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Lawn Maintenance Guide � How to Revive Your Lawn Most lawn care owners will need the following equipment to get started: Truck ($10, - $50,) Equipment Trailer ($1, - $5,) Riding Mower ($1, - $5,). Lawn Care Business Start Up Cost. Truck: a used Ford F � $ Trailer: $ Walk Behind Mower (used): $ Trimmer: $ Back-pack Blower: $ Rounded Up for Hand Tools Equipment Cost: around $ These are the basics you should have to get your business up and running successfully!

No make a difference either we have vegetable patch of land just where it is difficult to grow weed as lawn maintenance equipment packages list as alternative plants, shrubs. A complaint I had was my back yard tended to get waterlogged so I carried a bottom packagse laying railway sleepers as well as built it upon heading of.

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And with the added value of an entry-level volt battery option, as well as a huge lineup of battery-powered lawn equipment � Greenworks is one of the largest volume manufacturers in battery-powered lawn tools worldwide.

Note: Greenworks does offer a more expensive brushless motor tool line � like this 80 volt Trimmer Blower Combo. Makita tools are widely considered to be the Best � Premium grade battery-powered tools on the market. Extending on the excellence of there top of line power tools, the Makita cordless outdoor lawn equipment excels in performance just as expected.

By utilizing their industry-proven LXT 18 volt battery system � Makita battery yard tools conveniently operate on the same battery platform as Makita power tools do. And while EGO still holds the top spot for battery-powered lawn tools, and offering a more powerful volt system, The Makita offers a 2-pack approach by using 2 Volt batteries to produce a whopping 36 -Volts and the longer-lasting 4 Ah battery storage than most other lawn tool manufacturers.

Price � Premium Tools come with a Premium Price. But you get what you pay for; Brushless Motors, Superior 4. Makita offers its exceptional LXT Lithium-Ion battery system with features such as Overload protection, Over-discharge protection, and Overheat protection. This is crucial since lithium-ion batteries are the costliest part of battery-powered tool maintenance, and for this reason, Makita outshines most other manufacturers in this category. The Makita outdoor power tool system is easily one of the most extensive in the industry.

With that entry into battery lawn tools, the WORX battery-powered lawn equipment is now widely considered The early pioneer and one of the leaders in cordless tools. While WORX offers a very broad and competitive lineup Lawn Maintenance Equipment For Sale Design of corded electric lawn equipment, they are also competitive in the battery-powered lawn tool segment, namely, with their 20 Volt Power-Share product line. Mid-Range Runtime � With 2. We think that the WORX brand of lawn equipment is a great, affordable choice for most homeowners, for average-sized yards � probably one acre or less.

And while the battery power at 20 Volts and 2. Although battery technology was very early with the now inferior Nickel-Cadmium battery � Black and Decker clearly set their mark as the first manufacturer to enter the cordless power tool market.

While Sales of Gas Powered outdoor equipment still led to overall sales volume for , Battery-Powered outdoor equipment is quickly catching up. And while electric corded equipment is still popular, the portable nature and maintenance-free aspect of battery-powered lawn equipment � make them hugely popular with homeowners.

For instance, a battery-powered string trimmer is estimated to cost. On the other hand, a gas trimmer, with an estimated use of 2. While these cost differences are negligible, gas-powered engines also require gas, oil, spark plugs, and Lawn Maintenance Equipment Packages Vol the occasional tune-up, which battery-powered lawn equipment does not require.

The total savings can be calculated by using our operating cost formula above, along with your initial investment cost to own battery-powered vs. We suggest investing in one system � with two batteries � and using them interchangeably.

Note: Lithium-Ion batteries are Manufacturer-specific. Batteries for this lawn equipment are Not designed to interchange between different brands of tools. However, If you intend to own 2 or more battery-powered lawn tools we highly recommend sticking with Only one Manufacturer. Yes, certain locations in the U. Most � but not all � reliable brands are switching or have switched over to using Brushless � High-efficiency motors in their power equipment.

Brushless motors � in a nutshell � eliminate the internal brushes and wear of older brushed motors � which cause a lot of internal friction � and as such, wear out much sooner. In addition, Brushless motor tools last an estimated times longer than tools with brushes. These marvels of technology not only offer much longer operation for owners � but include such important features as load speed sensors that actually increase torque-speed when the load is higher and reduce the torque-speed when the load is less.

While a few manufacturers may still use nickel-cadmium NiCd or nickel-metal hydride NiMH , for their power tools � they are far and few between, and shrinking. Based on their superior charging ability, lower weight, advanced technology, and availability we Only recommend choosing power tools supplied with Lithium-ion batteries.

As an example: a 4 Ah battery will provide stored power � twice as long as a 2 Ah battery. So a volt 4 Ah battery will produce about the same available battery power as an volt 2 Ah battery. Watt-hours are always listed on the battery label itself, but may not always be listed in the specs or box. If you use watt-hours on one tool vs. Based on residential consumer demand � Battery-powered equipment has in the last 3 years, propelled itself into the highest growth segment of the entire outdoor equipment industry.

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