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Checklist for gardening work in autumn. Garden Life. Autumn is upon us, the evenings are gradually drawing in and winter is fast approaching. So what can garden owners look forward to in the autumn? Preparing for winter of course! Planting and transplanting work.

Autumn is a really good time for transplanting work because the soil has sufficient moisture thanks to regular rain showers. The ground is still warm from the summer, therefore the plants still have enough time to get used to their new position and form new roots. This means new plants can also be planted in the autumn with no need to worry. This is the last chance before the winter to bring a bit of colour into the garden.

Roses, for example, should be planted ideally in Autumn, before the first ground frost. Planting bulbs. Bulbs can also be planted in autumn so their flowers germinate from the soil at the right time in spring to delight you with their blaze of colour. The right position is crucial for the heralders of spring to thrive and flower. Most like fresh, moist soil in spring, but during their dormant period in summer the soil can be dry and porous.

Bulbs should be planted in the ground at a depth of two to three times their height. You then place the bulbs in the ground with their tip facing upwards, cover them with the soil from the planter, and press down. Cutting herbaceous perennials, bushes and shrubs. When shrubs go yellow, their stems bend towards the ground or they start to go to seed, it is time to cut them down.

This is because the plants are now drawing their sap back to their roots. If they are not cut down, they may decay. Bushes and shrubs can be cut to approximately a quarter of their size. The world swaps out summer cotton for winter woollies, whimsically lighting pine cones in the fireplace again. There is a slight chill in the breeze and short bursts of farewell rain as summer surrenders. Breathtaking hues take over entire mountainsides in golds, and rust, and red, and chocolate.

The trees in our gardens stand like half-naked sentinels who know the cold is not far off. And we dream of pumpkins and cinnamon and bonfires. Autumn in the garden is a brilliant distraction from the approaching chill. Daily transformations in color and form are fascinating, so grab a spade, an ax, and a wheelbarrow, and take some time to appreciate the beauty of it all.

Autumn is the perfect time to dig in and ready the soil. Preparing the ground is easier before the soil freezes over and the rain dries up. It is also a good time to move plants around, prepare new flowers beds, and do some elbow-deep weeding in areas you usually neglect. The compost pile should grow considerably during the autumn months as the grass clippings, tree cuttings, fallen leaves, and the pruning add to its bulk.

Use the increased compost volume to spread life over the prepared flower beds. It is also a great idea to use the grass and leaf cuttings in a mulch. Cover 5 � 10 centimeters deep over tender plants, newly planted seeds or bulbs.

The mulch protects the plants from the harshest of the winter and creates an extra layer of moisture and warmth, too. It also provides another warm sanctuary for the creatures of your garden ecosystem to hide under.

Swing the ax, snap those branches, and throw it all on the compost heap for an extra burst of eco-kudos. The more you cut back, the greater encouragement there is to for the plant to grow in the spring.

It also helps the plant to survive the cold, Gardening Tips For February 04 dry winter months when there are fewer leaves or branches to sustain on meager winter resources. TIP: Remember not to throw any infected plants on to the compost heap as this could spread through the garden. Rather burn any diseased plants than risk infecting the rest of your organic material in the compost. If you are in a particularly harsh winter climate location or are subjected to heavy frost, be sure to use Welsh Whisperer Gardening Tips During Lockdown protective covers on your most precious plants to help them make it through.

Tender seedlings and perennial shrubs may need a cover like regular frost cloth, an old bed sheet or a screen on the bad weather side. TIP: Plastic is not recommended as it does not leave any breathing room. Late autumn is a good time to prepare the seedling trays, placing them under a cover, or in a greenhouse-type climate. The seedlings will be ready for planting once the worst of the winter is over.

If you have tender young shrubs or trees in the ground, consider covering these in the final few weeks before the real cold sets in. Bulbs are quite hardy and may be planted in the ground during the autumn months.

Tulips, Crocus, Hyacinths, Daffodils, and Snowdrops are perfect autumn-planting, spring-flowering bulbs. Lillies are planted in autumn, too, and should flower in summer.

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