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Sort by Author Post time Ascending Descending. Rotate desert landscaping soil Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. Search this thread. Noticed Quest Landscape Fabric in Guelph warehouse today. Seems like good value. Picked up a roll today because it sells out early every year. I'm not sure about thickness, but the roll is so long that I'm going to double up layers for my mulching project under trees where grass won't grow.

Nearby Costco locations:. Good find, especially with the staples. I found the heavy duty stuff worth paying Quest Landscape Fabric Review Template quest landscape fabric review quality premium for as easier to lay and lasted years longer. No thickness is stated on packaging, just a 20 warranty for whatever it's worth. I'd call this a residential quality, not commercial grade.

I spent quest landscape fabric review quality the same amount last year on a fraction of the length, without staples, so this is great value in my opinion. I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too Quest Landscape Fabric Review Zip small a degree of it.

Thomas Jefferson. I put down six rolls worth last year and this is good stuff. I also put down a part roll after Costco sold out from Princess auto and it falls apart like wet paper. The Costco stuff looks the same as when I put it. The product in the Manitoba Costco's are quest landscape fabric review quality bit different.

Called Mr Tweed landscape fabric. Contractor Grade. Lifetime warranty. Congrats to the Winners! Targeted so YMMV -1 18 comments.

Landscape cloth helps you ensure that any weeds that may spring up in your flowerbeds or landscaping are cut off from the water and oxygen that they need to survive. You can choose from a few different size options to customize it to your needs. Most gardeners agree that the best place for landscape fabric is around shrubs and trees where it can be installed and topped with quality mulch to hopefully last for years. It is imperative, however, to amend and till your soil prior to applying the woven fabric, as it it would have to be Quest Landscape Fabric Review Journal taken up in order to do this after it's installed. You can do this quickly and easily by pushing landscape staples through the fabric every few feet. You can purchase them in 5, 15, or year warranties.


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