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So keep reading for small backyard decorating and landscape design ideas that'll help you� IDEAS! � ���. ���������� 3 ������ �����. ��� ��� ���� �������� ������� � DIY Backyard makeover | outdoor patio transformation. 10 Creative Landscape Edging Ideas. �����: SlideHouse. 7 ����������.� Simple Small Backyard Ideas | Beautiful Backyard Landscaping.

There are so many reasons why rainwater harvesting is a good idea-between saving yourself money and saving the planet. Need motivation to mow your lawn? A riding lawn mower might add some joy to your yardwork. Not only is it fun to cruise across your lawn, it's also much more efficient than a small push or even a self-propelled mower.

So if you have a large yard and you dread lawn care, think about it. We'll even help you pick the right model with your riding lawn mower review. Like a lot of home improvement projects, gutter guards can be one of those things that's either extremely simple to DIY or literally impossible to handle without professional installers.

The good news is that our guide covers the whole gamut, from inexpensive mesh you can pop in on a weekend morning to the proprietary systems that can't be self-installed at all. Get the average cost for your chosen materials and home size. If you're building or renovating a home, you should put some careful consideration into your gutter choice-- because form and beauty are just as important as function. Here's our guide to gutters. We use all sorts of solar lights in our homes and yards, so we've tried almost every brand.

We picked our top five favorite solar floodlights, evaluated based on brightness, longevity, and cost. Building or replenishing a pond in the backyard?

If you're looking for some free fish to keep things interesting, follow our tips for the best ways to do that, along with tips for caring for the pond. Not only are you recycling, but this would be a fun project for the whole family to be involved in. Once you start painting and decorating your tire planters, your creativity will soar and the possibilities will be endless! Check out our nifty list of ideas to help get you started! Check out our guide here about how to remove an ice dam yourself.

Ergonomic snow shovels can help relieve stress, tension, and pressure on your back. We show you the features you should look for in a shovel and five shovels we think are the best of the best. Make an informed purchasing decision and save your back. You won't have to climb on your roof again to clear snow once you have a roof rake. The Avalanche! It rolls across your shingles and is much easier on your back than conventional rakes.

There's no disagreement amongst professionals and avid DIYers that these two brands are top competitors. But ask the same people which is the best chainsaw, and the answer will vary.

There's no clear-cut winner, if you'll pardon the pun � but there are better options for specific jobs. Read on for our reviews, top picks, and a breakdown of each brand's best offerings for the work you need to do. You might think because you have gutter guards or frequent rainfall that your gutters are as clean as they need to be.

But they're a hotbed of mildew, mold and bacteria growth that can find its way inside your home without routine cleaning. There's no reason to spring for anything expensive or complicated, though. These DIY gutter cleaning solutions can be made easily, quickly and safely with household ingredients you already have.

Check out the list! Waterfalls are soothing so it makes sense that anyone would be interested in installing one in their backyard. If your landscaping or garden is crying for something beautiful one of these 76 garden waterfall ideas should spark some inspiration.

They work well with modern or classic designs and they can be incorporated with ponds and pools. Of million American homeowners, almost half have done some gardening in the past year. It's no wonder, then, that easy-to-build, inexpensive, and customizable greenhouse kits are increasingly available.

If you've always wanted a greenhouse but worried about the expense and logistics, worry no more: We've reviewed and ranked the five best available options for you here. Leaf raking hacks, tips, and ideas for homeowners to maintain the yards and gardens in the Fall. This article tells you how to use tools and clever DIYs to clean up those autumn leaves.

A good cordless sweeper can be used to clear snow from doorways and sidewalks, clear flower beds, and to help clean up around the yard or garage no matter the season. It makes a fun game for the kids, too. It's a good investment for a homeowner, and it doesn't have to be expensive.

Here are our five favorite cordless options for this year.


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