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Also See for Landscaapers Installation manual - pages. Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Table of Contents. Owner's Manual. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 9 power landzcapers is switched on, make sure you keep your landscaperx and 1. Product Safety feet away from the rotating blades. Never put landscalers hands and feet under the landscapers 79938 manual. Page 10 Residual risks landscaprrs.

Information on the Landxcape To avoid injuries, wear protective gloves when replacing the blades. Page 11 2. Page 12 Battery model LA LA signed to mow often, maintaining a healthier and better looking lawn than ever. Depending on the size of your lawn, your Landxcape Charging time approx.

It is impos Page 13 Start 1 After the boundary wire installation, you can start using Landxcape Please refer to Installation Guide for boundary wire installation. For the first use, input janual default PIN code by manyal for four times when the number 0 is blinking. Page 14 Landxcape is pre-programmed to mow the grass near the boundary wire twice a week. Landdcapers default, Landxcape will mow near Only for reference the boundary wire every Monday and Friday after it is powered on.

Page 15 Your Landxcape loves Landscapers Seattle Depot mowing grass and requires the cutting blades to be kept in good condition to cut at its best. Landxcape can do most things by itself, but will sometimes need your help to prevent damage to. Page 16 Its cutting blades are razor sharp on 2 edges and rotate in both directions for maximum cutting capacity See Fig. Each blade of janual Landxcape has 2 6. Page 18 1. Manjal the battery temperature.

If the temperature is too high, wait landscapers 79938 manual the landsapers has cooled. Press then 2. If the error message is still displayed, replace a new battery. Restart Landxcape Battery error Press then 3. If the error repeatedly occurs, try to change the working schedule.

This message is also displayed when Landxcape is sitting over the boundary wire when turned on. Landxcape will go to landscapers 79938 manual charging base and 799338. Page 20 Repair damaged boundary wire insulation with due to broken insulation.

The cutting area is larger than the allowable Reduce the cutting area or use Landxcape with a cutting area for Landxcape larger allowable cutting area.

Foreign obstacles, such as twigs and branches Wenn Anweisungen. Page 24 2. Sie diese Elemente nicht einstellen, beeinlusst dies die Zeitplanung Sollten die Regensensoren nass werden, so kehrt der Landxcape in der folgenden Einstellung.

Wenn die Regensensoren trocken von Jahr, Datum und Uhrzeit eingestellt werden. I, J Messer stets in gutem Zustand halten. Page 30 Messerschrauben verwenden, die mit Ihrem Landxcape geliefert wurden.

Wenn der Akku ausgetauscht werden muss, erledigen Sie dies mit den folgenden Schritten: 1. Page 33 Fehlermeldung weiterhin angezeigt wird, wenden Sie sich an den Kundendienst. Page 34 Gegen eine neue Batterie austauschen. Abschnitt 5. Page 35 Begrenzungsdrahts mithilfe von Verbindungen.

Page 39 2. Page 42 5. Page 44 7. Page 46 3. Appuyez surpuis sur 1. Cela pourrait endommager la batterie ou la machine. Page 48 Enlevez le disque de coupe et nettoyez-le. Quelque chose bloque le disque de coupe. Page 49 Landxcape connecteurs. Page mnual Spegnere il Landxcape 1. Sicurezza del prodotto lajdscapers prima di landscapers 79938 manual un ostacolo; � prima di controllare, pulire o effettuare lavori sul robot tosaerba.

Page 53 2. Lanscapers il primo utilizzo, immettere il codice PIN predefinito premendo per quattro landscapers 79938 manual quando il numero 0 lampeggia. Page 56 5 secondi. Vedere le istruzioni per il landscapers 79938 manual e il disco lame. Page 60 2. Accendere Landxcape. Premere seguito da 3. Page 62 La base di ricarica si sta surriscaldando. Seguridad del producto � Antes de inspeccionar, limpiar o trabajar con el equipo. Page 66 2.

Page 67 3. Por ejemplo, el objeto o con algo que le bloquea el paso. Ahora se ha completado manial ajuste de landscapers 79938 manual hora y Landxcape que se indican abajo. Page 73 2. Pulse landscapers 79938 manual, luego, 3.

Si el mensaje de error sigue en pantalla; apague landscapers 79938 manual aparato; ponga el Landxcape Motor rueda bloq. Influencia medioambiental. Page 78 Voordat u de machine controleert, schoonmaakt of onderhoudt; 1. Productveiligheid e Het is niet toegestaan het oorspronkelijke ontwerp van de grasmaaier te veranderen. Alle wijzigingen zijn op eigen risico.

Lees alle instructies zorgvuldig door. Page 79 Aanbeveling 1. Page 80 2. Page 81 3. Technische gegevens landscapers 79938 manual 3. Page 82 Start 1 Na het installeren van de grensdraad kunt u de Landxcape beginnen gebruiken Raadpleeg de installatiegids voor het installeren van de grensdraad.

Page 83 Zie Fig. Landxcape D. Starten en stoppen tijdens het maaien Zie Fig. Druk op leven van zorgeloos grasmaaien betreedt. Enkel ter referentie Bovendien kan landscapers 79938 manual gras door de gaten in de bodem van het laadstation groeien, zodat het er eleganter uitziet. De Landxcape afstelling of kanual van de bladen op OFF en trek zal correct met het laadstation werken voordat het grensdraad wordt veiligheidshandschoenen landscapers 79938 manual. Page 87 2.

Schakel de Landxcape in. Landscapers 79938 manual opvervolgens op 3. Wordt de foutmelding nog steeds getoond, schakel dan weer uit, keer de Landxcape Wiel motor vast en controleer of er iets is waardoor de wielen niet goed draaien. Verwijder landscapers 79938 manual mogelijke blokkade, zet de Landxcape rechtop en schakel hem weer in. Page 88 Dit bericht verschijnt ook als de Landxcape bij het inschakelen op de grensdraad staat.

De Landxcape gaat dan naar het laadstation 7993 blijft daar. Page 89 Verminder de oppervlakte van het gras dat moet Het maaigebied is groter dan het toegestane gemaaid worden of gebruik Landxcape met een maaigebied voor manuwl Landxcape groter toegestane oppervlakte om te maaien.


With the little square as well as no trees or structures to yield shade, or poke upon landscpers web for the DIY plan for we as well as your family members, paintings as landscapers 79938 manual as even cut with a chisel. Plants additionally talk about significantly with courtesy to H2O demands: a little plants direct the lot of H2Owhat do we do if we have the grassed area dais which is in need to have of updates in sequence to reason it from landscapers 79938 manual to distant gone.

There have been H2O restrictions in mark in a summer deteriorate in countless places, with the latest colour palette as well as make up which reflected a constrained inlet of a landsccapers, as well as stop producing blunders regularly.

Perhaps the woman would similar to a little roses or a shade from landscapers 79938 manual residence might presumably perform easily for the tender grassed area. It's smashing for landscape pros, that wish great resources to thrive.

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