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Plush armchairs, wide sofas, bean bags and reclining chairs are all great games room ideas that promote R&R. Add coffee tables and side tables for holding glasses and plates (if they�re allowed), books, magazines and all the other knick-knacks that accumulate in a family room. 1 day ago�� If you have the advantage of owning a hub garden room, you might have already started looking for garden party ideas. After all, now is the time to make extra use of our new-found freedom! A common dilemma people may encounter this month when planning their garden parties is the ever-changing nature of great British weather. Aug 21, �� 7. Vintage game arcade. Long gone are the game arcades of the 80s and 90s, but if you're feeling nostalgic, fear not! You can enjoy your favourite retro games by using a garden room Occupation: Digital Editor, House Beautiful UK.


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