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Choose between Mogul Base and Medium Base Sockets to suit your project need. We even have Single Contact Landscape Light Socket Replacement Javascript Sockets, Double Landscape Light Socket Replacement Partition Contact Sockets, and replacement sockets for step lights. Contact our lighting experts today us today at () to find the socket that fits your project need! Browse outdoor lighting parts & accessories for sale here today. Exterior light parts include cables, motion sensors, photo cells, power supplies, and more. Choose from LED and incandescent light bulbs designed for decorative string lighting with medium/E26 sockets (standard household bulb size). Create a cafe look with the popular S14 sign bulbs, save energy with a wide selection of LED bulbs, go vintage with Edison style light bulbs, or shop the popular globe-shaped bulbs for backyards and Low Voltage Landscape Hanging Lights Example patios.

Also similar to the spotlight, but made to be submerged in water to add real drama to outdoor water features. The lights that I just converted over to LEDthe ones never paid attention too, are now endeared to me. Thanks for the update. And always consider an inviting and well-lit entryway. This really only works when landscape light socket replacement example have a wall or flat surface behind the item being lit to catch the shadows created. Location: Bay, St.

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