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But Tillandsias can be tricky, too. They have a few secrets of their own. Learn them, and your air plants will thrive. Tillandsias are epiphytes, which means that in nature air plants grow on other plants�clinging to tree trunks, for instance�rather than by rooting in the ground. Air plants will grow on bushes, rocks, and shrubs. Other epiphytes include orchids which grow on tropical trees and many kinds of ferns.

You can mount a tillandsia like a trophy to hang on a wall or arrange several together in a single planter suspended from the ceiling.

Air plants like several hours a day of bright, indirect light. Air plants get nutrition by absorbing water through their leaves. A good rule of thumb is to water an air plant once a week. Of course, bend the rule based on the conditions in your own home.

If the air in your home is particularly dry, water an air plant more often every five days and in a humid environment, water tillandsias every ten days.

Your air plant will let you know if it needs water more often the tips of its leaves will turn brown and curl or if you are over-watering it its leaves may turn brown or start to look soggy. Many Etsy sellers propagate their own air plants, and sell unusual varieties such as fuzzy white Tectorums. To complicate matters further two plants of the same variety may look completely different, depending on factors such as climate.

The happiest air plants live in temperatures that range from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They will thrive with temperature fluctuations�a degree drop that mimics the conditions at nightfall in the Central American regions they call home is ideal.

Read more:. Sourcebook for Cultivated Living, sister site to remodelista Tag us using gardenista. Above: Photograph by John Merkl. Air plants will tell you when you they need more�or less�water. Etsy is a great place to shop for well-priced or unusual varieties of air plants. An air plant may flower�but only once in its lifetime. Air plants come from tropical climes and will appreciate warm temperatures in your home.

Photograph by Spyloh via Etsy. Join the conversation. Related Stories. Read all recent posts. In England, a micro-farm is called a smallholding. Is it possible to cook for 18 without missing the.

Why do flowers go in and out of fashion? In the Follow on Instagram.


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