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Gardens of Versailles - Wikipedia
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These works of art are also a paradise representative of the ambitions of Louis XIV when he was a young king. For Louis XIII, the place was not only a refuge where he could enjoy hunting but a place where Landscape Artist Versailles Crossword Clue Comes he could get away from the authority of his mother, Marie de Medici, who would guarantee his ascension to the throne.

His achievements were, and still are, considered to be the work of a genius and spanned 25 long years during which the gardens of Versailles would continue to grow in size and in splendor. Because he sought a world of Landscape Artist Versailles Limited pleasure and luxury in which he and his court could thrive , the Sun King chose the castle of his father, Louis XIII. Although Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Minister of Finance, wanted to demolish everything, the young King preferred to integrate the old building with the new.

The use of large, sweeping perspectives allows for impressive panoramas. Indeed, thanks to a series of flat parterres the gardens unveil themselves with every step.

As a result, as the visitor advances so does the landscape reveal itself slowly but surely , much like the succession of theatre scenes that end up creating a complete story. The embroidery parterre, or a formal flowerbed garden, is a theme specific to French gardening that harks back to a veritable tradition. This type of garden is geometric in nature and traces symmetric, arabesque lawns in front of buildings. Those that currently exist at Versailles are reconstructed ones that date from the s and are therefore not entirely faithful to the originals.

Old etchings show that rather than lawns bordered by a hedge of small bushes, as is the case today, parterres were the outlines of lawns traced directly onto gravel. However, the Grand Canal has two lateral canals that are not the same size; one measures 62 meters and the other 80 meters wide. The main bassin in the form of a cross measures 23 hectares. On paper, the cross appears asymmetrical but when the King would arrive at the bassin -- or more specifically at the Latone part of the bassin -- everything appeared perfectly harmonious and symmetrical.

At the time, this technical prowess was the result of a slow-motion optical perspective that initially provides onlookers with the impression that the canal is much larger than it really is.


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