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If you buy an garcen via links on this page, we may earn a commission. Our editorial content is not influenced by commissions. Read the full disclosure. Are you in the middle of a floor remodel project? Or are you considering remodeling your floor anytime house and garden flooring ideas list If so, you might be surprised to find all of the different flooring options from the common ones like hardwood or vinyl to the weird but beautiful options like coins.

Hardwood is a beautiful flooring option. You see, gardn flooring can be a pretty expensive flooring option. So if you have a hefty budget or a small space you are redecorating, then this might potentially work.

If not, then you might want to go with a less expensive option. Plus, these floors can be damaged which should definitely be taken into consideration. Tile is a idexs flooring option for multiple reasons. It can also be done DIY pretty easily. Here is a tutorial to help you along, if needed. Plus, tile is also waterproof which is great for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

But the downside to tile is that it is very cold, and though you can buy tile warmers they are usually pretty expensive. Also, tile can crack so its durability should be measured considering which room you would be using it in.

In my current house and our first home we purchased, ljst had laminate flooring. It too has its pros and cons that should be considered. The great thing about laminate flooring is that it can be easily installed. Plus, these floors are easy to clean, and depending upon the type of flooring can be really inexpensive. These floors would be good to use in high traffic areas as they are pretty gaarden. Just remember, the price of the laminate flooring will usually tell you the quality.

But once the flooring is ruined in an area, there is no fixing it. It is must be replaced. This is why my current house has no carpet in it what so.

Carpet does feel good on your feet and weekly cleaning is a breeze because you just vacuum it. However, the downside to carpet is that it can be more expensive, it does stain so you will have to have your carpet cleaned annually, and it is not good for those with allergies because it holds on to pet hair and other allergens. Growing up we always had vinyl in our kitchens until I was in high school. However, the prices of vinyl vary greatly depending upon which type you are purchasing.

Also, you should keep in mind that vinyl can tear and dent easily. I can attest to this personally. It stayed in the kitchen at night. This dog used its toenail to cause a tiny slit in the floor. It had a whole floooring of our floor destroyed by the end of the week. We had to lay a whole new floor that year.

Cork flooring has so many wonderful benefits to it. It is also soft which will feel good on your feet. If you are worried about germs this type of floor is mold resistant and antimicrobial. Plus, it is also environmentally friendly and great at absorbing sounds.

The downsides to cork are that furniture can leave indentions on it, and it can become discolored by the sunlight. It will also be ruined if standing water is left on it.

Rubber flooring might sound odd to you but there are a few cases where it would probably be a good option. So keep rubber flooring in mind if you have a gym or an athletic house and garden flooring ideas list in your home.

When we were remodeling our kitchen, I came across this tutorial to do DIY penny flooring. It would probably take a lot of time to do but since it is made of pennies, it should be rather durable.

House and garden flooring ideas list is the flooring option that we actually went with during our kitchen remodel. I personally fell in love with it because I ideaa love the rustic design approach. However, it is also very durable, very inexpensive to do, and extremely simple. Plus, if one of the boards goes bad, it is inexpensive to fix and maintain the floor.

If you already have a concrete floor in place garrden are looking for an inexpensive and House and garden flooring ideas list way to remodel it without a ton of expense then this could be a solid option.

Plus, since the process is done on a concrete floor it should last for years to come. If you have damage to the floor, then it should also be inexpensive enough to maintain as. If you are needing a solid flooring option, then concrete could be a good way to house and garden flooring ideas list. It is rather expensive because usually, you have to have someone come to pour the floor for you.

Though this floor is very functional and would be good for a basement, it is also very cold. Or you could also follow this tutorial to figure out how to paint your concrete floors and give them a unique look. House and garden flooring ideas list think this is a really neat flooring option.

You might not think of foam as a flooring option at all, but wow, have times changed. So you can actually purchase foam floors by the squares. They also come in foam house and garden flooring ideas list that actually look like wood. Could you imagine how soft that would be on your feet? Bamboo is a wonderful flooring option. Keep that in mind if considering this option.

Gadren is a house and garden flooring ideas list cool House and garden flooring ideas list flooring option. It is actually made from scrap wood end pieces.

Then they are placed on the floor and painted to look like brick. You can imagine that this flooring option would obviously be inexpensive to do, and I would assume that after sanding house and garden flooring ideas list, it should be smooth on your feet as. These are vinyl option floors that are very inexpensive. Yes, I know, I already mentioned vinyl above but these are a little different. So the reason for the difference is that they are peel and stick.

This makes for easy installation and also makes lish very reasonably priced. Oh no! You or someone spent a ton of money to put those floors in the house. Instead, just refinish them and house and garden flooring ideas list could have a whole new look. Who knew vinyl had so many options? If you have vinyl floors but want a new look, then consider painting. My living rooms are the last two rooms left to remodel inside my house.

The nouse is that they are very durable and very inexpensive to create. River rock may not sound like a very comfortable floor. However, after viewing this tutorial it seems like a solid flooring option.

This makes it budget-friendly and DIY friendly. That is a win tlooring my book. You can purchase the supplies to create solid stone floors. If you want an outdoor theme which is beautiful in a bathroom, then you might want to go with this type of floor.

However, though these floors are beautiful, they can often be rather expensive. Plus, I would imagine they would be hard on your feet as. So now you have 20 different flooring options to consider when remodeling your home. House and garden flooring ideas list, some of these options will also help you to save a few dollars and come up with unique DIY looks for your home. This article contains incorrect information.

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For now, feel free to continue reading. Here they are: 1. Hardwood via HGTV. Photo by GreatMats.

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There are many options - for floors that act as backdrops, there's wooden plank flooring, simple flagstones and parquet flooring. Looking for something to complement a home with heritage? Go for original stone flooring or reclaimed wood. W ood flooring is a design feature in its own right and can transform a room, both aesthetically and functionally. Take a look at these tantalising options - from parquet herringbone patterns and engineered oak boards to reclaimed wood and painted floors - with different styles suited to different rooms of the house. Jun 09, �� Flooring ideas for your outdoor space, from garden decking to block paving. Looking to update your garden surfaces? We got the lowdown on four surfaces to lay underfoot, from traditional garden decking to stylish block garden paving. 1. Garden deckingAuthor: Jennifer Drew.

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