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ESALA presents 10 student architecture and landscape projects

This school show by Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture features 10 student projectsincluding a hub for upcycling low-value materials and a proposal that reimagines the purpose of Times Square. The projects were all completed by students enrolled on one of the four architecture- and landscape landscape architects edinburgh college courses at the Scottish school, landscape architects edinburgh college, which forms part of the Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh.

They accompany the ECA digital exhibition Summer The design explores a regenerative approach for small Scottish towns, investigating place-making, attitudes of privacy, interaction and communality through internal and external gathering spaces. Errol's quirky local typologies are explored and developed: kiln tower, rural home and vernacular structure.

Successional outdoor rooms encourage a wider appreciation of landscape and nature. The thematic strands of sculpting, landscape architects edinburgh college, weaving and joining are integrated within the structural design, the permanence of the architecture and the fluid landscaping approach.

Hacking the site's retail infrastructure, the proposal reintroduces public space and pedestrians to the site. Finding value in existing elements on-site, the project upcycles shopping carts found on-site into 'gabion-carts,' utilising their affordances to construct transformable structural walls that can be climbed, seated on, played with and used to store goods.

The ability to grow gabion-carts with rubble from demolition works weaves the tectonic system into Edinburgh's material networks, prototyping the diversion of landscape architects edinburgh college material streams, whilst promoting reuse and upcycling as degrowth methodologies for architecture.

Sitopia focuses on the rituals of food growing and transformation consumption and takes on a hybrid nature as dwellers, growers and gastronomists are able to be a part of every aspect of food production, transformation, consumption and distribution.

In this case, the term laboratories refers to more than a scientific research room. Instead, it alludes to a testing ground for social and environmental concerns that have been marginalised by United Nations.

An archipelago of performance spaces reinterpreting the notion of an illuminated spectacle given over to the pleasure of consumption and the consumption of pleasure.

It landscape architects edinburgh college the expression of presence in the city, gathered in collectivity, that landscape architects edinburgh college possession of space as a protagonist in constructing an experience of Naples that goes beyond the control of fixed political and historical representations of the city.

The project seeks to give agency to the productive landscape, to place it in the present moment, mobilised by sedimentation of Santiago's history and an eye to the future. More specifically, the photographer's studio and gallery and bookbinder's workshop are sited within existing structures of the old town and therefore speak to sensitive, locational specificity, while the Timber Mill forms a new material threshold on the city's outskirts the canopy of a Eucalyptus forest.

The design explores a renewed experiential relationship between the physical elements of this stretch of urban coastline. This project investigates the future of crofting communities within the context of pressing contemporary local, national and global scale challenges.

Together the project highlights the importance of a community who socially and ecologically collaborate to sustain the land for future generations, landscape architects edinburgh college. This speaks of an attempt to compress the wider landscape memory of the hydrological flooding events and ecological entities, into a hybrid landscape that provides favourable conditions for the re-emergence of island-like communalised open spaces.

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This is the only professionally orientated postgraduate programme in landscape architecture in Scotland, and it has an acknowledged international reputation. Click here. Take 2 minutes to sign up to PGS student services and reap the benefits´┐Ż The chance to apply for one of our 15 exclusive PGS Bursaries Fantastic scholarship updates Latest Postgrad news sent directly to you. It promotes the expression of presence in the city, gathered in collectivity, that takes possession of space as a protagonist in constructing an experience of Naples that goes beyond the control of fixed political and historical representations of the city. Edinburgh College of Art.


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