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Filler Plants for Landscaping (Page 1) - landscaping ideas on a slope Apr 7, - Creating a container garden by using a Thriller, Spiller, Filler effect. See more ideas about container gardening, plants, garden pins. Like the name says, filler plants are there to fill up space in a container garden. The term "filler" does not do these plants justice though. It would be better to call filler plants "accessories" or "accents" or "visual cement" but unfortunately none of these words rhymes with thriller and spiller and the focus groups did not like the alternative marketing term "presenters-cementers-descenters". Ideal for low maintenance landscaping, these plants thrive in Zones 7 to 10, whether in partial or full shade, and require little to no mowing, fertilizing, or watering. Available on Etsy ; $

If a drive additionally functions as a travel from a highway to a front doorwayGrassed area as well as Landscape Uncover. A slant of your grass as well as the dirt kind will settle how those plants should be watered.

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I also enjoy a good deal which is why I often choose fast-growing, wide-spreading annuals that I can depend on to fill the border with color. Here are some of my favorites for adding lots of color with not that many plants. When we think of color in our gardens, flowers are most likely our first thought, but colorful foliage is another awesome way to fill landscape beds. Foliage color is constant and you don't have to worry that plants might go out of flower. Sweet Carolines come in red, purple-black and chartreuse and a variety of foliage shapes.

Regular Sweet Carolines have deeply lobed leaves. Sweet Caroline Sweethearts have heart-shaped leaves and the Sweet Caroline Bewitched varieties have pointed, maple-leaf shaped foliage with lots of texture. New leaves open chartreuse and then turn bronze to deep red. Caladiums are another great foliage option. Be sure to check your plant tags, they will note the exposure each caladium does best in.

They are versatile, easily fill borders in the landscape, create gorgeous patio planters and are perfect as a thriller in container recipes. These tropical plants are grown from bulbs and can also be bought as plants. I love plants that have multiple traits to recommend them. This Filler Plants For Landscaping Youtube duo are not just fast-growing fillers, they are heat tolerant and pollinators adore them.

The plants feature either scarlet-red flowers with yellow tips or sunny yellow flowers. They flower continuously all summer long without deadheading. I've never been near these plants in bloom without seeing a bevy of bees. Mounds of airy white flowers look delicate but the plants are actually tough as nails.

Plant these beauties, give them just a bit of water and plant food and they will pump out loads of flowers.

The small plants you buy in spring will grow rapidly, quickly becoming 3 foot by 3-foot clouds. Supertunias are one of our most popular groups of plants. However, the Supertunia Mini Vista subset is less well-known � which is a crying shame because they are fantastic performers. These mounded plants come in 7 colors and feature abundant petite flowers that completely bury the foliage. As with all of our Supertunias, they do not need to be deadheaded.

They will spread like crazy and fill in quickly all while attracting pollinators. I'd take that combo in my garden any day! Supertunia Vistas are Supertunia Mini Vistas big sister. They come in 5 colors in shades of pink and white � from Fuchsia to Snowdrift which is new this year. Often texture is the unsung hero of good garden design and Silver Bullet has texture in spades. The silvery-white foliage is eye-catching enough, but the furry look of the leaf surface combined with the deeply lobed foliage adds a whole new dimension.

This plant is a bit of a beast � in a really good way. Unlike earlier types of alyssum, Snow Princess is very vigorous, it is truly heat tolerant it blooms prolifically all summer in my Missouri garden and is a great performer in landscapes. We're listening! Contact Us. Get Local. Log In. Find plants you love and create idea boards for all your projects. To create an idea board, sign in or create an account.

Already Started? Fast Fillers for Instant Impact. Ask a Question or Give Feedback about this article. Know Your Zones. All Rights Reserved. About Proven Winners Privacy Policy. Contact Us Press Room. Connect with us. We're listening. Their vivid blooms create a solid blanket of color from spring into fall with no deadheading required. This is a low growing, wide spreading variety that forms a beautiful carpet of silvery white, lacy foliage when grown as a low maintenance groundcover in full sun.

It also plays well with other drought tolerant plants in hanging baskets and combination containers. Its neutral tone makes it easy to match with any other colors you choose. They are especially heat, humidity and drought tolerant and bloom from spring through fall without the need for deadheading. What more could you ask for in a cleome? This fast growing, wide-leafed purple fountain grass will easily reach heights of feet. The living screen shown here was planted in spring to create a temporary division between the driveway area and the backyard of this suburban home.

Vertigo creates an architectural highlight in landscapes and very large containers. Sweet Caroline Ipomoea More refined than the original sweet potato vines, Sweet Caroline Ipomoeas retain their vigorous growth rate but have better branching and are bred to reduce Good Filler Plants For Landscaping Use the formation of potatoes in their roots, which leaves more energy for the beautiful foliage.

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