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16 Simple Solutions for Small-Space Landscapes | Better Homes & Gardens Jul 25, �� A simple pergola gives this small garden landscaping a grand feel. Arbors and pergolas are classic small yard landscaping ideas and great ways to frame a view, but you can do the same with shrubs, small trees, or even pieces of garden art. 2 of 16 Create Small Backyard ZonesMissing: kindergarten. Modern landscaping has bold walkways and pavers are usually symmetrical and angled as opposed to curved or organic shapes. Pavers are often made of poured concrete, or cut bluestone. Brick is not seen as often, because its color variations and organic looking quality don't fit this elegant backyard wedding ideasg: kindergarten. Mar 31, �� Modern landscape is a landscape that strives for symmetry and balance above all else. Defined by clean lines and a neat aesthetic as a whole, modern landscaping is an organic embodiment of �less is more.� Unlike standard landscaping, which mainly deals with flora & fauna, modern landscaping relies on additional components as elegant backyard wedding ideasg: kindergarten.
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Modern landscaping doesn't lend itself to the idea of "gardening" as quickly as more traditional modes of landscaping. Though to gardeners it may seem like blasphemy, many garden spaces these days are seen as places to visit for a short time, or view on the way to something else, as opposed to a place one "lives" or actually creates and maintains.

This makes modern landscaping, on some level, more concerned with aesthetics that other styles. The design elements most commonly seen in modern landscaping are clean, straight lines, a balanced sense of scale, a careful mix of textures, and, usually, a limited use of color. Instead of the riotous color seen in more traditional gardens, modern landscapes utilize more neutral tones and emphasize foliage over flowers, which keeps the design looking more consistent over time.

A modern approach to materials often means manufactured: concrete pavers or walkways, corrugated metal gates, fences made of metal or fiberglass. That absence of wood and stone may feel odd and artificial to some gardeners, but it can be balanced out by including some small trees or shrubs, or a selection of container plantings, where a flower bed might normally go, as well as natural stone sculptures.

Modern landscaping is not just about aesthetics, though. Sustainability is also a factor with modern landscaping, especially in areas where residents are mindful of climate change.

Rainwater collection, solar power and wind power are all aspects of design that may be incorporated into landscaping choices. Plantings that allow for use of grey water, easy composting or watering through run off collection are other possibilities. Modern landscaping has bold walkways and pavers are usually symmetrical and angled as opposed to curved or organic shapes.

Pavers are often made of poured concrete, or cut bluestone. Brick is not seen as often, because its color variations and organic looking quality don't fit this aesthetic. Raised walkways are also seen, for their visual interest and also their suitability for houses built on slabs, stilts or platforms. We'll be seeing more of this as movable or kit-built tiny homes become more popular among homeowners.

Modern landscaping's focus on location and dramatic details often means incorporating a water feature. That water features may include an infinity pool, or a natural pool that not only enhances the design but promotes landscape sustainability. Modern landscaping is often less concerned with perennial gardening that offer a shifting palette through the seasons than it is with consistency and low maintenance.

Mulch and gravel often form a large area of the design, so plants compatible with these materials are desirable. Choose trees that don't get too big or need too much pruning. Outdoor Favorites. Outdoor Photos Landscape. All Filters 3. Style 1. Mid-Century Modern. French Country. Shabby-Chic Style. Compact Medium Large Expansive Space Location. Backyard Courtyard Front Yard Rooftop Side Yard Formal Garden Drought-tolerant Driveway Outdoor Sport Court Container Garden Desert Look Fire Pit Fireplace Flower Bed Fountain Gate Lawn Edging Outdoor Playset Pond Privacy Raised Garden Bed Retaining Wall Rock Feature Vegetable Garden Vertical Garden Walkway Waterfall Brick Pavers Concrete Pavers Decking Decomposed Granite Gravel Mulch Natural Stone Pavers River Rock Sun Exposure.

Full Sun Partial Sun Shade Seasonal Interest. Spring Summer Fall Winter Fence Material. All Fence Materials Metal Stone Vinyl Wood Refine by: Budget. Sort by: Gardening And Landscaping Modern Award Index Popular Today. Save Photo. Pasadena Sustainable Planting. By Studio H Landscape Architecture. By Metamorphic Design. Culver City Backyard.

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