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(PDF) Energy-landscape network approach to the glass transition | Chaoming Song - landscape job description

Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Author s Srikanth Sastry, P G. Debenedetti, F H. Stillinger, T B. Schroder, J C. Dyre, S C. Abstract We study the properties of local potential energy minima inherent structures sampled by liquids at low temperatures as an energy landscape glass transitions to elucidating the mechanisms of the observed dynamical slow down as the glass transition temperature is approached.

The onset of slow dynamics is observed to be accompanied by the sampling of progressively deeper potential energy minima. Further, evidence is found in support of a qualitative change in the inherent structures sampled in the temperature range that includes the mode coupling energy landscape glass transitions temperature T csuch that a separation of vibrational relaxation within inherent structure basins from that due to inter-basin transitions becomes valid at temperatures T c.

Average energy landscape glass transitions structure energies do not show any qualitatively significant system size dependence. Pub Type. Download Paper Local Download. Keywords energy landscape, glasses, liquids, simulations. Sastry, S. Created August 1,Updated February 17,

A 42 , Google Scholar 2. A short summary of this paper. For example, ageing phenomena could be studied, for either the real network or the model, by introducing more complex correlation functions. Need an account? At the transition, the system becomes frozen in a disordered configuration, and the rate of change of energy with respect to temperature decreases abruptly but continuously to a value comparable to that of a crystalline solid. But polystyrene has a strong f o V at small V see ref. By Michael Ojovan.

Main point:

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