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Backyard design dog friendly use Meghan Paynter on July 12, Dogs need plenty of space to exercise and love to spend time off their leashes. For a small yard, fence in the whole area to make it feel bigger.

For larger yards, fence in a portion of it to create a backyard dog run and allow for fancier landscaping outside the fence. Paris Permenter DogTipper. When it comes to landscaping, brown spots in the grass are one of the biggest problems for dog owners. You can prevent these spots backyard design dog friendly use rinsing the area with water as soon as your dog is finished urinating, but this can be difficult to keep up.

Ditch the grass for another type of dog-friendly backyard ground cover to avoid this task. When designing your dog-friendly landscaping, be careful when choosing plants. Backyard design dog friendly use plants can be poisonous if ingested by animals. When creating a dog-friendly yard design, choose your lawn care products with care. Some fertilizers and weed blockers can be dangerous for animals.

Be sure to apply fertilizer per the instructions on the label and keep your pets off the lawn and out of the garden until it has been watered or has rained and the fertilizer has dried. To play it safe, consider a pet-safe lawn care service or backyard design dog friendly use, or use natural, organic methods.

A decorative doghouse can also be a great addition to your yard design and provide a shady spot for Fido. Want to do more to turn your backyard into a canine oasis? Use these dog-friendly backyard landscaping ideas to add features that will entertain your pup and decorate your yard. If you live in a warm climate, make sure your dog can stay cool by adding backyard design dog friendly use water feature to your backyard.

Dogs, especially breeds like Spaniels and Retrievers, love to play in the water. Water features help your dog stay hydrated when the temperatures rise, provide hours of entertainment and add a unique element to your dog-friendly yard design. If your dog already patrols your yard, he may be wearing a path in the grass. Instead of trying to prevent him from patrolling, encourage it by building a pathway that looks decorative and polished.

Using a dog-friendly backyard ground cover, like round pebbles or chunky mulch, start your path on top of the one your dog has already. Design the path with soft curves instead backyard design dog friendly use right angles because a fast-moving dog will cut corners. Does your dog ruin all your landscaping by digging it up?

Install a sandbox to keep him out of your flower beds. Puppies and young dogs might enjoy a sandbox bury some treats, chews or toys. Thank you!! We have 3 pitties who run amok in the back yard playing fetch and chasing each other and squirrels! What did you decide on for your backyard design dog friendly use � I have 2 large dogs � part pitties and lab who love to play but are creating huge holes in the back yard.

Thinking of mulching or putting gravel and a mulch backyard design dog friendly use Hi, I have 10 acres, 5 acres is fenced in and the other 5 is getting ready to fenced. These dogs will live with me 4-EVER. But I want to do it right by having the backyard designed properly especially if I get dogs with lil wheels or blind. I hope to save horses as well but that will be future.

I need ideas for my backyard. Can U help. Thanks for commenting! Call or visit our pricing page to find affordable dumpster rental services in Barstow, CA. You can choose an invisible, electric fence for a quicker installation and a lower cost. For green lawns, choose between: Clover: Clover is safe for dogs to eat and is tougher than grass and less likely to stain. Synthetic backyard design dog friendly use Turf is a low maintenance option that will not stain.

It also reduces the need for other types of yard work, like mowing, and stops your dog from digging. A more durable grass blend: While no grass is completely immune to stains, tougher types like Buffalo Grass or Kentucky Bluegrass withstand urine better. For dog-friendly landscaping without grass, options include: Stone: Choose smooth stones that will be gentle on the paws for a potty area.

Mulch: A safe, inexpensive option, mulch can be used to create a dog area. Cedar mulch has the added benefit of being a natural bug backyard design dog friendly use that can help fight off fleas and ticks.

Remember to avoid cocoa bean mulch which is dangerous for dogs if ingested. Grow Dog-Safe Plants and Flowers When designing your dog-friendly landscaping, be careful when choosing plants. Fertilize Your Lawn Carefully When creating a dog-friendly yard design, choose your lawn care products with care.

Keep Fido Cool With a Water Feature If you live in a warm climate, make sure your dog can stay cool by adding a water feature to your backyard. Options include: Decorative fountain. Dog pool. Sprinkler. Dog watering system connected to your outdoor hose. Place the water feature in the shade when possible. Install a Sandbox Does your dog ruin all your landscaping by digging it up?

Show your dog backyard design dog friendly use is the right place to dig by burying his favorite toys or bones in the box. Need more landscaping ideas? Related Posts. April 14, 0. April 7, 3. January 27, 8. Kaley on July 27, at pm. Jane on September 2, at pm. Lois Demers on March 31, at pm. Emily Schroer on November 26, at am. Hi Shawn, Thanks for commenting!

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Susan Johansen spends countless hours working and playing with her dogs in her suburban Chicago backyard. Susan inherited a variety of phlox from the previous homeowner, who, by the time Susan and her husband, Dave, purchased the home, had allowed the phlox to take over the property wherever it could squeeze in among the weeds.

Susan has since edited much of the original phlox, keeping a few that are happy to multiply every year. Therapy dogs Sophia and Clara travel with Susan and are trained to offer emotional support to people in crisis. Deep, curving beds allow for plenty of layering throughout the backyard garden. Succulents and allium fill a metal chair container off the front porch.

A flagstone patio provides a perfect entertaining space for summertime gatherings. The white arbor plays off of the white trim on the house.

So much thought goes into planning a beautiful garden. Throw in a four-legged friend or two and you have a potential recipe for disaster. Not only can dogs destroy your hard work, but your hard work could destroy them, too. An awareness of plant toxicity will go a long way in preventing disaster. Even better, teach your dog not to eat ANY plants.

While there are thousands of species of plants, only a small percentage of them are truly dangerous and poisonous to your dog. For a comprehensive list, visit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at aspca. Here are some common garden plants that are toxic to canines:.

By Heather Blackmore July 24, Save Pin FB ellipsis More. Right: Credit: Bob Stefko. Autumn crocus Colchicum autumnale Azalea Rhododendron sp. Cyclamen Cyclamen sp. Kalanchoe Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Asiatic lilies Lilium sp. Rhubarb Rheum sp. Some dogs are smart enough to figure out how to open a gate. If your dog is a budding Einstein, lock the gate with something more than just the built-in latch.

For instructions from sfgate. A doggie door is convenient for you and for your dog. But what about plants and biting and disease carrying critters? Before letting your dog run free, make sure that you reduce the possibility of threats to their health.

Although harmful plants and fungi will vary with your climate and geographical location, some of the most notorious offenders include:. To find more about plants that can harm your dog, click here. Keeping the grass trimmed can do a lot to prevent flea and tick proliferation, as well as using non-toxic repellents in your yard and on your dog some options are available here.

PetMD has some smart advice on controlling fleas and ticks in your yard. Keeping the backyard mowed and eliminating clutter such as piles of wood or leaves will help solve your flea and tick problem and also will go a long way toward keeping snakes away.

Made from cocoa shells, gardeners and landscapers favor this type of mulch because it smells good, retains moisture well and helps repel garden pests. Unfortunately, it might also pose a danger to your dog. Read this article from Healthy Pets to find out why this cocoa bean mulch may be toxic to your pet.

You can put a lid on her urge to wander by making the yard a fun, enjoyable place for her to hang out.

Be sure the pond is shallow enough so that your dog can get in and out easily. Installing your pond is a reasonably uncomplicated task. Overheating can be dangerous for your dog � they need to have plenty of shade. Gather those tools and then follow the directions in this DIY Network video to build your dog a shelter that will protect him from the sun and rain.

No problem, you can rent them. To see the range of rental tools that The Home Depot has to offer, including the miter and jig saw you need to make the above project, click here. Keep in mind that different breeds have different ideas about where paths should be.

For example, guarding breeds like to patrol the perimeter, while herding breeds prefer to move in circles. A path can be nothing more than grass with a border, but you also can go with mulch, wood chips or rock. You and your dog will both enjoy your yard more if you encourage him to answer the call of nature in one spot, rather than all over the place.

What other steps have you taken to create a dog-friendly backyard? Can you please point me to instructions how to exactly build a backyard potty area for our pug puppy who is now 8 weeks old and expected to grow to lbs. Would prefer to buy everything at Home Depot.

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