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16 Epic She Sheds and He Sheds
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By One Kindesign July 17, Filed Under: Inspiration. The addition of a backyard shed can not only enhance the aesthetics of your garden but provide functional space for storage and relaxation. These sheds can house your essential gardening tools and supplies along with outdoor recreational equipment or even be used as a potting shed. These wonderful spaces can also be used as a garden retreat to just enjoy the beauty of nature while providing much needed shelter from the elements.

Whatever you chose to do with your backyard shed, we have gathered a collection of amazing ideas for you to peruse below. We have also included the sources for additional information on where you can purchase some of these sheds or have a similar one custom built for you.

This sunlit shed boasts beautiful bluestone floors, white pine walls and Shakers pegs for hanging up your gardening tools. This farmhouse style shed in Charlotte, South Carolina was custom built to tuck into the edge of the forest.

A flagstone pathway leads up to this shed, while potted plants adds a lovely accent to this outdoor space. This custom designed contemporary shed in Seattle features a sliding barn door for simple accessibility. Plenty of functional shelving stores garden supplies. This shed can be found on Costco, called the Timberbrook. The interior of the shed was painted for airiness and light. On the wall is a hanger for long-handled tools that can be found at Home Depot.

The chest with labeled drawers was found at Hobby Lobby, perfect for organization. The architects devised a a well-built shed for crafts and storage that was large enough to fit essentials, but not dominate the garden. This shed is discreetly tucked into the far corner of the backyard while still maintaining the existing trees on the property. A French door and operable casement windows allows natural light to flood the space and allows for views of the garden.

Inside you will find a built-in work bench, shelves, bike rack and tool storage, creating a rustic, well-organized and efficient space. It was created to have an aged and softly weathered appearance. The exterior siding is cedar, finished with a custom-colored semi-transparent stain. A traditional garden shed with cedar shingles in Los Angeles, California. The shed is square feet. This traditional greenhouse shed in Concord, Massachusetts is perfect for potting plants and storing garden tools.

A traditional shed encircled by gorgeous and lush gardens in Charlotte, South Carolina. This rustic shed is tucked into the corner of a backyard forest in Illinois, with lush gardens and a stone pathway.

It is the Haida model without the window beside the door. Inspiration for a rustic potting shed in the New York countryside. The beautiful flooring is bluestone.

The sink is a granite called Virginia Mist or sometimes Jet Mist. This beautiful garden shed in Cleveland, Ohio fits perfectly into its serene surroundings. There is also a Cottage Stall door.

A farmhouse style shed is tucked into the corner of this Indianapolis backyard. This outdoor space features a beautiful walkway, gardens and a trellis offering shading to an outdoor dining area.

This beautiful backyard garden storage shed is encircled by lush gardens and mature growth trees in the Maryland countryside. This rustic shed is secluded by nature in the heart of Tennessee. The aesthetic of this shed blends well into its environment and is perfect for the storage of gardening tools.

A pathway leads up to this lovely shed in the woods, featuring stone steps and a stone border. See the home tour here: This gorgeous rustic sanctuary in Tennessee appears to float on water.

A summer cottage on Crane Island in Lake Minnetonka features this multi-purpose garden shed. A wall nook stores stacked firewood, while a privacy wall conceals an outdoor shower. Inside, there is plenty of space for changing and the storage of outdoor essentials. Adirondack style greenhouse with an herb garden in Burlington, Vermont.

The roof is made up of clear polycarbonate panels over a truss system. A sail shade provides shelter from the elements for dining al fresco in the garden. A charming rustic garden shed in a Milwaukee backyard provides a family with a place to store tools and plants. This is a pre-fab shed with a few specialty touches.

The doors are standard half light steel double doors that can be purchased from your local lumber yard or hardware store. This re-designed shed adds a warmth and a decorative touch to a backyard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It functions as storage for mowers, fertilizer and other gardening essentials. There is a garage door on the driveway side. Lob-lolly Pines frame in this structure, while evergreen foliage looks stunning even in the dead of winter. This rustic woodshed features a salvaged door and old windows from a house that was torn down on another site.

The structure was sided with shingles left over from a previous project. A pumphouse is visible from the front of the shed, while a concealed woodshed is located on the left.

At the rear of this structure are hooks for storing tools that are in constant use, while the right side of the shed has a compost bin. The shed is both functional and charming. This lovely shabby-chic style she-shed in Los Osos, California provides a cozy backyard oasis. A dutch-door allows for cool breezes to enter while also giving privacy. This backyard space has multiple functions, to be used as an outdoor retreat and to store garden essentials.

A modern and stylish prefab storage shed for your backyard can fit all of your outdoor essentials, whether your passion involves, bikes, skis, kayaks, climbing ropes, gardening, woodworking, etc.

A contemporary greenhouse shed surrounded by a sunny garden in Seattle, Washington. A rustic garden shed surrounded by beautiful blooms and a water feature. Tucked into the edge of the property, this shed is sheltered by mature growth trees.

Inside the shed, there is room for a lawn mower and an assortment of gardening tools hanging on the wall for organization. Above this area is a loft for storing pool supplies and terra cotta pots over the winter months. There is also a potting bench and shelves filled with plastic pots and trays for seed starting. This shed was custom designed by the owner, plans and more details can be found at the provided link. This fairytale garden shed utopia was made using recycled materials such as weathered wood, windows from an old milking barn, old rust hinges, old chair, old bear trap on the wall, old garden tools, old door, a rusty horse shoe to hook the door etc.

Offering old English garden charm, this little thatch shed is located in Bedford, an historic town of Bedfordshire, England. How cute is the heart on the door?

This lovely garden shed in Seattle mimics the colors used on the exterior of the house, built using wood from the old garage. A collection of flowers on a window ledge adds a colorful touch. The multiple windows were added to the shed to allow for natural light to penetrate the structure for starting seeds inside. This cottage style garden shed adds an inviting focal point to this whimsical garden. The sunshine yellow siding beautifully compliments the lush greenery that surrounds the shed.

This fairytale garden shed offers a cottage-like feel. Creating an idyllic focal point to this gorgeous garden, architectural features includes: scalloped trim, clapboard siding, window boxes, lace curtains, a weather vane and a horseshoe above the door. Loving the terra-cotta hued roof shingles and the blue and white exterior.

Traditional mountain home with modern elements in beautiful Wyoming. Spice holders defined by modern sophistication: U-Spice. Rustic-modern dwelling nestled in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Beautiful contemporary coastal home nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan. Mountain-inspired ski retreat in Aspen provides ultimate winter getaway. X Type keywords to search. Previous Post. Newer Post. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Featured Posts Traditional mountain home with modern elements in beautiful Wyoming. What's Trending

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