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09 Landscape | Sustainability | Environment Get it now! Find over 30, products at your local Micro Center, including the MacBook Pro MVVJ2LL/A 16" Laptop Computer - Space Gray; 9th-Generation Intel Core i7 Processor GHz; 16GB DDR Onboard RAM; GB Solid State Drive; AMD Radeon Pro M 4GB GDDR6; macOS Catalina; ac Wireless; Bluetooth ; 16" Retina LED-backlit Display with IPS Technology. To accommodate the vast amount of small diameter beetle-kill timber, we produce other materials such as post and pole, high-end fencing, blue stain paneling and siding, and flooring and molding from both hardwood and softwood. We utilize everything to provide firewood, animal bedding and landscaping . Hire a Gardener Near Me. Need a gardener or landscaper in your area? At MyJobQuote you can quickly and easily find a reliable local gardening service that can help you with any sort of gardening work including regular garden maintenance, waste removal, tree and hedge trimming, lawn mowing, shed building or repairs, fencing, patios and landscaping.

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It is important for us, in terms of our future, to be able to have these kinds of things. While he declined to give a cost for the proposed plans, he said that the school did not want to grow its student population, but it did need to maintain it.

Keesler Parish Center went through several phases before it was approved. Skip to content. Neither proposal was approved. Now, what do we do about memorials to slaveholders like Washington and Jefferson? Latest Laurel Leader. Howard, Laurel historical societies offer a step into the past with walking tours. Recommended on Baltimore Sun. Howard County Howard, Laurel historical societies offer a step into the past with walking tours.

Most Read. Politics Maryland legislators pass landmark police reform package into law, overriding Gov. Baltimore Orioles Orioles dismiss public address announcer Ryan Wagner. Horse Racing 10 horses to watch for the Kentucky Derby. We also specialize in the finest custom crown moldings, baseboards, casing, flooring and much more.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality product and completing each project in a timely manner. Let us be your one-stop shop for all of your lumber needs! Down tree and shrub removal. Basic lawn care service including rototilling, aeration and snow removal -- all at an affordable price. For 29 years we have worked all over the state of Colorado. We have even taken an innovative approach by offering our designs to the Do-It-Yourselfers crowd.

Our vision is to help new furniture designers develop their craft and share creative functional works of art for many to enjoy. Colorado Wood Company Inc. For the last 10 years we have been actively involved in finding and establishing markets for products generated from Colorado forests. Specializing in locally sourced beetle-kill pine. I take great enjoyment in finding the best features of each piece of wood I work with. I enjoy working with beetle-kill pine because it is unique and plentiful.

Residential forestry and logging services. We provide timber sale opportunities from June-October each year for small to large 5 cord to cord or more purchases of posts, poles and saw timber of lodgepole pine.

Sales are tailored to your product needs and are managed by Lankford Foresters Inc. Prices are negotiable - make a proposal! We have standing trees, as well as pre-cut poles and logs in lengths ready to buck and load. Call Len Lankford, forester, at for more information. Divide Timber Inc. Only standing dead material is used. Custom orders welcome. Our goal is to mitigate fire danger, promote new growth in the forest and improve the habitat for wildlife through active harvesting of standing dead aspen and pine trees.

As a result, we have produced a tremendous amount of firewood and wood chips. Of special interest to furniture makers and craftsmen is the aspen logs that have scars, scrapes and "character" from elk and deer on the property.

Dried aspen logs burn hot and clean. This wood is especially convenient because most of the logs do not need to be split and are easy to carry. All the wood I purchase is grown in Colorado. Dimensional lumber, landscape timbers 4x6 , various lengths.

Raw slabs. Buck-and-rail and sawn buck-and-rail-fencing. House logs and horse-skidded forest treatments. Our stewardship activities begin with a focus on the forest we leave behind, and continue with putting beetle-kill wood to use in our construction and fencing projects.

We utilize low-impact techniques in the woods and emphasize high quality in our building, whether in a cabin or a fence. Kassie Carley and her ForestWise crew have worked together with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Colorado State Forest Service, Colorado Division of Wildlife and private local landowners to improve area wildlife habitat, watershed and grazing land as well as to remove damaged or infected trees from national forest land.

Foxfire Fuelwood inc. Fuel treatments including tree thinning, pruning and chipping. Fuel break construction. Recent category 1 hotshot foreman with 15 years of experience. We offer biomass fuel in properly processed, aged and measured fuelwood cords and bundles from lodgepole pine, aspen and pinion. Fence posts and rails, sawlogs and seasonal Christmas trees. Hand-crafted and natural wood material suitable for furniture making. Architectural design, general contracting.

We have provided log home kits to builders and homeowners nationwide. Whether you plan to build a small cabin or a large luxurious log home, Frontier Log Homes will exceed your expectations of quality and service. The owners of Frontier Log Homes and our entire staff of log craftsmen, carpenters, design, and office personnel are committed to making your log home project uniquely individual and a truly pleasant experience.

The quality of our workmanship and materials is guaranteed. All of our products are produced using beautiful ponderosa pine or timeless Douglas-fir harvested from the Colorado Front Range. We not only harvest our own timber but manufacture it into the fine products listed above. We have a complete re-manufacturing facility that allows us to turn our rough lumber into the beautiful wood products you desire.

We are a small company in southern Colorado Mosca but provide our services to all of Colorado, northern New Mexico, northern Arizona and northwest Oregon. We started out felling trees in the great Northwest and moved back to Colorado and started into the arborist side of forestry then moved into fire mitigation, thinning, etc.

Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products Inc. Planing and air drying of species locally harvested for forest care projects such as ponderosa and beetle-kill, blue-stain pine; Englemann spruce; Douglas-fir; aspen; white fir; and others.

Furniture including blanket boxes, benches, coffee tables, picnic tables and caskets. Pole peeler chips for specialty landscape mulch and coarse sawdust for animal bedding. Cabins and sheds available as materials packages, panelized kits or fully assembled.

After years providing beetle-kill wood from our founding in Grand County Colo. Highway in Lakewood, just one-third mile west of the Sheridan exit.

Please give us a call and plan to come by for a visit to see all that we can do with Colorado's dead forest timber! Our company also utilizes salvaged wood products from the state's numerous forest fires on public and private forests. We offer fire-mitigation work, defensible space clearing, brushing and mulching for landowners from small acres to very large land projects. Cutting, milling and producing unique products and supplying custom wood to furniture makers, designers and log home builders as well as individual homeowners.

Lodgepole, apsen, ponderosa pine, limber pine and bristlecone pine, all standing dead. We cut no live trees, only dead ones. Products include saw logs, house logs and character logs. Fence products include round posts and poles and hand-peeled materials. Sawmill products of rough-cut lumber includes 1x6s, 2x4s, 4x4s, 6x6s, 8x8s and custom-cut beams, many with blue-stained wood throughout. Other products include mantles, barn poles, building timbers, log accent character logs and firewood.

Custom orders for hearths, table tops, benches, etc. Jefferson Hayden, CO Blue Stain Specialty Products We are working hard on keeping customers happy with our picture frames made from rustic wood and beetle-kill pine.

Jim does it all by hand after locating the source of wood and hauling home to store until needed for a project. The store is open Tuesday - Friday 1 p. Jim is located at W. Jefferson in Hayden, and now that he has a shop in the back end of the store, he is there most every morning and on Mondays. Other products include framed mirrors, coat hooks and hat racks. This excellent bedding material was developed by horsemen for horsemen.

It provides superior absorbent capabilities because of very low moisture content, and is keeps its loft and softness which is appreciated by the horses using this bedding. The purpose of this company was to create a business to help provide a solution to resolve, usefully and profitably, the natural disaster of the beetle blight which continues to make its way through the Colorado lodgepole population.

High Lonesome Ent. Handmade wood furniture and log furniture. Roughcut lumber and custom milling. Sheds, pole barns, barns, play houses and custom buildings. Split firewood and slab firewood. Posts and poles. Littleton, CO Furniture Homewood Park Log Designs of Littleton, Colorado offers handcrafted furniture, fixtures and home accessories created from native Colorado pine.

The facility is on Industrial Blvd. Custom Design Works builds many woodworking projects and gifts specializing in using local Colorado beetle-kill wood and supporting local Colorado businesses. JCK Corp. A variety of blue-stain interior and exterior finishes, including flooring, siding, trim and custom staircases. As avid woodworkers, we surveyed the local milling landscape and noticed there wasn't an affordable, customer-service-oriented, milling option - until now. We believe that all customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that for ours.

Get in touch with us today to learn more! We offer rough-sawn dimensional lumber, blue-stained pine boards and odd-sized wood pieces for your projects. We also have firewood, wood chips and pine, fir or aspen logs. We strive for complete customer satisfaction while protecting the environment. Legacy Lumber Woodworking Co. The company is known for its custom furniture, mantles, barn doors and feature walls.

Craftsmen at Legacy Lumber take great pride in utilizing Colorado's natural resources in a sustainable manner ensuring they are around for generations to come. We also do custom engravings and custom log furniture. Have equipment to perform removal on steep slopes as well as gradual terrain with low impact to the ground. Began business in Low-impact horse logging and portable sawmill available for smaller jobs or remote homeowner sites -- provides the option of onsite preparation of firewood and milling of logs to provide lumber for fencing or outbuildings.

Forestry is a forest management company based in Colorado Springs, Colo. We are proud to be recognized as leaders in sustainable forest management, helping to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire, restore native vegetation and wildlife habitat, and create a healthy environment. We specialize in forest fuels reduction, forest health restoration, post-fire rehabilitation and creating defensible space.

Biomass from our forestry projects goes to market as chip, firewood, forest mulch, fuel pellet feed stock and saw timber. Eco-friendly and high-performance, the true character of the ski comes from the locally harvested aspen and beetle-kill pine.

We use a non-toxic super-sap derived from pine resin and extra thick base material and edges to deliver more tunes and more turns over the life of the ski in the most sustainable manufacturing practices possible. Barstool tours of the "World's First Craft Skiery" are offered anytime, and happy hour tours are offered daily when open at p. Pine species include lodgepole and bristlecone. Denver, CO Blue Stain Exterior Buildings Furniture Specialty Products MicroStructures in Denver offers prefabricated backyard rooms, garden offices, chicken coops, greenhouses, play houses and custom designs.

We use local Colorado pine and aspen to make all our fine wood products. Each item is unique. Blue-stain pine products available. Custom requests welcome. Products are sold in Central City at the Mountain Menagerie or online by request. Moose Haven Milling Ltd. We're capable of milling foot lengths. More Lumber Inc. Overstocked stands of trees are thinned to reduce fire danger. We strive to create a sustainable healthy forest that enhances wildlife habitat for deer, wild turkeys and other small mammals.

We offer bundles of straight-grain, blue-stain lodgepole pine kindling and cords of wood, or portions of cords. The company's vertical integration starts in the woods with 38 years of experience in sustainable forestry management practices that allow for excellent utilization of materials.

Fence products include all standard and massive Western rail fence in two-, three- and four-rail versions, including all matching gates.

Other roundwood fence products include corral poles peeled and barkies field posts, security fence and splits. Sawn fence products start with privacy fence using full-dimension 1x6s, 2x4s, 4x4s and 6x6s. Pasture and corral fencing is easily accomplished with 2x6s or 2x8s in lengths from 8 to 16 feet. Custom beetle-kill pieces including, but not limited to, furniture, mantles, decorative interior beams and log entryways for driveways.

Our lifestyle and ritual merchandise is for people who practice paganism; those in pursuit of herbal wellness; nature lovers and everyone in between.

Mountain Hedgewitch uses more than just wood from Colorado forests - the majority of products are crafted from varieties of natural materials sourced from the Rocky Mountains. Various hand-turned wood products and wood crafts, including custom signage, fireplace mantles, log benches, picnic tables, some indoor and some outdoor furniture.

We believe in sustainable restoration. Mountain Pine Manufacturing is a registered Colorado Proud producer. Products from blue-stain lumber available on request in most any form, including rough-sawn, plane surfaced, tongue-and-groove and beams. All work is book-matched with walnut inlay. Custom furniture, hall tables, wine tables, beds, coffee tables, side tables and sofa tables. We sell. We do not sell imported hardwoods due to the serious risk of importing destructive insects and diseases that will seriously impact our city and forest trees in Colorado.

We believe in the importance of utilizing local wood to help reduce the risk of wildfire in Colorado. Beds, desks, dressers, dining sets and bedroom sets in any size or style of log furniture. Gothic Ave. By working with local, state and national forestry organizations, NBI recovers, processes and recirculates wood products back into the local economy, ensuring that all of our products sold, or used Hard Landscaping Garden Ideas Examples on projects, can be traced back to a best-practices forest management project.

Additionally, forest ecology and natural building workshops are provided throughout this process to encourage awareness of the overlap between forest health and building material supply chains. Wood pellets stoves, furnaces and inserts. We pride ourselves in ensuring the wood we remove from our forest is used accordingly so it is not going to waste.

Most of this wood is shredded and processed into U. Composting Council certified-compost which is bagged onsite and sold in bulk. The center also sells 1-inch wood chips from local wood.

Ranch Creek Ltd. It has provided year-round employment for more than 20 people. Revenues generated from our activities are spent exclusively in Grand County and Colorado. The range of products made are sold along the Front Range into Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas and as far east as Wisconsin. We have recently expanded markets westward into California. Ranch Creek has been at the tip of the spear in the struggle with pine beetle in recent years.

All of our products are hand-crafted by local artists and designers. Materials we use: reclaimed wood species, reclaimed metals, reclaimed clay, recycled hand-blown glass. Twenty pieces per bag sold to retailers. Cord wood also available. No job to big or small. Fire mitigation, defensible space, thinning projects, private landowner management plans, beetle-kill mitigation and removal, new tree planting, trimming and pruning, hazard tree removal, brush chipping and other arborist services provided.

Products available such as logs in bulk or special orders, seasoned firewood, beetle-kill blue stain material, wood chips. Licensed and insured. We strive to bring you the highest quality products for both home and office! Pole gates and hardware. Burled character logs, furniture materials, mulch and livestock bedding from shavings. Firewood in cords or bundled. Shavings in 5-cubic-yard plastic bags.

Sawdust available for delivery only by the yard in 8- or yard loads. Layton Ave. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and provide you with a lasting piece of craftsmanship you can pass down through generations to come.

We offer a unique style to accent your home or office. The custom pieces built are a nice middle ground between the typical dark hardwood found in most stores and the overwhelming look of log furnishings. With the many natural colors beetle kill provides, you can add one or more pieces to your home without it looking out of place.

The rustic look of our designs provide you with a natural mountain feel while maintaining a clean appearance to your home that will brighten your room with its rich colors.

Evergreen, CO Blue Stain Furniture A complete line of custom handcrafted rustic furniture in aspen, beetle-kill pine and juniper.

We design, build and deliver quality products from quality materials for every room in a home, with retail outlets in Idaho Springs, Evergreen and Grand Junction. Rocky Mountain Timber Products Inc. Making beams, timbers, lumber and siding. All products sourced in Colorado. Ryan Schlaefer Fine Furniture Inc. Lincoln Ave. Loveland, CO Blue Stain Furniture Designing and building custom furniture with a growing fascination in using Colorado blue-stain pine beetle kill in new products.

Large assortment of cants from various species. Custom sawmill and firewood delivery in the northern Front Range. San Juan Structures Inc. University Blvd. Oxen Rd. Parker, CO Blue Stain Furniture Sawmill services and a very large assortment of indoor and outdoor including beetle-kill, blue-stained log furniture from tree service and care. Additional sawmill services available by request.

Box Estes Park, CO Firewood sales - both wholesale and retail of cord and bundle wood. Handcrafted and hand-peeled logs including two- and three-sided graded structural logs. All types of sawn timber including double tongue-and-groove and Swedish cope. For many years, Colorado's forest products industry has been in a state of decline and stagnation, however the growth potential is huge!

With millions of acres of standing timber and an historic workforce filled with people that know how to mine that potential, Studs Lumber Co. Studs Lumber promises to source quality and price-competitive local and regionally produced materials for the building construction industry whenever possible. If you are seeking recycled, reused, low impact, sustainable and renewable products for your construction projects look no further than Studs!

Sunrise Inc. Post and ranch poles in aspen and spruce. Some logs for ornamental use, log homes and furniture. Compost from wood mulch.

Precision-milled flooring is available both pre-finished and site-finished. Large stocks of hardwoods available with natural wane sides and matching pieces, as well as figured and special character woods. Custom and stock furniture, as well as some firewood. Slabs can be picked up for firewood for free. Technical Transition Inc. We specialize in biochar production and forestry stewardship that leaves as little impact on the forest and actually reduces the carbon footprint of our customers.

Teton West Lumber Inc. Blue-stain pattern, landscape timbers, rig mat materials, cut stock, log home materials and pallet stock. Grant Rd. Franktown, CO Blue Stain Specialty Products Bird houses and feeders, bat houses and custom wood projects from blue-stained pine and other local wood resources. Specialty items for log furniture and sawlogs for home construction. Timberwolf Collection Inc.

Top Notch Logworks Inc. Log trusses and stairs, vegas, latias, milled log home packages, corral poles and fence posts -- peeled or bark on. Entry and ranch gates. In our business we try to maintain high standards with the unique appeal of standing dead aspen that has elk chew marks on it. We utilize as much beetle kill as our clients will consume, and we're introducing the beauty of the lowly juniper tree.

All the above wood products get turned into beautiful furniture or accessory items for the home. We purchase most of our raw products from producers within the state of Colorado. Whether it be beetle kill from the Grand County area, the aspen we mill for our own use off of the family ranch, or the character aspen wood that is collected for us in Gunnison County.

At Latham's we specialize in bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, shelves and lighting. Unique aspen wood jewelry boxes, and beetle-kill outdoor furniture and swings. The juniper usually ends up as high-end taxidermy pedestals. We look forward to helping others make dream furniture from Colorado products. United Wood Products Inc. Log-rail systems unpeeled, machine-peeled and hand-peeled made to fit. Logs with bark, machine-peeled or hand-peeled; custom ripping, grooving and cutting of logs.

Unpeeled, machine-peeled or hand-peeled posts, poles or rails. Western rail or tenon-joint fence, buck fence, log gates and hardware, firewood, mulch, animal bedding and wood chips. We have been clearing beetle killed pine for the past 10 years and using the byproduct in our home business. We are committed to bringing quality products into the market, whether it be handcrafted products to be used in the home or business; firewood for camping or heating; and shredded wood products for the agriculture industry.

Bring us your vision and we will create it!

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