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Sep 06, �� Grow pet-friendly plants such as cat grass or catnip for kitties or create a dog sensory garden with calming chamomile or lavender plants, energizing rosemary or mint, and wheat grass or barley grass that can help with digestion. These plants can be safely consumed by dogs � just be sure to avoid using nice garden ideas: Layne Gabriel. Dog house ideas that incorporate unique and creative elements always stand out and are sure to be enjoyed by your dog. This lovely wooden structure is great for any dog. Not only will it protect them from the elements, but it also encourages a little exercise with a small staircase up to their own private patio. Pet-Friendly Patio. EP Henry has been creating gardens that the whole family can enjoy for over years. The retaining wall keeps the grassy area, where the dogs generally make their messes, contained and separate from the area where the family gathers. The patio .
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Once you have most of the pet-focused parts of your space planned, fill in the blanks with comfortable outdoor furniture for yourself and guests. Bowls, water fountains, beds, and houses keep them comfortable and happy when enjoying everything nature has to offer.

Pet-Friendly Patio Tips Think about what you enjoy most about your patio. Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash Think Safety First As you create your outdoor patio plan with pets in mind, consider how to keep pets safe on a patio. Think about temperature. Provide cooling and shade options in the summer and warming options for colder weather.

Be sure to keep water available at all times, which may mean investing in a heated water dish for winter. A raised dog bed keeps air flowing for comfort on hot summer days, and a heating unit keeps dog houses warm in colder seasons. Pet-proof balcony railings. Create Sensory Appeal Taking your furry friends outdoors is a great way to stimulate their senses and keep them entertained and curious.

Photo by Marcos Gabarda on Unsplash Pet-Friendly Patio Furniture and Accessories Once you have most of the pet-focused parts of your space planned, fill in the blanks with comfortable outdoor furniture for yourself and guests. Shop Top Patio Finds for Pets. More Pet-Approved Reads: Find the right dog house dimensions so the height, width, and length fit your pet Learn how to create a designer dog run to keep your pup entertained and protected Help your dog get comfortable outdoors and explore the dog bed buying guide.

Don't miss out - follow us! Be Inspired hayneedle. More for You. We finally finished the dog run on the side of our house. We are thrilled with the way this project turned out and so happy to have one more thing off the project list! Many elements went into this project including the fence, the flower bed, pavers under the dog house, stepping stones from the front gate, gravel, and of course making the gate Aria escape-proof. Part of the fence in,the first stages of the project New fence and paver path with landing Starting the flower bed Drip irrigation�.

Content filed under the Dog Houses taxonomy. As pet ownership hits an all-time high, pet-friendly remodeling has gone far beyond the basic doggy door. It now includes features like dog-washing stations and customized kitty litter cabinets. Only 4 simple ingredients - chicken, bacon, brown sugar and chili powder.

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