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Landscaping: Tips for Your Backyard | Building a retaining wall, Retaining wall, Backyard

This backyard features a series of foot tall terraced retaining walls that create a unique look and provide usable outdoor space. A retaining wall is intended to hold back soil when there is a drastic change in elevation.

Often retaining walls are used to terrace yards that originally had a steep slope. Additionally, retaining walls can help create usable outdoor space as well as control erosion, see Landscaping a Split-Level Home.

Low retaining walls are frequently used as planting beds and can add interest to an otherwise flat yard. If you are considering hiring someone to build a landscape retaining wall on your property you'll want to have a basic understanding of what goes into proper retaining wall design. This way you'll be sure to get a quality wall that will last for years without problems. An improperly built retaining wall may retaining wall ideas to stop water pipe, crack or lean, creating an unsightly eyesore and a headache for you.

See how retaining walls made of cinderblock topped with travertine can be used to add structure and beauty to a sloped landscape. Moisture can remain behind a retaining wall long after the runoff is gone. It seeps into the masonry traveling Backyard Design Ideas With Retaining Wall Kit straight. On the dry side it will evaporate leaving behind mineral efflorescence or discoloring mildew. Moisture is the enemy of decorative veneer such as stucco, stone and tile.

This is retaining wall ideas to stop water pipe it's essential to use a substantial waterproof membrane on the back of every retaining wall just as it is applied to the Landscaping Retaining Walls Ideas 89 back of basement walls where the same conditions occur. There are various types of membranes, and your contractor will know the most effective one for your local climate and soil type.

Any time you put soil behind a wall, be sure to use membranes to protect the beauty of its face. Landscape Design Ideas. Research Landscapes Landscaping Network Home. Landscape Retaining Wall Basics Four things retaining wall ideas to stop water pipe should know about retaining wall design.

Retaining Wall Installation Tips. This drawing shows a cross-section of a 4' retaining wall. Using Waterproof Membranes Moisture can remain behind a retaining wall long after the runoff is gone. Related Reading: Retaining Wall Construction. Dry Stone Retaining Walls. Timber Retaining Walls. Com - All Rights Reserved. Follow us on:.


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The toe drain and the wall rock is designed to remove incidental water from behind the wall and is not meant as primary drainage path for above or below grade water management. During wall layout it is important to evaluate the entire site to determine if water will drain into the area where the wall will be constructed. Temporary grading may be needed to ensure water will not drain towards the construction area.

Ground water can be defined as water that occurs within the soil. Sources include surface infiltration, water table fluctuation and layers of permeable soils. Ground water movement must be prevented from coming in contact with the wall structure, including the soils behind the wall.

If subsurface or ground water is encountered during construction, consult an engineer to ensure that the water has been accounted for in your design. Drain pipes used in toe drain applications must be properly vented a minimum of every 50 ft. To accomplish this, vent the drain pipe to daylight or a lower elevation on the site. When venting to a lower elevation, it is important that all drain locations are properly marked and protected to ensure that the drain pipe is not damaged or plugged.

Rodent screens can be used to allow the water to flow through the outlet pipes and keep the pathway clear of debris. Use a drain pipe to route water from behind the wall. Attach tee fittings at 30 ft. Prior Retaining Wall Ideas To Stop Water Temperature to constructing the wall, review drainage plans and details to identify all potential sources of concentrated water. Examples that must be accounted for are:. Dip the paint roller into the tray and roll it back and forth to remove excess sealant before applying it to the wall.

Cover the entire wall with the liquid membrane. Measure the entire length of the retaining wall with a tape measure. Use this measurement to purchase the length of perforated drain pipe needed. Layer the bottom of the trench behind the retaining wall with a 4- to 6-inch bed of 1-inch washed gravel the entire length of the retaining wall.

Position the 4-inch-diameter perforated pipe atop the gravel bed. Use pipe specifically intended for French drains. The pipe will have a solid bottom and holes on the top Modern Garden Retaining Wall Ideas Guitar and sides to collect runoff. Use pipe that has the American Society for Testing and Materials stamp for the type of pipe being used.

ASTM pipe choices include perforated smooth wall, corrugated, flexible or composed of recycled polyvinyl chloride pipe. Connect drainage pipes at the end of the French drain to direct runoff away from the house or retaining wall.

Coat the inside of the connector and outside of the drainage pipe with pipe solvent. Let dry for 60 seconds, then coat with pipe glue. Attach the connector to the drainage pipe, twist one-quarter turn and hold for 60 seconds until the glue adheres. Repeat this procedure for attaching additional drain pipes or connecting pipe pieces together.

Cover the perforated pipe with the 1-inch washed gravel to within 1 foot of the top of the retaining wall.

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