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There are alternatives to cementing the yard when lawn maintenance becomes too frustrating. Personal preferences, price, and location, influence your choices. A grass lawn can be either an emerald jewel surrounding your home or it can be a major source of frustration.

Maintaining a lawn and adhering to water restrictions or battling droughts, pests, baking sun, frigid cold, broken lawnmowers or no-show lawn services can be more than the idas homeowner can bear. Adding a patio or deck of wood, brick, pavers, or natural stone, completes your home while filling in yard area. A deck can be raised or ground level, attached to the house or free standing.

Patios and decks can be open or covered or completely enclosed. Both areas become an outdoor room ready for decorating and enjoying. Lighting, an outdoor grill, grasa potted plants add to the ambience.

Choosing ground twutter takes into consideration of climate, amount of light-sun, but the soil and slope hravel the yard as. Determining whether it is mountainous or boggy, highly trafficked or a dog run help influence choices.

Popular ground covers such as chamomile, clover, and thyme, have been utilized. There are various ornamental grasses best used for zones Drought tolerant Bulbine ground cover is featured.

Native wildflowers can be seen as well as planted professionally maintained backyatd. Sports fields, for example the Rays Tropicana field, are composed of synthetic grass. Golf course or putting greens have used artificial turf, as have playgrounds and hotels.

Synthetic lawns can be created for a dog run or as small clusters of green throughout the lawn area. The product is created so as to be nontoxic and forever green difficult to differentiate from the real thing though obviously drought friendly. Pathways of open cobbles or closed brick and stamped gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter break up yard areas yet can give the illusion of more space.

One meanders along a path with bushes or plants defining it or directing the walker to a specific site such as a birdbath on a pedestal bacjyard Interesting Trees on the lot. Combining pathways and ground covers or patios covers a no grass space in interesting patterns. A path can also lead to a yard alternative such as a pool or pond.

Check your community by-laws before undergoing drastic and expensive lawn changes. The irony is, not all are natural. It might be hard to imagine a backyard without grass but let me tell you, it is utterly possible. As a twitter of fact, it is a growing trend for modern architecture and landscaping anr now and labeled these designs as the no-mow garden twittfr backyard.

Gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter is a valid alternative in twltter your dream backyard because we have to admit, maintaining the turf requires more than just money but also a considerable amount of effort. And if you have been dying of what you can transform your backyard into, here are no gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter backyard ideas you can count on.

Eliminate the grass and do so with a gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter choice with no maintenance needs whatsoever like gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter, cobblestones and all sorts of large slabs as pavers or stepping stones.

Gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter up for a moss in backyyard or ornamentals around would also make it more astounding.

Just make sure that the elements you add to it will complement each other. A table set or shade would be the cherry on top if you want to. If you are thinking of wide, open spaces where you could throw a whole table set for gathering with family and friends, gravel and pebble would be the best combination to do. A raised wooden bbackyard is a good addition too if you want to kdeas over the top.

Just look at these designs from houzzCountry Living and Houzz. Let us not just stay exclusively with potted plants. Refurbished planters out of many things or raised beds will make a cottage-like vibe, a vintage feel if you. Just a piece of advice twotter, low maintenance plants and ornamentals would make a nice touch.

Look at these designs from Zillow. If you think you can never go away from grass but grvael that it could be high maintenance and shall require a lot of effort and you just do not have the time to water the turf every now and then, well there is always a cheaper, low maintenance alternative.

For this you can have artificial grass and turf for your backyard ensemble. Of course, adding other landscaping elements will help. Just treat it as if they were real grass. You may look at these ideas from Water Use It Wisely gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter WaterQuest set them as patterns for your gfass grass and turf backyard.

Adding a water feature in the backyard never goes out of style. Aside from being a source of refreshment, it adds a graavel effect to the entire backyard repertoire. If you want to stay out of water features, a tropical canopy is a good fallback. Get some tree arrangements going but gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter will have to wait a long time before they could all grow with the pattern.

You can also commission someone to just install some but that would cost. So if you have seedlings that you could get growing around, then it is only a matter of time.

Making a canopy out of it towering over a table set, other ornamentals, a deck and some light work to glow at night will make a dreamy no grass backyard any day like these ones from BakcyardForbes and Frass Beautiful. If you are thinking of putting up more than two elements together, then an outdoor setting or bringing out an entire patio in the middle of the backyard will notch up everything in an exquisite manner.

You gravel and grass backyard ideas twitter add pebbles, stones, wood decks, cobblestones and flagstones, a backyard kitchen and BBQ set if you need to. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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It consumes too much water to keep them green and fresh color. They also need maintenance and constant care to be beautiful and attractive. Today more and more above the gardener the benefits of gravel instead of grass as a floor covering in the garden. It proves to be not quite as material landscape, but it is easy to clean and inexpensive.

Here we present to you some ideas for garden landscaping with gravel and stones which are intended to facilitate your choice. Scrap is a good alternative for areas planted. However, there we bored bolt gravel here and there, when it is used as flooring. Gravel and Grass Above: A small lawn of turf grass is bordered by straight planting beds; a row of hydrangeas marches alongside a gravel path.

Surrounded by woodland, a gravel seating circle surrounds a fire pit and provides a buffer between sparks and the garden. Gravel Squares Above: This geometric garden in a Brooklyn backyard, designed by Susan Welti of Foras Studio , features bluestone pavers, pea gravel, and square flower beds.

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