional health. The Moodbeam wristband links to a mobile phone app and web interface. The information is then correlated on a dashboard, where employers can measure the emotional state of their workers.

Check it out at tinyurl. There are now 1 billion iPhones in circulation globally. Other Depository Credit Intermediation. Nondepository Credit Intermediation. International Trade Financing. Secondary Market Financing. All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation. Activities Related to Credit Intermediation.

Securities Brokerage. Commodity Contracts Dealing. Commodity Contracts Brokerage. Insurance Carriers and Related Activities. Reinsurance Carriers. Other Insurance Related Activities including third-party administration of insurance and pension funds. Funds, Trusts, and Other Financial Vehicles.

Real Estate and Rental and Leasing. Real Estate Property Managers. Offices of Real Estate Appraisers. Other Activities Related to Real Estate. Rental and Leasing Services. Other Consumer Goods Rental. General Rental Centers. Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets except copyrighted works. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. Legal Services. Other Legal Services. Offices of Certified Public Accountants. Tax Preparation Services. Other Accounting Services.

Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services. Architectural Services. Landscape Architecture Services. Engineering Services. Building Inspection Services.

Testing Laboratories. Specialized Design Services. Computer Systems Design and Related Services. Custom Computer Programming Services.

Computer Systems Design Services. Computer Facilities Management Services. Other Computer Related Services. Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. Photographic Services.

Management of Companies Holding Companies. Offices of Bank Holding Companies. Offices of Other Holding Companies. Administrative and Support Services.

Office Administrative Services. Facilities Support Services. Document Preparation Services. Telephone Call Centers. Landscaping Services. Waste Management and Remediation Services.

Educational Services. Health Care and Social Assistance. Offices of Physicians and Dentists. Offices of Physicians except mental health specialists.

Offices of Physicians, Mental Health Specialists. Offices of Other Health Practitioners. Offices of Chiropractors. Offices of Optometrists. Offices of Mental Health Practitioners except Physicians.

Offices of Podiatrists. Outpatient Care Centers. Family Planning Centers. Kidney Dialysis Centers. All Other Outpatient Care Centers. Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories. Home Health Care Services. Other Ambulatory Health Care Services. Nursing and Residential Care Facilities. Social Assistance. Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Child Day Care Services. Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation. Performing Arts Companies. Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions. Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries.

Accommodation and Food Services. All Other Traveler Accommodation. Food Services and Drinking Places. Drinking Places Alcoholic Beverages. Full-Service Restaurants. Limited-Service Eating Places. Cafeterias and Buffets. Snack and Non-alcoholic Beverage Bars.

Other Services. Repair and Maintenance. Personal and Laundry Services. Pet Care except Veterinary Services. All Other Personal Services.

Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations. Governmental Instrumentality or Agency. Consecutively number others as , � Exception. Limit your response to the information required in each row as specified below: 1. List of Business Codes Line 3a. Please limit your response to the information required: 1.

For pension benefit plans, "participant" for this line means any individual who is included in one of the categories below: 1. For purposes of line 9: "Insurance" means the plan has an account, contract, or policy with an insurance company, insurance service, or other similar organization such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, or a health maintenance organization during the plan or DFE year. Type of entity. Master Trust Investment Account. Pooled Separate Account.

Group Insurance Arrangement. Assign PN. Stock bonus. Life insurance. Supplemental unemployment. Prepaid legal. Long-term disability. Severance pay. Scholarship funded. Animal Production. Cattle Feedlots. Other Animal Production. Forestry and Logging. Timber Tract Operations. Fishing, Hunting and Trapping. Support Activities for Animal Production.

Support Activities for Forestry. Coal Mining. Metal Ore Mining. Support Activities for Mining. Natural Gas Distribution.

Construction Construction of Buildings. Residential Building Construction. Nonresidential Building Construction. Utility System Construction. Land Subdivision. Specialty Trade Contractors. Electrical Contractors. Other Building Equipment Contractors. Manufacturing Food Manufacturing. Animal Food Mfg. Dairy Product Mfg. Animal Slaughtering and Processing. Tobacco Manufacturing. Textile Mills. Textile Product Mills.

Apparel Manufacturing. Apparel Knitting Mills. Wood Product Manufacturing. Other Wood Product Mfg. Paper Manufacturing. Converted Paper Product Mfg. Chemical Manufacturing. Basic Chemical Mfg. Plastics Product Mfg. Rubber Product Mfg. Other Nonmetallic Mineral Product Mfg. Primary Metal Manufacturing.

Steel Product Mfg from Purchased Steel. Hardware Mfg. Other Fabricated Metal Product Mfg. Machinery Manufacturing.

Industrial Machinery Mfg. Metalworking Machinery Mfg. Other General Purpose Machinery Mfg. Communications Equipment Mfg. Electric Lighting Equipment Mfg. Household Appliance Mfg. Electrical Equipment Mfg. Motor Vehicle Mfg. Motor Vehicle Parts Mfg. PC Components. Form Factor Platform Application. Server Motherboard. Rack Server. Innovation and performance are in these optimal rack servers to be deployed in data centers with demanding applications.

GPU Server. Scalable parallel computing GPU dense servers that are built for high performance. High Density Server. Compute, Storage, and Networking are possible in high density, multi-node servers at lower TCO and greater efficiency. Data Center - OCP. Stand-alone chassis for customers to customize and expand as needs change. Tried and true x86 architecture based servers with support for the latest Intel and AMD processors.

ARM Server. Ampere Altra on Arm architecture servers will compete with x86 by having more cores to tackle compute-bound workloads. AI Platform. Visual Computing. Systems that do visual applications from computer graphics to computer animation rely on visual computing servers. High-Performance Computing Server. Hyper-Converged Server.

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