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Best small flower garden designs and decorations ideas. Amazing small flower garden ideas photos collections shown in this video. Hope you enjoy it. Garden of Flowers Gardening Design Idea Garden Ideas for Small YardsWhether you are a skilled gardener or a first-timer, you can create your own inspiring.

Add tropical flair to your landscape with canna. This bold plant has huge leaves and spikes of bright red, yellow, orange, or pink flowers. In cold-winter regions, dig up and store canna rhizomes in a frost-free place over winter and replant them the following spring , or grow them in containers to make storing the rhizomes easier.

Water: Plant in consistently moist soil, or water regularly in normal garden soil. Size: Tall varieties can reach 8 feet, but dwarf varieties stay under 2 feet tall. Getting its name from the distinct shape of the individual blossoms, turtlehead blooms in late summer. It's an adaptable plant that can thrive in soggy soil, but can also tolerate drought. Over time, it spreads to form a dense clump, but it's not usually aggressive.

Water: Plant in consistently moist soil turtlehead can tolerate dry soil, but prefers boggy conditions. Striking, glossy black leaves highlighted with silvery-white veins make elephant's ear impossible to miss.

Grow it as an annual in wet soil or even standing water or bring it in as a houseplant and enjoy the foliage all winter. The rosy blooms produced by Joe Pye weed are glorious in the late summer, and so are the butterflies it's sure to attract.

This tall plant is perfect for adding drama and filling in blank patches in your garden. Anchor it by growing shorter moisture-loving perennial flowers in front of it. Water: Plant in consistently moist, well-drained soil Joe Pye weed usually grows along streams, ponds, and marshes. Blooming at the end of spring, Siberian iris has thin, grassy foliage and slender blossoms that give it graceful elegance. Although bearded irises need good drainage , Siberian and Japanese irises will grow in shallow standing water or poorly drained soil.

One of the most unusual ornamental grasses , fiber-optic grass has thin, gracefully arching leaves and looks almost like fiber-optic wires splaying from a junction box. This low-growing perennial adds wonderful texture to mixed containers or water garden plantings.

Grow it as an annual in Northern gardens, or bring it indoors as a houseplant. The yellow spires of 'The Rocket' ligularia bring a blast of color to shady sites. This bold perennial needs constant moisture to keep it from wilting, especially if it gets afternoon sun. Hummingbirds can't resist cardinal flower 's bright red blooms. Available with either green or bronze foliage, this North American native plant is perfectly at home along a stream or backyard pond.

Cover the ground with creeping Jenny 's striking chartreuse foliage and bright yellow blooms. It climbs beautifully over rocks as long as its roots stay moist, so tuck it into crannies along streams or waterfalls.

Giant ostrich fern is a tough perennial that loves moist, shady spots. Its light green fronds add delicate texture to the garden as they unfurl, despite the plant's sturdy structure. This fern spreads by underground rhizomes, but you can keep it in bounds by digging out unwanted shoots.

Water: Plant in consistently moist soil it can also tolerate slightly drier soil. Especially when it's grown at the edge of a body of water, forget-me-not forms a delicate-looking cloud of light blue or purple color in early spring.

This short-lived perennial typically self-seeds in the garden, and can pop up here and there throughout your yard though you can prevent it from spreading by deadheading the spent blooms. A spring-blooming perennial, Japanese primrose produces clusters of pink, white, magenta or red blooms on long flower stalks. Some of the flowers also have a dark eye in the center, which can make them look two-tone. It does best in cool-summer areas.

This North American native plant is very adaptable, and can thrive in almost any spot in your garden. Graceful callas come in a dizzying array of colors including pink, white, orange, red, bronze, yellow, or maroon. The long-lasting flowers are excellent for cutting , and they add elegance to any bouquet. If you're growing them in a colder region, you'll need to dig up the rhizomes and store them in a frost-free place, then replant in the spring.

Virtually all love moist to wet soils, and they also like growing in shady areas too making them good problem-solving plants. They also make an attractive low-growing ornamental groundcover. Just like you'd expect from a plant called marsh marigold , this perennial produces cheery yellow blooms and loves moist or wet soil. Its springtime blooms contrast the shiny dark green leaves and will happily brighten up boggy areas of your yard. The unique variety of papyrus makes a beautiful focal point for the water garden or wet border.

It has grassy stems topped by a starburst of leaves. Papyrus is also a good houseplant for a bright spot indoors. With cotton-candy blooms of fluffy pink topping 5-foot-tall steams, meadowsweet looks like supersized astilbe.

This plant is also known as queen-of-the-prairie, a fitting name for this Midwest native. It grows best in full sun, but it tolerates some shade. With a name like swamp milkweed , you know this plant loves wet soil, but it'll also grow in drier sites. Like its close cousin, orange butterfly weed, swamp milkweed attracts monarchs and other butterflies.

Create all-summer drama with hardy hibiscus 's dinner-plate size blooms in shades of white, pink, and red. Although hardy hibiscus prefers moist soil, it also can withstand extended drought, making it an easy-care perennial flower for sunny sites. No matter which angle you position them on the stem, the blooms of obedient plant stay in place, earning its name. This North American native perennial isn't always obedient in the garden, spreading quickly to form a large clump in wet or dry soils.

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