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Designing Idea. Welcome to our gallery of beautiful fence planters. An old boring fence can sometimes be an unsightly view, but instead of allowing dull planks to become an eyesore in a beautiful landscape, try dressing up your fence with a variety of decor.

A fence can be used as a backdrop for an interesting focal point in a yard or an outdoor space. Below we share a variety of ways to improve your garden fence with flower planters and turn your yard in to something amazing.

A fence offers an opportunity to efficiently take advantage of any outdoor area, whether it may be expansive or limited in size. Commonly recognized as a neglected space, fences can be utilized to add stunning visual features for the home.

There are many ways to spruce up a fence. It can be done in a variety of ways � from store bought decorative pots to ingenious home solutions such as re-purposing and upcycling, but the easiest way to add visual aesthetics to it is by the use of fence planters. Flower filled planters instantly add a splash of color and style to fences without leaving a hole in your pocket.

This post is part of our fence designs ultimate guide Table of Contents. Here are more benefits of using planters for a fence:. Fence planters make a yard more appealing and inviting to guests. Fence planters are highly suitable for houses with very little yard space garden planters for fences inc it allows you to maximize an unused space. It is also an ideal way to try out vertical gardening. Conceal perimeter walls by cultivating fast growing vines and trailing plants.

Plants are much easier to access and can be quickly switched when needed. Fence planters reduce the impact of urban elements because they contribute an organic feel. Air circulation is better because they plants are raised from garden planters for fences inc ground. They grow healthier and there is less damage.

Aside from that, there is also no need to worry about pets destroying your plants because it is placed at a higher level. Fence planters are just usually hang on pickets with simple hooks or mounting hardware, there is no painstaking assembly required. What types of plants are appropriate for use in fence planters? For plant containers which will be hung or fixed on fence rails, annual perennial types of flowers and plants are ideal because they grow all year long.

Wall shrubs and climbers are a top choice if you want to cover an entire perimeter wall or if you want to train vines to garden planters for fences inc into your fence. Flowering vines are also climbers but they offer luscious blooms. Some of its popular types will be discussed as you continue to read on our article. Below are garden planters for fences inc decorative fence ideas ideas which you can explore as you spruce up your fence.

We hope you get inspired as garden planters for fences inc as we are. A fence planter box is a rectangular container which is used for growing plants and flowers that is fixed, mounted or attached to fence rails or pickets. This type of fence decor is suitable for growing garden planters for fences inc wide variety and a large amount of plants because its size and shape can handle more compared to pots. Mounted on top of this wooden picket fence is a piece of wooden flower box filled with a variety of purple, apricot and yellow dainty flowers.

Fence planters can instantly upgrade the look of fences without having to exert much effort. A free standing wall of crate planters with blooming pink petunias look gorgeous against a full cedar wood backdrop.

This type of fence planter design can be made by securing old fruit crates together then mounting them using a support. This fence planter design makes use of a decorative metal cache box planter lined with moss fibers. Plastic plant boxes can be garden planters for fences inc affixed to deck railings with the use of brackets and hooks.

This small deck patio is turned into an organic living space by cultivating a wide selection of verdant foliage and flowers in different kinds of plant containers. Fence planters are a great way to liven up deck designs and are especially useful for smaller spaces. This resin fence planter an be easily fixed atop fence railings because of the slot garden planters for fences inc underneath it. This garden is turned into a breath taking view as it is surrounded with a vast collection of vibrant flowering plants.

The outdoor space comes to life with the use of different types of plant containers which are spread all throughout the fence railings � from hanging baskets, to terracotta pots and resin flower boxes.

A long slim wooden box with side brackets create a simple yet effective planting bed for shallow rooted plants and climbing vines. Aside from being an excellent way to dress up a fence, it also complements the materials and natural beauty of the redwood fence behind it. These types of planters are also great as window flower boxes and can be hung underneath to brighten the views.

A piece of driftwood is creatively used as a hanging flower box for this wooden picket fence. The beauty of using this type of material is that its appearance dramatically changes as it ages giving your fence a distinctive natural weathered look. Aside from training vines to climb up in order to fully cover a perimeter wall, take advantage of the vertical space by adding a water feature to your fence.

Its surprising to see how plants can easily soften hard features and bring architectural components to life.

Colorful petunias and other vibrant flowers add visual interest and make this fence flourish with curb appeal, garden planters for fences inc. Rectangular resin planters placed on top of the railings also add height and privacy to this patio space. A lot of homeowners prefer this type of fence planter because its size can hold a wide collection of plants.

Fence planters are ideal for softening architectural features and structural components of an outdoor space. Metal fences, for example, have a strong industrial look and some might find it visually lacking in color and decor. The easiest way to address this is issue is by hanging, mounting or setting flower filled containers along wrought iron or steel fences.

It contributes the much needed contrast in color and adds variation in texture as. Aside from adding curb appeal, garden planters for fences inc, it also gives passersby an inviting and refreshing view to enjoy. Decorative resin cache pots with moss fibers house colorful mixes of pansies which relaxes the formality of the black wrought iron fence and brick wall surrounding it.

This double sided resin planter allows homeowners to take advantage of spaces within and outside your yard, at the same time. They sit atop of fence, balcony or deck railing without the need for mounting hardware � a simple and very efficient way to keep fences alive with colors. A waterfall of red flowers cascade gracefully over this concrete and wrought iron fence and brings strong curb appeal to the sidewalk of this residential space.

Hanging planters for fences is considered to be one of the easiest ways to dress up a fence. As most hanging fence planters come with a chain link or a hook, installation is as easy as dangling it along pickets or special hangers which are screwed to the fence. Clips may also be used to firmly hold hanging fence planters in place.

It may be hang alone or in groups, may be mixed with other materials and decor to form a stunning piece of artwork in your fence. Common materials used for hanging planters for fence are metal with moss fibers, woven baskets, resin, plastic and wood.

If you want to be innovative, you can also use your own material, such as glass jars, bottles or tin cans. Hanging planters fixed onto lattice screens bring life to the simplicity of this patio. This outdoor living area looks more personalized as wall decors are added to give more character to the space.

Glaze ceramic plant pots and hanging fence planters serve as decorative accents for this patio. Hanging baskets with cascading flowers are placed at a height to allow the vines to flow and cascade freely.

Plastic wall planters, like the ones shown above, have large openings which allows homeowners to grow and enjoy a large amount of blooms. It has a flat back which makes it suitable for mounting on walls and full privacy fences. In addition to that, its half round shape also looks good when filled with overflowing cascades of flowers and vines. Hanging Planter on Fence with Flowers � Attribution 1. A woven basket planter hang on a piece of ornamental metal bracket on a full board fence.

The natural wood color of the fence serve as a perfect canvass for the burst of colors from refreshing purple petunias, yellow marigolds and red geraniums. Potted shrubs with micro flowers hang on fences do not overwhelm the minimalist style of this outdoor space.

This also breaks the monotony of the neutral colors of the fence rails, garden planters for fences inc, perimeter walls and gate. Fence flower pots are freestanding, movable and ready made plant containers which are usually set atop fence rails.

It can also be fixed or mounted on fences using hooks, garden planters for fences inc, brackets or supporting hardware. Fence flower pots are readily available from most stores and are very affordable. Compared to built-in fence planters, garden planters for fences inc, fence flower pots are portable and beneficial in terms of mobility.

Design wise, fence flower pots come in a wide range of materials and a broad spectrum of colors. It is usually made up of plastic, resin, stone, terracotta and ceramic. Metal fence flower pots are also available in the market but typically function as decorative cache pots for housing ordinary plant containers, garden planters for fences inc. Colorful tin can flower pots are quaint, charming and lovely additions to this white picket fence. The interesting mix of dainty flowers and crawling vines contribute a myriad of bright hues which make this an eye catching design feature for the house.

Colorful metal flower pots on fence � Source. These vibrant tin can pails are perfect accessories for chain link fences as they can be easily mounted in between the joints and spacing. They are ideal for mixing and matching small plants and flowers. Metal iron flower pots are available in a wide spectrum of colors which give it versatility when it comes to design application. Lightweight and durable, garden planters for fences inc comes with a hook which means it can be hung anywhere � from windows, balcony railings, decks, fences and indoors, garden planters for fences inc.

Lattice fences are already beautiful in itself, but why stop there when you can further enhance its aesthetics with the use of fence planters. These hanging ceramic pots that are overflowing with lavish pink geraniums add a decorative appeal to this white diamond lattice fence.

Salvage old cans by transforming them into beautiful hanging fence planters. All you need is a coat of paint and some striking succulents and blooms to instantly upgrade the look of a rustic wood board ranch fence. In here you see how a single hanging fence planter can create a striking visual impact when placed against a very basic makeshift picket fence, garden planters for fences inc.

The color or the ceramic pot complements the finish of the fence, but the variety of flowers placed in it creates contrast in terms of color and textures.

Outdoor spaces are generally small such as balconies, patios, porch, or verandas. Hang varying sizes and shapes for a more dynamic design. Plants are much easier to access and can be quickly switched when needed. Or, if you prefer, you can completely obscure part of your fence by transforming it into a grid that houses ivy and succulents. Due to its odor, it is not advisable to placed near doorways, but it can be grown in fences in controlled amounts.

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