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Sep 13, �� As the salt seeps into the ground, plant roots soak it up with the groundwater. Select areas away from the generator to landscape. Place landscape rocks on the ground around the generator to catch the seepage. Some plants can tolerate some degree of salt water, such as the amount splashed outside of a saltwater pool. Choosing plants to go near a swimming pool should take a certain amount of time, research, and consideration. It's not just a matter of simply planting what you think will look good next to a pool. Some plants, especially trees, can shed into the pool, making a big landscape design ideas front yard may have thorns or spines that can hurt swimmers. If you have a salt water pool, you may choose plants that are tolerant of high salt levels in splashout water and in the soil around the pool. When designing your pool and patio landscaping, remember that Backyard Landscaping Ideas Around Pool Number some areas need not be plants at all. Areas of river Easy Landscaping Ideas Around Pool Effect stone or lava rock can add a low-maintenance separation between planting beds. Small wooden platforms, cabanas or fountain/pond areas can break up the landscape .

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The advantages of eco-friendly pools. Electrolytic Cell Salt Chlorinator for your Pool? While a properly operating salt generator is great � Here are some things to think about. Some good and some bad? Here are a couple of things you may or may not know That means lots of pool sweeping vs. Hmm, that's a tough one. Consult your Great Pool Landscaping Ideas 4d local nursery, arboretum, or master gardener program to become familiar with plants that are deciduous will shed its leaves annually or evergreen keeps its leaves for your region.

This list includes ficus, elm , and oak trees. Do your research! Other bee-loving plants include:. Check the label. By knowing what you're getting, you can get some great deals on plants that often are only sold in five-gallon-or-larger containers. With the right care, the "little guys" catch up quickly to their bigger and often more root-bound siblings. Nearby nurseries or botanical gardens usually feature plants that are indigenous to your area or will adapt well to your climate.

If in doubt, consult regional charts Rectangle Pool Landscaping Ideas 96 or your local nursery for plants that will survive and thrive in your yard and near the pool or spa. Things to Think About When Poolscaping.

The Ouch Factor. Choosing Low-Maintenance Plants. Deciduous vs. This design is great for those with a large backyard and a large pool as it emphasizes the open spaces of the area. This Asian-inspired poolside landscape is both clean and edgy.

While it has clean lines and simple shrubs, the statues and plants allow for tranquility. This poolside landscaping can be done with almost any budget. Depending on your budget, you can choose your plants and decorations accordingly. Having an above ground pool may make it feel like it is harder to create chic poolside landscaping. But much like this above ground pool, it is all about what you surround it with. This design is great if your backyard is not flat, but you want to find a way to incorporate the pool of your dreams.

With these hedges reaching high enough that no one can see in, it makes your pool your own private getaway. The simple landscaping with the high hedges gives this backyard a spa-like experience. This poolside landscaping is ideal for those who want complete privacy. This poolside landscaping choice allows for both protection and safety.

A fenced-in pool gives your pool a whole separate room. The lounge area behind the pool allows for ideal socializing, while still being able to keep an eye on the pool. A setup like this would work well for families with children. When thinking of a pool, the first thing that comes to mind is the stereotypical slide into the public pool.

This elegant and modern slide is a great take on the fun that a slide can provide. A slide like this fits effortlessly into the rest of the landscaping choices. This is ideal for adding an interactive element into your poolside landscaping. This poolside landscaping design lets your patio transition into your pool with ease.

This transition would make entertaining in your backyard a breeze. When planning some house landscape renovations, consider how the pool will fit within the overall landscape. All the hard work put into maintaining the perfect lawn can quickly be undone without good pest control.

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