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January 27, Landscape Ontario February Feature. Rising insurance rates racks snow and ice industry. DiGiovanni says he is receiving calls from concerned business owners across the province who can no longer get insurance for their snow and ice removal operations. Others report their insurance rates have doubled or tripled, while deductibles have also increased. This is an extremely serious issue that will affect every member of the public.

The services of Landscape Ontario members and other professional winter maintenance firms are essential. They keep the economy going and the public safe. Miller says after hearing from several snow contractors in his riding, he decided to take action. The bill, which passed second reading on June 6, , proposes to reduce the notification period for slip and fall lawsuits from two years to 10 days, bringing the private sector in line with the current standard for municipalities.

As they lie there, a week and a half flies by and, with it, any chance for rightful compensation. With a limit of 10 days, there is sufficient time to give notice for legitimate claims against genuine cases of negligence. People who suffer significant injuries are also protected by the exceptions outlined in this bill. David Amadori, VP Commercial, Marsh Canada, says the rising rates are the result of a combination of regional factors, including slip and fall lawsuits, as well as conditions in the global insurance market.

The snow removal industry in Ontario was generally not well positioned for a turbulent insurance market. Marsh is the endorsed insurance supplier for the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, who represent members of all provincial landscape and horticulture associations across the country. Much of this was incurred by the retail insurance marketplace.

David Lammers. David Amadori.

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