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From minimalist-modern to tropical-Filipino, these interior designers and architects share how you can create these house designs and styles at home. When you're planning on building a home, it's very tempting to just go on Pinterest and search for the easiest Western-style look for you to copy. But try to resist that move, because there are specific house designs that are best for homes in the Philippines , meaning, the designs are appropriate for our culture, climate, environment, and lifestyle.

To give you a rundown of those designs, the house styles that are best suited for our country are the Tropical House Design, because of our climate, the Bungalow House Design, as the house type is a beautiful combination of cost-effective planning, Minimalist Modern House Designs for those who want a more updated and sleeker house style, Small House Design for those who opt to live in CBDs and thus buy small homes and condos, and Wood House Design, a warm style that is apt for our culture.

But do you really know what it is? Four Filipino architects�all with expertise in tropical design�share with us the architectural and design details that make a true tropical-style house.

Keep these in mind when planning your tropical home. For most architects, the bahay kubo is the model of a perfect tropical home. But before you snap up sawali and bamboo to build your hut, take heed. Materials may also be substituted with more modern and durable ones available today. I like using rain water for watering the plants, creating storage for it. Where your house is located in a lot and the location of its openings is crucial to having a cool and comfortable home.

Orienting the structure on the north-south axis Cheap Diy Home Improvement Ideas where wall openings face it and keeping the east-west facing walls closed where the sun rises and sets�Ed. Longer and wider eaves that part of the roof that hangs over the walls of your house shield parts of the house from sun and rain. But it also helps if you�. The recommended pitch is 30 to 45 degrees. Passive cooling simply means cooling the house without using artificial air conditioning. This is the trademark of a tropical home, and this means having wide window openings, and employing the next few techniques.

Tropical homes always have a connection with the outdoors. Tropical homes are by nature energy-efficient, as they do not need artificial air conditioning or lighting during the day. The need for artificial lighting is also lessened, as the wide window openings ensure proper lighting throughout the day.

Light colors reflect heat, and can be used on any surface�from roof and walls to floors and furniture upholstery�to make an area cooler. This is why the trademark colors of a contemporary tropical home are white and beige. When you mention "bungalow," you'd immediately think of those Western-style bungalow houses built on large tracts of land in California in the middle of the last century.

But the truth is, bungalow house design stems from the Asia--South Asia, and specifically, in India. The term originates from the s in Bengal, India, and the word " bangala " means "house done in the Bengal style," and describes a small, one-storey, detached house with an open veranda in front.

These types of homes eventually developed into bigger, more sprawling but still one-storey houses for foreign officials of the British Raj. This house design eventually ended up in America in the late 19th century, and was applied to the suburban residential houses in America done in the Arts and Crafts style. The bungalow gained popularity in the s to the 80s, in America and also in the country, which explains why most existing bungalow houses have a certain midcentury modern flavor.

A bungalow house design could be a good style for the first-time homeowner, mainly because it is small, open-plan, and since it only has one storey, is quite economical to build. For more examples of bungalow house designs, click on this link.

There is a growing trend of creating minimalist modern house designs in the country, and the use of excess ornamentation is eschewed. Choose materials based on function and Home Improvement Christmas Gift Ideas make sure these adapt to our tropical setting. In this property, wood, cement, and glass were used as focal points, creating a modern-meets-minimalist look. The wooden touches balance out the raw finishes and give the property warmth, while the glass windows let in plenty of natural light. Since the common areas are found on the first floor, Agatha and the design team had to make sure that the flooring could withstand heavy foot traffic.

The concrete-looking tiles not only work well with the home's palette, it's also easy to maintain. Once you enter the house, it's easy to notice that there weren't too many lights turned on.

The secret? Natural light streams into the space�thanks to the glass windows and high ceiling. In the living area, the wood lighting pieces hanging from the ceiling double as decor and accents.

Whether it's task lighting or mood lighting, make sure that it serves a purpose in your space. Modern spaces are flexible and adaptable. They [can have] an open layout or not," explains the architect. As in any other space, a flexible and functional layout is important.

When arranging your furniture, make sure there is enough space for people to move around freely. Meanwhile, an open layout not only allows you to keep the different areas accessible, it adds to home's light and airy feel, too. Whether it's in a condo or a multi-storey property, every inch of space counts. If you can squeeze in a reading nook or a tiny sitting area without making your space cramped, feel free to do so.

According to Agatha, functional and flexible spaces make a modern minimalist home successful. Renovating your home could be costly but necessary. Now you won't need to worry about home repair costs burning a hole in your wallet because we have the best home improvements products at affordable prices! So don't worry about fixing up your house as we have so many home improvement products for you to choose from. With the added advantage of online shopping, you can receive your home improvement products at your doorstep.

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