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Temperature drop - Lawn & Landscape

Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips. Winter lawn care for a Lawn Maintenance Diy 4k wide variety of turfgrasses slightly differs from that of spring, lawn maintenance in winter 70 and fall. Your lawn is no longer in the active growing season. In fact, most warm season lawns go dormant around this time.

Winter maintenance is still just as important as other seasonal maintenance practices as your winter care will greatly determine how well your lawn comes out of dormancy in the spring. Read our winter lawn care tips and watch our Winter Maintenance for Your Lawn maintenance in winter 70 video below to learn more about some of things you should be doing for your lawn during the coldest season of the year.

In most areas, you will just need to water your lawn less than the active growing season. However, if you are in an area that receives a really dry winter, be sure to water your lawn enough so that the soil receives nourishment and keeps lawn maintenance in winter 70 blades from drying. Our recommendation is to keep your grass a bit taller than normal. Keeping this area as protected as possible with slightly taller grass creates a barrier-like protection for the grass blades and stolons.

Fertilization should generally take place during the active growing seasons. There is really not a need to apply fertilizer, herbicide or fungicide during the winter.

However, when spring comes, it will be time to fertilize your lawn. Learn more about Lawnifi at Lawnifi. Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box. It keeps your grass from having to spend a bunch of energy restoring itself when it comes out of dormancy. Instead, let your grass focus its energy on flourishing as it comes out of dormancy.

Lastly, keep an eye out for winter grass weeds. However, you can still go out and handle weeds. Common winter weeds to look out for include:.

To learn more about common lawn weeds, take a look at our Identifying Common Lawn Weeds blog post. Pictured above from left to right: deadnettle, lawn maintenance in winter 70, annual bluegrass and prickly lettuce. As previously mentioned, most warm season lawns are probably dormant during this time. View Cart Checkout. Products search. Share on:. Fertilization Fertilization should generally take place during the active growing seasons.

Watch for winter weeds Lastly, keep an eye out for winter grass weeds. Common winter weeds to look out for include: Deadnettle, Chickweed, Annual lawn maintenance in winter 70 Poa annuaand Prickly lettuce. Want to learn more about achieving a great lawn? Check out our other Sod University tips. Tags: BermudagrassSt. Augustinewarm season grasswinterwinter lawn maintenanceZoysia. No Comments. There are no products. View Cart Checkout Continue Shopping.

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Everything you could hope for in a lawn care service and more. Thank you guys for everything that you Lawn Maintenance Logan Years do! Mike Hrivnak. Mike has forgotten more about plants than most people know. Yeah, sometimes he looks a little under the weather and scares our customers, but his ability to kill weeds more than makes up for his startling appearance.

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Review our services see if we service your area get your quote schedule your consultation. If the leaves are not too thick or wet, mulch the leaves with your mower into dime-sized pieces to recycle the nutrients back into your lawn. If the leaves are too thick, wet, or matted down, rake them up and remove them. Also, be sure to remove lawn furniture and debris from your lawn, as well as any spare logs from next to the fire pit.

When your lawn is frosted or dormant, try to avoid walking on it too much. Even strong grass can become weak if the same path is walked over too many times. Try to keep driveways, walkways, and sidewalks clear of ice and snow Lawn Maintenance Bend Oregon English so you will have a safe and clear path to walk. The all-natural blend is enhanced with a green color indicator for monitoring application and a corn-based liquid to ensure maximum performance.

Finally, make sure you have your winter lawn care plan in place well ahead of time. Whether you are just starting out, maintaining or troubleshooting, you'll find advice and answers here for all your lawn care needs.

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